Kickstarter - Codename: Morningstar (formerly Dungeonscape)


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After the fallout between WotC and Trapdoor, the proposed D&D5E tools have been rebadged as Codename: Morningstar, based on the Pathfinder SRD instead. They've got a Kickstarter running for it.

It does look pretty good; I've always dreamed of the ultimate digital GM tools and this is a step towards it. I don't know how it will stack up to Hero Lab/Realm Works. (Still waiting for Realm Works to be available for Mac.)

I'm hoping it will support multiple systems down the track. Anyway, what do you all want from digital GM tools? Or are you happy with your current technology (e.g. binders/Evernote etc)? I tend to get excited about electronic GM widgets, but it's probably just to put off doing the hard yards on GM prep...

$425,000? o.O

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