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How long 'til we have literally every scenario listed here?

I'll chime in with a small selection of my large list of favorites:

Siege of the Diamond City
Weapon in the Rift
Fires of Karamoss
The Icebound Outpost
Test of Tar Kuata

There's many more, but those were the ones that first came to mind as favorites!

Silver Crusade 2/5

I had an especially good time playing two different series:

Destiny of the Sands - played with my Scarab Sages PC
The Heresy of Man - some epic battles

Game on!
- Corey

Shadow Lodge 4/5

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I wish I could locate one of my older lists. Eh, here goes nothing. Top 7 should do, in no particular order.

#56: The Jester's Fraud (Tier 5–9) by James F. MacKenzie

Taldor at its best. Seriously! It's a crazy solid scenario with a great villain and some memorably peculiar encounters to boot.

#2-03: The Rebel's Ransom (Tier 5–9) by Jason Bulmahn

Sweet dungeon crawl that has a bit of everything. Unforgiving but with some fast-talking, some wits and some endurance, very enjoyable.

#4–03: The Golemworks Incident (Tier 5-9) by Larry Wilhelm

I love horror and I cannot lie. This one is an American serial killer plot in a fantasy world framework and it left me wanting more. Wish it had had some more test play done though since it tends to leave players pretty frustrated.

#2-12: Below the Silver Tarn (Tier 7-11) by Crystal Frasier

This might be my favourite of them all. It's hard to explain without spoiling too much but I'll spill it: Everything rocks. From the milieu to the mystery and from the locals to the boss, everything oozes atmosphere and dread and I can't praise the finale enough.

#5-19 The Horn of Aroden (Tier 1-5) by Nicholas Herold

Features one of my fave npcs ever in a delightful not!Polish/Prussian setting where sky is the limit on how you can approach the mission. Nothing quite compares, I think.

#3-15: The Haunting of Hinojai (Tier 5-9) by Jim Groves

Hinojai would have been the best were it not for a certain stairway. Very fine horror indeed and features some of my fave adversaries, including the boss whose presence, just mere presence, inspires my toes to curl.

#3-17: Red Harvest (Tier 7-11) by Alex Greenshields

Kurosawa's Yojimbo as a sandbox social scenario with nagas and nagaji. What's not to love? 5/5

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bdub wrote:
What are your must play PFS scenarios?

So far, my best-loved scenario has to be Murder on the Throaty Mermaid. :)

There are too many others up to this point that I hold dear and I've still got a lot of play to go yet. :)

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