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Hi everyone,

So, my kids have gravitated towards 4th edition. For whatever reason, they seem to like it, and I find myself wondering if there are any free or low priced resources. As 4th ed is not as open as say, Paizo or 3.5, I know there aren't as many options available fo.

I know that they have recently begun putting the D&D Insider issues of Dungeon and Dragon on RPG Drive Thru. Does anyone know if these are worth the time and money?

Also, are there any other anthology/low priced resources that any of you might have used and liked?

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The first Dragon and Dungeon magazines are the ones that used to be free on WotC's site, I remember liking the Yeenoghu Demonomicon article from the Dragon issue. The mechanics are from early 4e so not nearly as good monster stat blocks as later stuff.

Check out rpgnow's 4e products.

In particular H1 Keep on the Shadowfell is a free starting adventure. WotC's 4e line has a lot of options, including the organized play modules for $5 each. HS1 and HS2 were later modules and lots of people liked those while reactions to the normal H1-3, P1-3, E1-3 series was mixed and I have no experience with the organized play stuff.

EN World's adventure path bundles are very reasonably priced for twelve adventures at $25 total each and are well regarded.

Goodman Games makes a lot of great one shot "dungeon crawl classics" modules. I've run and played in some of their 3e ones and enjoyed them a lot, they have a bunch for 4e as well as an anthology of intro ones "In Search of Adventure".

Sovereign Court

Awesome, that's just the info I needed.

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