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Does the Visionary Researcher Alchemist archetype's Experimental Mutagen give your buddies the bonuses of Feral Mutagens or Elemental mutagens, or just the ability score increase of the mutagen/greater if the alchemist has the discoveries?

Only reason I ask is that discoveries such as the Feral mutagen state when the alchemist imbibes the mutagen, and I am not sure if this is to exclude others, or just didn't include the visionary researcher's experimental mutagen ability as it is kind of a unique circumstance.

If so, does the damage of the extra attacks get halved? Not quite sure how to rule this one. Anyway, thank you kindly.

I am also looking for an answer to this question.

Visionary researcher's official name is Oenopion researcher, BTW. The name is content d20pfsrd can't use.

Since discoveries or other abilities which affect the mutagen do apply (with no note on experimental mutagen that only the alchemist can drink it) I'm sure you'd get the benefits of feral mutagen. The feral mutagen text can't be expected to reflect an archetype in a book published after it, the archetype has to include the rule.

As to what half the numerical bonus means for feral mutagen - I don't know. Dropping the effective size of the attacks by two categories is about half and might be the easiest way to work it, or you might argue that it's not a numerical bonus and shouldn't be affected. RAW I might lean to the latter, but it's a reminder that even RAW requires judgement or interpretation.

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