Colossus' anti-magic aura and cover

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Here's a bit of an odd one for new year's eve:

Do you think that a Colossus' anti-magic *aura* should be blocked by cover?


RAW, near as I can figure, clearly indicates no, as the emanation does not have a line of effect through solid cover/objects and therefore the spells effects stop at the floor.

For me though things like Prismatic Spheres and Antimagic Field spells should pass through and ignore 'solid' objects ... but that is entirely my opinion and how it would work in my games with the clear understanding of that fact for myself and my players (and with the understanding that ruling may become revoked or altered if some undesired aspect comes to light that I've overlooked).

While not explicitly stated, Auras are basically Emanations and would follow the Emanation rules. Ie, they do not go through Total Cover but can go through Cover because Cover does not block line of effect.

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I basically agree with both of you.

It seems wrong to me that an anti-magic field should be blocked by non-magical cover. I know it's been discussed elsewhere without regards to colossi, however the effect with the colossus makes it more marked, especially as it's a mythic creature.


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