Help Build My Dream Ninja!


Ok, so I'm going to try out my first ninja ever. I want to NOT go the ooooh duel weild the same weapon as every other freakin ninja route, without sacrificing my combat prowess too much.

What I know so far:
Race: Kitsune
Archtype: Scout + Kitsune Trickster?
Note: Going to ask dm if I can take Kitsune's Guile and have it replace ninja's poison at first lvl rather than a rogue's trapfinding (which I won't have as a ninja)

Going Dex build then cha and haven't rolled stats yet.
(I will be the face and will be utilizing diplomacy/bluff/disguises quite a bit)

Kitsune Feats of Interest: *'s = Highly Prefered
-*Realistic Likeness* (will be disguising as/impersonating ppl)
-*Magical Tail*: Disguise Self, charm person, invisibility (will try to convince DM to allow me to be selective rather than have to learn them all)

Feats of Interest:
-Improved Initiative
-Extra ki
-Iron Will
-Point blank shot
-Rapid Shot
-Weapon Finesse & Focus
-Combat Reflexes
-Agile Manuevers (if using the kusarigama)

Ninja Tricks of interest:
-Combat Trick
-Flurry of Stars
-Shadow Clone
-Weapon Training
-Rogue Talent: Offensive Defence, False Friend
-Vanishing Trick

Master Tricks of Interest:
-*Invisible Blade*
-Advanced Talents
--crippling strike
-Ghost Step

Weapon Idea: Shuriken/Kusarigama? (note, I will have another ninja in the party to flank with constantly) Not sure about other member(s) classes. Not sure if this is a viable combo.

Ok, now that things that sound fun for me are out on the plate, please organize my dreams into something realistic! Keep in mind I'm constantly flanking with another ninja, intend to do a lot of disguise/info gathering/potential assassinations/political bs etc ;)

I'd advise not splitting your feats between melee & ranged, you don't have enough as a ninja, let alone a kitsune ninja who wants racial feats. And, using a kusarigama and not taking the TWF feat seems a waste. It is a double weapon after all. Not taking the feat just to be different is a bad idea.

Magical tail is something you want to pile all your feats (100%!) into or none. There's not much point skipping Misdirection as you seem to want to, it's actually a nice ability for disguise/info gathering/potential assassinations/political bs etc.

Arcane Strike may be a worthwhile feat, you qualify just with the dancing lights SLA.

No, I'm saying I don't want to duel weild wakizashi like everybody else. I just put down things that look interesting, not saying I want or expect them all to work together. I'm looking for experienced players to help me come up with a concept. I know I can't focus everything, but what I don't know is what is effective, and what will or won't work. It's a list of multiple ideas that I'm looking for expert advice on what to do and what to ignore.

And I didn't mean to skip that one, but I wasn't intending to go 9 full feats for all of them as there are some I'm not interested in. That, of course, is up to the DM's discretion obviously.

I'll look into the arcane strike tomorrow. Thank's for the advice.

Still looking for help on how to put something together. Again, those were a multitude of ideas put up and I know I can only take one path. I just need a guide to show me a what paths are good.


Was really hoping this would be a build about going into dreams and killing people that way. Damn.

Nope, just an ignorant new roleplayer who has no clue how to make a useful ninja :D... Looks like I'm going to have to attempt this on my own since not many ppl are responding :/

Here is something I got out of one of the ninja Guides

just another ninja:

Adopted -> Carefully Hidden: +1 to Will and other small bonuses.
Reactionary: +2 to Initiative

Feats/Ninja Tricks
1: Weapon Finesse, Two-Weapon Fighting
2: Combat Trick: Weapon Focus: Wakizashi
3: Improved Initiative
4: Flurry of Stars
5: Point Blank Shot
6: Weapon Training: Weapon Focus: Shuriken
7: Rapid Shot
8: Vanishing Trick
9: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
10: Invisible Blade
11: Dodge
12: Advanced Talents: Crippling Strike
13: Iron Will
14: Evasion
15: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
16: Improved Evasion
17: Improved Iron Will
18: Fast Stealth
19: Extra Ki
20: Rogue Trick: Ki Pool

Yep, as you can see it uses TWF, but you can just replace all the TWF feats with Kitsune related feats if you like and just make your character a strength build with a Katana.

