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Doc || Allegiant Gemstone Co. wrote:
Think about why you are not playing those games, and stop trying to make PFO more like them.

I don't think existence of nameplates ever crosses my mind as a reason.

This is a game not a simulation.

I think making company or (when in game) friends have their name tag or a friendly icon of sorts is a decent compromise.

Unknown people are unknown, so no nametag. Just kill them all.

You know Doc that is a good idea. If you are part of the same company/settlement then yeah you get to have name tags if not then no tag. That would make pvp a lot better and not having to guess.

Only thing to add to it though is that I would want something if say you have an alliance with another settlement then the two settlement leaders should be able to flag it as such so that the names also show.

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