Compatibility Challenge: "The Hobbit" Dwarf Company


Hey guys! I'm just bored, watched Battle of Five Armies a second time, and wanted to have some fun with anyone willing. Needless to say, I was wondering if anyone else had contemplated what classes the members of the dwarf company from "The Hobbit" films would be?

I don't mean "Thorin: Fighter, Kili: Ranger" etc. etc...I mean which archetypes fits their style from the movie best? How would they be built, how would you supplement their weapons? So forth?

I'm thinking...

Thorin: Tactician Fighter.

Dwalin: Standard Fighter. (He uses like three different fighting styles)

Kili: Skirmisher Ranger.

Fili: On the fence between Two-Weapon Warrior or Spell-less Two-Weapon Ranger. I mean, he's sneaky and scout-like, but is really fierce and uses his two giant seaxes more than any of his other weapons...

Balin: Two-Handed Fighter, maybe with a level or two in Aristocrat.

Bofur/Bifur/Bombur: All miners, ergo mainly Expert class with a level or two in fighter, maybe.

Gloin: Foehammer or Two-Handed Fighter.

Nori: Scout Rogue, perhaps?

Dori/Ori: Aristocrats or Experts probably, not really combatants.

Oin: Finally, we have the tough one, Oin is the healer of the group and wields a staff in battle, and though he defenitely has more in common with a fighter, He needs to be trained in Heal skill, right?

Correct me if any seem wrong, or add your own and show me how bad I am at picking.

All: Warrior/Expert.

Thorin may be a Fighter, at best.

And Middle Earth basically caps at level 6.

well, they eventually became pretty strong. Considering that the 12 dwarves were enough to turn the tide of battle "We are losing!" to "Its k. The king is here"

Rynjin wrote:

All: Warrior/Expert.

Thorin may be a Fighter, at best.

Dwalin's definitely a PC Class. Thorin has the "Blood of Kings" template (a Tolkien-esque template that elevates kings above normal folk)

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