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Are there any books that cover the flora of Galorion? I mean the relatively mundane stuff not the stuff that's sentient and wants to eat you. I suppose it would be possible to cobble together a picture from various info on alchemical reagents, poisons, drugs etc. but I was wondering if there was anything that covers plants with regards to habitat, cultural meanings and uses.

There isn't.

You can pull some information out of this thread, about trade goods: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2oe8t?Trade-Routes-and-Trade-Goods-in-Golarion. It has some of what you're looking for (if you extrapolate grapes from wine, for example) and some suggestions of where to find the information.

Sorry I couldn't point you to a more concrete source.

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*is slightly disappointed it Griffid and not Triffid who replied*

Also, don't forget the plant monsters.

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Chapter 4 of the Inner Sea World Guide has a section on Flora of the Inner Sea that starts on page 255. I suspect there are other scattered sources, but that's a good place to start....and Pathfinder Wiki of course!

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