Pulling an opponent out of a grapple? (Not Assisting / Aiding)

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I've read over the Grappling rules and used Google... but I can't seem to find the answer to this.

If an opponent has an ally in a grapple, and you don't want to assist your ally in breaking or taking control of the grapple by using Aid Another (say you have a much higher CMB), can you just grapple the opponent? The paragraph on multiple grapplers only addresses aiding, but not whether or not you can initiate your own grapple with an opponent grappling an ally.

If you can do it (I don't see any rules that say you can't), and you succeed at controlling the grapple between you and the oppoenent, is the opponent still grappled with your ally and controlling that grapple?

Liberty's Edge

The book does no give rules on this situation, so the GM will have to decide how to handle it.

However, in my game, I would just have the character make a CMB roll (including any bonuses for grappling) to break the grapple.

The rules give no proper guidelines.

I would simply rule your only option is too aid or attempt to kill the enemy grappler. Generally speaking the grappler isn't much of a threat to those outside the grapple and can be pretty easy to kill with a bit of focus from the group.

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