Need advice on Inquisition or Domain for a Sacred Huntsmaster


One of our player's character is being arrested & removed from the campaign and he'll be re-rolling as a Sacred Huntsmaster.

Pet wise he'll be using a dog to get around our GM from having commoners charging a wolf with a pitchfork or whatever. He's perfectly happy with a war dog actually.

Anyway this guy will be 7th level, and not a good alignment most likely. some kind of neutral 1/2 orc. Fates Favored & Sacred Tattoo etc..

I think he'll be focusing on a Str melee type.

What we aren't sure of as of yet, is what Domain & God or Inquisition/Ideal to go with. Anything with a perk would be awesome.

The War > Tactics subdomain, GLory > Herosim subdomain and Protection > Defense subdomain are probably the best.

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Don't forget Luck and Travel -- both have amazing domain powers!

So... What sort of personality does he have, and background? If we knew more it would be easier to suggest things for him.


He decided on the Conversion Inquisition to take advantage of his high wisdom score. He also fell in love with the 8th level ability of the Dominate like thing it does. Plans on being the party face who hides his face... Wants to always try to talk someone into seeing it his way and if that fails, taking things the hard way comes in.

He plans on roleplaying his 1/2 orc as a character who is ashamed/embarrassed of his race. Plans on wearing a white mask whenever possible and using the disguise skill. Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate stuff.

GM decided he will let him have a tamed wolf and won't throw commoners at it with pitchforks and torches.

I wish there were better resources out there for Gods & weapons we had a heck of a time. Went with Sarenrae... doesn't really fit his playstyle but oh well.

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