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I would like to be the first to welcome my newly appointed Venture Lieutenant, Chris Sundeen. Chris is relatively new to the game but despite that he distinguished himself quickly as my go-to guy. Before he even knew what a Venture Lieutenant was he was executing the role effectively. He went out of his way to offer any assistance he could. When he saw something I could use help with he volunteered to help without hesitation or me having to ask. I have no doubt Chris and I will make a great team and be able to significantly grow the Pathfinder Society Presence in the Topeka area. Let's hear it for Chris!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Vermont—St. Johnsbury aka GM Harpwizard

Congratulations, Chris! Welcome!

Congratulations on becoming a VL.

My local players are always looking for nearby events, so feel free to send me message if you plan on having any conventions or weekend game day, and I will pass on the word.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for the warm welcome and the honor to be among the ranks of coordinators. I look forward to all of the new experience that I will come to know as I have always wanted to be part of this genre of gaming. I am always open to suggestions and ways to improve. Just like the rest of you, I intend to make this a great experience for everyone.

I hope to meet most, if not all, of you someday.

- Christopher R. Sundeen -

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