Where do you look for fantasy art?

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Always useful to have some more resources for character tokens, or NPCs/monsters/etc.

I used to use cghub, which unfortunately is down forever.
I also use Magic the Gathering art, and occasionally I venture onto dA (very mixed quality) if Google fails to bring up anything I like.
I'll also check out artist galleries (usually they have websites) if I like some of their art from a product, they may have similar stuff that they just drew for practice, or used in a product I wouldn't have ever known to check.

How about you?

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I generally search Danbooru with the original and rating:safe tags myself. The quality is almost always high. You just need to dig deep since you can only search with two tags and one's always taken (unless you're fine with porn.)

Tumblr and Pinterest galleries are among my favourites, though rather as with dA the quality is variable. I've a few favourites on dA, too, and Elfwood has some good stuff.

When I was DMing I made my own tokens using Google image searches. I was able to tailor it to specifically what I needed that night.

A bunch of American Indian centaurs? No problem.

I used to use the WotC 3e art galleries and the Fiery Dragon art CD but I'm more likely to go with google now and see what I get.

Pinterest always brings up some interesting options. I have tons of art folders with scans from the past ten years so I can always find something offline if not on.

I either Google "fantasy artwork" or "fantasy warriors", etc or go to deviantart.com.

I do miss CG hub, that was a great site

Deviantart is great. Pro-tip - If you find a artist you like make sure and look at his/her favorites.

Also Raving Dork's crazy character thread has a link to his one drive account and it has a vast deep mine of artwork on his folder lables "heroes". Would be a great place to start.

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Hah, I like how some of the first arts that show up in Raving Dork's folder are Jason Engle's works. He's one of the artists whose galleries I've looted as well.

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When you're searching Google or DeviantArt it can be helpful to add "concept art" to the search, as this tends to return higher quality results from professional artists.

there's some here (tough not Golarion, mostly planes)

https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B58_jMMLmiuWfmcyOFlzejRrNks2b3J3NWJ 5RWRmSzlNS1IzTVlwbjA4cUJtRjBZWk1fRTQ&usp=sharing

Professionalism, whether they be professional or not. Someone who really puts their heart into the work.

I go through deviantart, searching for a race or creature, usually. Sometimes with the vague "pathfinder" or "d&d" tag. Unfortunately, I have concepts that aren't typical. Trying to search "gnoll paladin" or "orc druid" or "gnome warrior" don't turn up much, if anything. Unless, of course, it's a World of Warcraft screenshot, which won't work for me. Also, when searching deviantart, if I search "orc" or "dwarf" or such, I make sure to put -warcraft and -wow, so I don't have to sift through a sea of warcraft images.

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