Looking for spells and things to set traps with


Looking for ideas for setting traps, stockpiling offensive weapons of mass destruction, spell traps/wardings, and powdered poison types that could be released in the air upon explosions etc...

So far all I know of are Fire Trap and Explosive Runes spells. Also the Delayed Bomb Discovery of an Alchemist and the Ninja's bombs.

Wanting to find a way to stack damage on any type of explosive device, like maybe a Fire Trapped flask of Alchemist Fire or something along those lines.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Add pellet bombs, fuse grenades and fireworks.


Mines. A simple grenade set on floor with a trigger touch/proximity. 3d6, DC 15 Reflex for half damage and bounce effect by 5 ft. which can bounce you on another mine!

Forgot about the whole lot of Alchemical Weapons besides what was in the CRB. Also forgot about Ranger Traps.

Does anyone know of more spells that can be used to Ward or Boobytrap stuff? Looking for ways to make impromptu defenses or supplement offense if separated from my party right now.

impromptu defense: Campfire beads. Put the instant campfire where you don't want enemies.
And caltrops or shard gel.

Druids get spike growth/spike stones, or can hide stuff using wood shape or stone shape. Clerics get glyph of warding. Sorcs/wizards can get symbols later on, illusory wall to hide stuff or conceal pits... What class are you and what level range are you looking at?

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Spend Xgp, then just write "trapmaking material worth Xgp" onto your character sheet and then pick up the fabricate spell. You'll be able to make any mundane trap you want equal to or under the GP value you wrote onto your sheet.

Almost an 8th level Magus. I've got a Level 7 Druid & a level 7 Evoker & a 7th level Cult-Leader Warpriest in my group as far as spellcasters go.

Right now we are being all but Forcibly kept inside the city by both city watchmen and a type of King's guard. They won't let anyone leave the town pending the results of an investigation going on. Nothing we were party to either.

We technically can escape if we really tried but we have a collection of wagons & a fancy carriage and a damn T-Tex pet that we won't be able to sneak out. Plus we feel there's some kind of plot hook from the GM here anyway, despite already having to other missions to complete.

We've got 1 faction in town wanting our help, another is losing patience with us and another is after the rogue in our party. Also some powerful female elf who's faction we haven't figured out is wanting our help to escape the town. Helping her will increase standing with one group while placing us in almost outright war with the other 2 groups if we are discovered in her escape.

We are losing patience with everyone's grasping at our allegiance and just want out so we don't get on the King's radar. We already have 2 separate groups not connected to this city that have been a thorn in our side for a couple of levels anyway.

Push may come to shove sooner or later, and I'd like to be prepared.

Our Druid can cast Fire Trap which is a plus and we can possibly find the Explosive Runes spell in the city I would think. I know there's an Alchemy shop there as well but haven't viewed their wares yet.

Also for testing my patience and inconveniencing me I might just have to burglarize a few establishments in town for my troubles. Any thoughts on raiding a magic equipment shop would be a plus as well.

As far as wealth by level goes we have 6 characters all at 7th level and together we have probably a combined WBL of only one 7th level character. This is the first city we've ever been to in this campaign that had shops/markets/city hall etc...

I just managed to get our Archer an +1 Adaptive Comp.Longbow and I myself picked up a +2 INT Headband, 2 pearls of power 1st level and a Hat of Disguise(which nobody knows I have and I'll keep it that way :P)

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