Bespoke armour question.


As a Bard one walks into many strange adventures. Amongst them skinning a basilisk and giving it to a gnome tailor produces a "Basilisk armour vest of many pockets" (Wt: 2 lb, 2 AC, DEX 6, ACP 0, 10% spell failure) The vest also besides looking sexy and fit (Also a reason why my Bard would reluctantly take it off) gives me the ability to store up to 50 lb of up to potion and dagger sized objects in it's many pockets without them weighing anything.

The thing is just. I don't have much AC. Being an archer bard, it does not seem like a bit problem though. Do plan on taking up a +1 living steel buckler for +2AC and even play around with a ring of protection idea. But my question is, would I rather invest in a ring of protection / replace this armour with a mithral shirt / or try to enchant it till it sparkles.

Also any ideas what to do with Ice Elemental essence?
Or a pile of Neather dust (That a wraith dropped after being smite)

Maybe talk your GM into letting you add mithral chain arms and skirting to your vest to convert it into a hybrid chain shirt with stats close to what you need.

Also, if your UMD skill is high enough, consider getting a wand of Stone Shield. You can throw this up as an immediate action for an untyped +4 AC bonus and +2 Reflex save. If you go with a buckler instead, you could have this in your shield hand during combat for a needed boost.

Actually the issue is a wand needs a standard action to activate at minimum.

Actually the issue is I have a bow in my buckler arm. Being an archer bard and all. Not very likely I will have a wand there just ready. Wands will take a full standard action for me most probably. My UMD is pretty high though.

Also does not solve what to do with Ice Elemental Essence :I

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