Go here for some ideas.

Hey, mate. I'm a huge fan of ninjas, but they aren't exactly the single best class in Pathfinder. If you search Broken Zenith's page, there are some pretty good rogue/ninja guides on Broken Zenith's page, including one by me (in the spirit of full disclosure and blatant non-objectivity). That said, I have a few thoughts:

1) Unless it's a personal concept, the tails aren't strictly necessary. A Hat of Disguise and the vanish trick will get you pretty far.

2) Dip a single level of Diviner Wizard. Yeah, it's shameless self-promotion for my guide, but it lets you act first in surprise rounds, gives you the Snowball spell + Boost to Caster Level (Which is an automatic 3d6 +Sneak Attack that at TOUCH AC that means you'll actually hit) in ANY surprise round.

3) There is a feat called Opening Volley, which makes it more likely you'll land a melee attack the round after landing a ranged attack. Be it spells or Shuriken, this feat sounds awesome for your concept.

3) You have a fellow Ninja. Consider having the both of you investing in teamwork feats like Outflank and Precise Strike. They work well for you guys.

4) there is a lot of potential that can work between coordinated ninjas. A disarm ninja coupled with a Catch Off-Guard ninja, a Butterfly Sting ninja paired with a huge melee crit weapon guy, two Offensive Defense guys could rock the casbah...

I feel bad when people don't get feedback on rogue/ninja builds. Hopefully, something I offered helps. If not, if there's anything you have further questions about, feel free to IM me. At the very least, I can maybe steer you from various terrible ideas.

Shaman Bond

So much awesomeness between multiple concepts... I'm narrowing down ninja tricks and stuff atm. Due to lack of time I'm not opposed to twf anymore. Any tips if I'll impersonating ppl to gather info/assassinate? Not sure what the best things for that are?

I'm afraid to ruin my combat effectiveness, so what levels would be good to dedicate to things of that nature?



Liberty's Edge

I'll post you my kistune ninja 'plan'. It might not be optimal, but I think it's cool. (input from more experienced players is also welcome)


lvl 1: Ninja (1) + Weapon Finesse +1d6 sneak
lvl 2: Ninja (2) + Vanishing Trick
lvl 3: Slayer (1) + Realistic Likeness + Studied Target
lvl 4: Slayer (2) + Ranger weapon style: Natural Weapons (Claws) = you now have 3 natural weapon attacks which hit at your bab. Which you don't have to draw. (No more need of quickdraw)
lvl 5: Ninja (3) + Combat Reflexes +2d6 sneak total
lvl 6: Slayer (3) (for extra d6 sneak) +3d6 sneak total
lvl 7+ Ninja

You trade in 3 lvl's of earlier access to master tricks; 1 level later the sneak attack bonus; and a possible 4th and 5th attack (compared to 2 weapon fighting) for a much better chance to hit on 3 attacks and awesomeness.

comparison TWF ninja at lvl 9 vs Claw ninja at lvl 9 (just combat)
(Dex bonus +7, Weapon bonus +2)
1st attack: +8(bab)+7(dex)+2(weapon)+1(studied)=+18 for 1d4+5d6+3
so: +18/+18/+18

1st attack: +7(bab)+7(dex)+2(weapon)-2(TWF)=+14 for 1d6+5d6+2
so: +14/+14/+9/+9
of course with invisible blade this become +18 as well, the other build gets this 3 lvl's later.

I created this to be most useful range lvl 5-10, I suspect outside these ranges it will lose a lot of its advantages over a straight ninja.

Shadow Lodge

Here's the Ninja Guide. You can find a few example builds on the last section.

Guide to the Ninja

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