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Ok, I’m working on another build for a friend of mine. The GM has told them unusual characters will be welcome. They are in an area that has been blasted and warped by magic wars for generations. But it still has to be PF legal. (There might be some wiggle room if something is really kool but not too powerful.) So my friend has decided to really run with it. He wants a PC that is obviously warped and twisted by magic. (No, he does not yet know what anyone else is bringing, but is rare for them to run full casters.)

So he is looking for lots of weird ability/power combinations. A bonus to a stat or skill is not enough for him, since it isn’t obvious. A person could just have a higher stat or more ranks. He wants the obvious things. Claws, horns, wings, sonic bolts, leafy hair, metallic scales, whatever can be worked in.

He is not set on this; but the first concept that came to mind when we were talking about it was a weird race like mongrelmen, wayang, or nagaji, cross blooded sorcerer maybe aberrant/verdant, and eldritch heritage chain for possibly stormborn. That seemed like the way to get the largest number of bizarre capabilities.

Also he wouldn’t want to take the ‘standard’ spells like glitterdust and magic missile that you see all the time. He would want the odd spells that you rarely see anyone take like eruptive pustules and touch of slime.

Any thoughts on other bizarre ability builds or unusual effect spells?

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Alchemist. They can grow tentacles, tumor familiars, and vomit swarms of spiders and wasps.

Alchemist is an idea we didn't consider. I will ask him.

Another thing I was just thinking about was a synthesis summoner. he could always make the eidolon as bizarre as possible with the skill points allowed.

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I didn't mention Synthesist as it's not PFS legal. But it would be great for this. See the any of the Denarians in the Dresden Files for great examples of creepy Synthesist Summoners.

PF legal not PFS legal. =)

It is a home game, but the GM doesn't break/bend all that many rules. He's pretty paranoid about something unexpected wrecking the game if he allows very much outside the standard rules.

Although, now that I think about...

If I like the concept well enough I might make something similar for myself to use in PFS.

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Also, there is always the motherless Qlippoth-born Tieflings. Class is unimportant when you look like this.

The Mutant Eye trait is a nice start.

Check out the Abberant archetype for the Aegis (psionic class) if it's allowed. They can grow tentacles, eye stalks (which can look around corners), and a bunch of other weird things.

Skinwalker races might be an interesting option. If you'd rather an uber-good PC, check out chart of alternate physical features for the Aasimar.

I talked to him last night.

Alchemist is not what he wants. That is a guy that chose to screw up himself, not history has screwed him up. I said the GM will probably let him re-fluff it as activating his screwed up mutant powers rather than drinking potions, but he didn't seem enthused.

He likes how bizarre the sythesist would allow him to look. But it isn't quite as much of a caster as he was wanting (and doesn't have as many of the weird spells) and he wasn't thrilled about being Joe Normal when not wearing the eidolon suit. Not sure, but willing to look at it some more.

He will probably go for the Mutant Eye if the GM allows. None of them own that book but he will show them.

He is getting the skinwalker book (name?) and will check those out.

Yes the Qlippoth looks totally messed up. =0

So I'm going to make him up a 3 bloodline sorcerer (which bloodlines do you recommend) and a mostly caster synthesis.
Any suggestions for either?

Here's what I'm thinking of so far for the sorcerer version. let me know what you think.

Undead and Serpentine bloodlines
Arcana to affect humanoid corporeal undead with mind effects
Arcana to affect animals, magical beast, monstrous humanoids with mind affects
Level 1 grave touch for shaken condition
Level 3 poison bite
Level 9 snakes skin for natural armor, +vs poison, and + escape artist
Level 15 grasp of the dead

Eldritch heritage chain
Level 3 tangle vine to trip, disarm, steal
Level 11 plant growth and treeshape
Level 17 rooting

Spells (obviously too many, but these are under consideration)
Lv 0: Haunted Fey Aspect, Ghost Sound, Dancing Lights, Touch of Fatigue
Lv 1: Bungle, Delusional Pride, Glue Seal, Heightened Awareness, Polypurpose Panacea, Snapdragon Fireworks, Stone Shield, Undines Curse
Lv 2: Adoration, Brow Gasher, Ghoul Touch, Hideous Laughter, Jitterbugs, Oppressive Boredom, Spectral Hand, Touch of Idiocy, Unnatural Lust
Lv 3: Adjustable Disguise, Blood Sentinel, Eruptive Pustules, Fearsome Duplicate, Gloomblind Bolts, Rain of Frogs, Unadulterated Loathing, Wall of Nausea
Lv 4: Calcific Touch, Confusion, Crushing Despair, Fleshworm Infestation, Hellmouth Lash, Malicious Spite, Touch of Slime

Hmm... I recall a Linnorm. Corpsetearer? Something like that. This character reminds me of someone decended from a beast like that.

