Extra Path Ability. Is it possible to take it two times?

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Extra Path Ability (Mythic)
You can call upon mythic powers beyond those already
invested in you.
Prerequisite: 3rd mythic tier.
Benefit: Choose one mythic ability from your path
or from the universal path abilities that you meet the
prerequisites for. You gain that path ability.

I know that i can't take feat two times, but this time this feat is applied on different path abilities.
So question is: can i use this feat one time for unlocking path ability A, and then a second time for path ability B ?


Sovereign Court

Pretty much no because of the main rule of feats, unless otherwise stated, you can't take a feat multiple times. Something that has been the case forever, weapon focus for example mentions how you can select it multiple times etc...

But, some people take extra path + the trickster path ability to dabble in another path...which is okay considering trickster path is not a great mythic path anyway.

What Eltacolibre said.

I wonder if this was intended this way? Considering Extra Hex, Extra Arcana, etc... all of them can be taken more than once... this is the only "extra" that cannot. Seems kind of odd to me.

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