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I have often found that the smaller tags seem to do nothing when I employ them. It is unclear to me that they do anything (Is it by change browser dependent? I have firefox 34.0.5)

->This sentence in enclosed in smaller tags, but looks regular sized to me

I saw this issue posted over two years ago, so it would be an "outstanding bug" I suppose.

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Your smallered sentence looks smaller than the others to me.

Seems to work fine for me in Firefox 34.0.5 and Chrome Version 39.0.2171.95 m. I've never had a problem with it.

If you check the source code on the page, does it have the "smallered" sentence wrapped in a <span class=tiny>? The CSS on the .tiny class should set font size to 11px.

You probably have set minimum font size equal to regular font size in browser settings. I have browser minimum font size of 16px and custom CSS for this forum at 20px, and I see .tiny text at 16 px and regular text at 20px.

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I typically view Paizo with the zoom in Chrome at 125% (current version is 39.0.2171.95 m). At that zoom factor, text enclosed in the smaller tag does indeed appear to be the same size as normal text (i.e. if there's a difference it's not perceptible). It is only when I revert to 100% zoom that the difference in size is plain-to-see.

Edit: And no, I do not currently have Stylish or an other CSS overrides running.

Indeed, Laithoron found my issue, which was zoom.

The text is wrapped in tiny CSS, which is set to 11 px.

Now that I have a place to start reading, it sounds like a bit of a mess:

There are 3+ vendor specific properties to adjust text size:
-webkit-text-size-adjust (safari)
-ms-text-size-adjust (ie)
-moz-text-size-adjust (mozilla)

(the mozilla one (-moz-) only prevents the text size from changing with zoom.)

Anyways, it doesn't look like convenient tools are available to control text size change in all browsers.

Thanks for the education folks...

text-size-adjust is a smartphone browser property. What exactly are you trying to do? Custom per-site CSS plugin never failed me.

Oh, nevermind. I guess I didn't understand.

I was just trying to understand why the text isn't smaller - which apparently has to do with zooming and inconsistent text scaling.

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