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As I read the Steel Hound Archetype, I want to be clear on the use of deeds in relation to this class. Do to receiving Amateur Gunslinger feat, it allows you to receive one 1st level deed immediately. Then at forth level you receive the "Shot in the Dark" deed in which you can use as long as you have one grit point. Finally, you can start to choose deeds at 11th level, as long as you switch them for an investigator talent but the deed is at the Investigators level -4.
Is this the correct interpretation of the rules or am I reading something improperly.
Also the "Packing Heat" Steel Hound Archetype ability says you lose poison use @ second level but it states under the investigator that you receive "Poison lore, poison resistance +2" at second level, so do you lose both abilities or just one for the switch out.

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Part 1) All of that was correct except that the "Shot in the Dark" deed requires you to actually spend a grit point on it, not just use as long as you have one grit point left. That may have been what you meant, but I just wanted to be sure.

Part 2) Ah if I had a a dollar for every editing mistake in the Advanced Class Guide I'd be a rich man. You will have to clarify this with your GM because it is a mistake, and it will be up to them to interpret how to handle it. If it were up to me I would remove just Poison Lore because I'm pretty sure that's what they meant.

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