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I was just curious if we were going to see a new PACG blog post this week. Only getting one every other week for the past 6 weeks has made me jittery. It seems about the right time for a preview of deck 4.

I know you are all busy and there are holidays and what not, so I understand if it can't happen. But I do love those things, so I'm hoping we see one today.


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Or they could accidentally post quick pics of the Wrath cards floating around the office? I think that might work as well.

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Deck 4 preview by Gary is next week. This week was to be a BGG.con post-mortem, but poor Liz caught a Texas-sized case of flu, so no blog this week.

If I were to do a series talking about Class Deck characters, both in backstory and in design, who would people be most interested in reading about? I'd do a poll, but apparently they're a huge pain to get set up.

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The ones that don't fit the typical archetype of a class, like Flenta (we all know you're dying to write about her anyways) or Wrathack. Yes two-hand rangers happen, but it's not really the first kind of Ranger anyone will think of.

Yes please. I think it'd be good fun for us to know how the class deck characters came about! More flavour for the games too!

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Oh man, the sky is the limit. The "meet the iconics" posts have always been some of my favorites as they allow us to relate more to the characters behind the numbers. Look at the impact the writeup for Shadra had for so many players. If you or someone else had time to dedicate a few paragraphs each week or every other week to a different character that would be FABULOUS!

On a side note, I would start pushing Erik now to get a couple of comics in the works :)

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Oh man. That stinks for Liz, and all of us as well. Curse you flu for ruining the PACG blog!!!!

Is it ok to use this survey?

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Flenta! (yes, for the same reason Andrew states)
Zarlova and her poor Theurge role.
Melindra (as a Wizard who can get a few fighting skills)

Deck construction for class decks in OP (aka squeezing 109 cards for 6 Adventures)

The balancing of the iconics versus their RotR/S&S counterparts (Kyra has a d10 +2 Melee and Divine; Harsk has a d10 +3 Ranged; Valeros has a d10 +3 Melee and a d8 +3 Diplomacy, etc)

I don't actually expect you to go through all these things, these are just things I thought were cool.

Yeah, it suddenly got cold, then warm, then cold again out here. I'm not surprised that people are getting the flu.

I'd love a nice backstory on how you guys choose which "bonus" classes each expansion will get, and the rationale behind each one and what it brings to the game.

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I would read the crap out of anything you post about the class deck characters!

I would love a post on how you develop the specialist roles for the Card Game characters, and the considerations on how to balance both so they are equally attractive to players.

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Noted. There are some excellent ideas here -- thanks, y'all!

Feel free to fill out Hawkmoon's survey.

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I filled it out anyway, but I didn't see a way to label Radillo 1-21......

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So, to let everyone know how I will analyze the results, let me explain one little detail. The survey is pre-ranked (unfortunately). I included the N/A box for characters you didn't want to rank, but lots of respondents might not click it. But I also don't want to punish Radillo for being in the default 21 position, I'm only going to include the top 5 rankings in determining the results.

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Tanis, whenever you want the results, just let me know and I'll send them to you.

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Any chance of a PACG blog post this week? It is one of the highlights of my Tuesdays.

Poor Tanis, poor Gaby... We've been bothering Erik for years now to get a friday blog/preview on Pathfinder Battles minis EVERY friday and he is dying to make that happen (ENORMOUS THANKS ERIK)... Now we gonna submit Tanis, Gaby, Mike, Vic and the other to the same torture... I feel bad...

Feeling bad, but the addiction prevails, so....

Can we have a PACG blog ?.... Please :-)

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Plus it sounds like Tanis is under the weather ...

Gary needs to step up!

I have whatever flu is going around too. Booo flu.

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