Testers Required in rotter's Hole over the Weekend

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Per Ryan's request that we attempt to get a bunch of people together to check a town with no Thornguards, I'm suggesting we begin a slow migration of as many people as are interested into Rotter's Hole. It need not be your primary character, and need not have any armour or weapons. The point is to get a bunch of people together in one spot to see what happens.

With that in mind, instead of encouraging people to go East to the mountains between Callambea and Freevale, we'll spend some time in the escalation at the monster home near the centre of a triangle made by Stoneroot Glade, Guardheim, and Rathglen.

Hopefully, instead of trying to get a bunch of people into place at one time, over the course of this weekend we can slowly fill the vicinity of Rotter's Hole, so that by Sunday we can have a large number of people there to test. Ideally, a large number of people who aren't worried about having a low reputation by the end of the night. ;-)

Indicate here if you plan to help test Rotter's Hole this weekend.

sure thing. I can move a couple of character into the area over the weekend.

To clarify, it sounds like what you are asking is for people to migrate their normal gameplay activities into the Rotters Hole area for the weekend, to increase average and peak server load in that area for the weekend. So not time coordination is necessary, just simply having your self there during normal operating hours will do?

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What I read from Ryan's post is that they want to test how the server does in a town without Thornguards but lots of players simultaneously. Kinda like the event in BH.

They want to figure out whether the Thornguards are adding to or causing the prob.

I'll be there.

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I'll move a character to RH, to have it there for any weekend events.

Gotcha. 2 alts heading to Rotters this weekend, then. Or maybe an alt and a main so I can be king of the little people (1K exp alts).

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I'll send one over too.

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Generated a new character at Rathglen and walked it over to Rotters. He has no gear other than the Hide and Steel heavy armor and the battleaxe and spear he looted while walking across - but he is there ready to log back in.

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Rotter's Hole is the only town I can go in ever since the Red Wedding Fashion Show.

It's the weekend now, is there anything in particular planned at certain times?

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I've logged my character Winter on at the bank, recovering Rep. I'm likely doing other things today, but she can increase the character count by one.

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I am wondering if having a large inventory on the characters increases the stress enough to matter...

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I haven't planned anything, but I'm sure the devs would appreciate as much stress as we can create. Even if people just park alts near the shrine and abandon that screen for a while at a time. In between, we could beat each other with clubs.

Clubs? Pff.

Two alts parked at the shrine right now.

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I've got a character parked in Rotter's Hole - I'll keep an eye on the thread for any specific plans.

Scarab Sages Goblin Squad Member

I'll head over there tonight and be ready for tomorrow.

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