Good dungeons for inspiration (middle eastern themed)


My Pathfinder game takes place on a fantasy version of earth during the very tail end of the 1400's. The group is currently 12th level, but will probably be 13th by the time they get to their destination. Their destination is Aleppo in Syria, they are going to be exploring the ruins around the region (the so called dead cities).

I mostly make my own dungeons, but, for this, I'm curious if anyone has some suggestions for dungeons to look at for inspiration. There will be above-ground ruins as well as underground complexes.

The underground cities of Derenkuyu and Kaymakli in Turkey would be interesting. Just move them to a region closer to where you need them to be.

Those do look like good sources of inspiration, I'll have to read a bit more on them. Seems reasonable to base the subterranean aspect of the dungeon on them a bit, at least some of the levels.

Maybe you can tie in Gobeckli Tepe in Turkey, a 12,000 year old site possibly dedicated to the worship of very ancient gods.

DungeonmasterCal - Thanks for your posts! I wasn't aware of those sites - very interesting!

You're very welcome!

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Admittedly, this is a tad out of your way geographically and culturally, but Karnak is always a good time.

Out of the way is fine, these sites are interesting ones, and I think could be used as a basis for something found in Syria.

I'll have to look at Karnak too... sounds really familiar.

I found some sites around the area of Aleppo itself that are pretty interesting too, I like the Ain Dara Temple, I might have to include it as one of the smaller sites players can go to.

Any published RPG material that make use of sites similar to these that perhaps I should look at?

Mammoth Cave had a hospital to treat tb (it was a terrible idea, btw) back in the 1800s. Google can give you some nice pictures of the structures they built inside the cave. You could take this idea and move it to Syria.

Not really Middle East but maybe close enough take a look at Mohenjo-daro. One of the oldest cities found and the most sophisticated of it's time (2600 BC). Its current name means "Mound of the Dead" and it seems the original name was Kukkutarma "The city of the cockerel" which are both pretty awesome and iconic. It was on the Indus but I think you could probably move it to the Tigris or the Euphrates pretty easily.

Al Khazneh is the lost city to beat lost cities. Its the one featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Farastu wrote:
Any published RPG material that make use of sites similar to these that perhaps I should look at?

For Paizo stuff, take a look at Sargava. It may be a bit tropical for what you are doing, but, the country is jam packed with ancient ruins. Very Aztec/Inca flavored.

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Dark Sun and Al Qadim, have some good materials to take inspiration from.

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