Alternate Endings - Broken Moon (spoilers)

Carrion Crown

Hi all,

Due to people moving and our group having to split up, our Carrion Crown campaign will not reach the ultimate climax.
We are almost finishing book 3: Broken Moon and I have already cut out some references to Adrissant, so they will expect a Boss here.
They are currently reached the border of Feldgrau.

My question now is, how do I make it EPIC (with all capital letters)?

Our party is all lvl 8:

Idea's coming to mind:
A Multiplying T-Rex can be 'borrowed' by our sorceror.
Hordes of undead minions can be 'channeled away' by the cleric.
Magus is best at killing a single person, so he'll probably kill the boss.
How do I make the bard perform EPIC? The player itself is not very fond of combat (and actually the D20 system in general).

Do you guys have any further idea's?

Another question is, do I simply place all the lost items in the lost item box in the tower? (Heart, Seasage effigy, Captured Spirits) Would that be satisfying for my players?

Silver Crusade

You could apply the lich template to Auren Vrood. That would make him pretty deadly, so you might want to drop his Circle of Death (which he shouldn't have in the first place because his prestige class got changed - his CL should be one lower than it is).

You could use the seasage effigy, the ghost's essence and the heart to perform a ritual summoning something from beyond the stars, though this might be a too jarring change in tone for your group (Ghosts - Golems - Werewolves and in the end...a Cthulhu-like monster. What?).

You could make it a race against time - Auren Vrood is in the middle of a ritual which would make him a very powerful lich and they have to do...something, maybe kill stop it. If they fail they can theoretically still fight him as a lich, I guess...

The bard...I have no idea. Countersong comes to mind as an often forgotten weapon in his arsenal, but other than idea.

Yeah Auren using the components he's gathered thus far to ascend to lichdom would make sense.

Re Feldgrau, when I ran it I expanded Feldgrau into an entire ruined city haunted by the spirits of the war's victims rather than just a small town. The party had to crosses trenches to get into the city where there were all manner of wwI inspired undead. I made the operation feel much bigger with more WW cultists raising undead so that the party needed to use stealth and recon to locate Vrood. Auren's main base was a cathedral and I added some daemons he had pressed into service for some added fun. As written Vrood is a pretty challenging foe so I didn't do much to ramp him up just added minions to the showdown.

Ok, I think I will have the Princes wolves play a more important role.
If I upgrade the town, the bard can play some mayor moral support in a large scale assault.

Thanks for the idea's

I would have Vrood use the Seasage Effigy to conjure a barrier of spiritual energy, controlled by several singing Banshees. In order for the party to pierce the barrier, the Banshees must be defeated, but the Bard must first use his Countersong ability on each, or they will focus their deadly song on the party. Something to that effect would be pretty good, I think.

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