Divine Scion of Fumeiyoshi


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Build advice please? I enjoy a balance of thematically appropriate and optimized characters. I build with PFS rules in mind, but sometimes my characters become NPC's. I understand stat arrays, that's not something I need help with.

That being said...here is a Divine Scion of Fumeiyoshi. I'm going with a True Neutral approach. I know that Fumeiyoshi allows for the reverence of undead, but this particular Scion values balance. His favored enemies will be humans and undead. Infiltrator allows an extra +2 Armor.

TN Half Orc Ranger (Infiltrator) 6, Divine Scion x
Toothy trait for a bite attack
Favored Weapon Naginata, Wolf Animal Companion

1 Weapon Focus Naginata
2B Power Attack
3 Dazzling Display
5 Boon Companion
6B Furious Focus
7 Gr Weapon Focus
9 Weapon Spec Naginata
11 Gr Weapon Spec

Is this guy an "iconic" DS of Fumeiyoshi? Could he be used as an NPC herald?

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Do you mean literal herald as in the game version of what a herald is or just using the word herald? Most heralds that I have seen are CR 15, so your would be on the very weak side of things.

Scarab Sages

Other than the alignment, it looks fine. A Divine Scion's alignment must match the Deity alignment exactly.

Silver Crusade

Good points, both of you. Thank you.

CR 15 would be perfect...6 levels of Ranger, 10 of Divine Scion.

So he's out for PFS play. Oh well. NE then, and yes herald status. He could still have the "balance" thing as backstory.

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