What feats are you considering?

Edit: Also, I am assuming that you are looking for build options that are flavor > optimized?

Yes, flavor is more important than optimization for this build. But it can't be totally gimped.

Had not started looking at feats yet. Again, things weird or not often seen would preferable to a +2 to DC spell focus type of thing.

Some of the weird races have some weird racial feats. Like I remember the Aasimar have something to give metal skin, then eventually wings, or a halo.

I'm trying to remember, don't the tieflings have something that allows you to attack with your tail or the see in darkness quality.

So you haven't picked a race yet or feats? Hm. Lemme think on this a bit.

I think oracles are perfect for PCs that have been messed up. Because you do not choose to become an oracle, the god decides to make you one.

With the right combination of curse, mystery and feats one could get a strange pc.

Because you mention it: Aasimar with halo and some of the racial feats would go well with the oracle.

Umbranus wrote:

I think oracles are perfect for PCs that have been messed up. Because you do not choose to become an oracle, the god decides to make you one.

With the right combination of curse, mystery and feats one could get a strange pc.

Because you mention it: Aasimar with halo and some of the racial feats would go well with the oracle.

The only oracles I've seen very much are the life and battle oracles. Which end up seeming pretty close to a cleric most of the time. Never seem all that warped by magic over the years.

What did you have in mind that would seem lots of weirdness?

If the player wants mostly a caster the blackened curse might be a start. A living person with burned hands that never heal is a creepy thing.

Take one of those mysteries:
Apokalypse, Dark tapestry, Lunar, Outer Rifts or spellscar, all seem fitting.

Example: Outer rifts - Start with demon hide and put the favored class bonus into it. Will not do anything at first level but later, it does.
Now you can look strange and have your hide become tough and (if you want) leathery or whatever). If you do not need the first level feat for something else take unearthly terrain. Now you can change the ground without casting a spell, meaning the magic within you breaks free and shatters the ground. Besides the flavor it keeps the enemy from 5ft stepping. Because of that you yourself should get nimble moves at some time. Or feather step slippers.

At level 7 take wings of terror. Now sometimes wings rip free from your back making you scary (now now, an intimidate bonus on a cha caster?).

You now have a strange guy who gets even stranger powers without actively doing anything for it (he has to use the stuff but he doesn't train to become better at it or study books or stuff.)
Train intimidate so you have something to do when you do not want to waste a spell.

Example 2: Spellscar - Eldritch bolt gives you the ability to shoot pent up magical force as a bolt onto your enemy. Nice starting revelation. Later add animate primal forces to summon small elementals which you can fluff as living emanations of raw magic (that behave like elementals). Eldritch scar can be fluffed as transferring a part of your being into the enemy where it ruptures and does strange things when next he uses magic.
Not as scary as the first example but if played right can be a perfect pc for the world you described.

Example 3: The obvious freak - lunar mystery - Be a fanglord skinwalker if allowed (you said he wants to buy the book) to have a bite or two claws (or both with a feat). The Horn and claw revelation adds a gore attack (check with the GM, not all allow bite + gore). With prophetic armor you can dump dex, making you clumsy but dangerous because of your inner might. Add a companion or firing moonbeams to taste.
Not sure which curse might fit with this. Perhaps wasting, it makes you look like a rotting monster.

Don't forget that if you go oracle you can also grab the eldritch heritage feats to add a sorcerer bloodline as well

Dark tapestry Oracle's work really well for this sort of thing, they get a creepy sorry of wild shape and several of the curses would be thematic. Possibly even dual cursed. Black blood, wolf scared or tongues spring to mind.

I feel compelled to point out that since Pathfinder exists under the Open Source Gaming License, everything D20 is PF legal, including 3.5, 3.0, Star Wars, Gamma World, D20 Modern, Mutants and Masterminds, and D20 Cthulu.

With that in mind, I humbly suggest a Thri Kreen from the Expanded Psionics Handbook. 4 Clawed arms. Wear Adamantine gauntlets or wield 2 adamantine gythkas (double weapons that do 1d10/head), via the 2 weapon and oversized 2 weapon feats.

Take the d20 Modern Feat Sunder (2X Damage, also known as the 3.0 edition feat Improved Sunder published in Sword and Fist), the Pathfinder Feat Great Sunder (The residual from that doubled, adamantine-delivered damage will go through.), the 3.5 Feat Combat Brute (free attack after a successful Sunder), Knockdown (free trip attempt if your attack does 10 or more points of damage, requires Improved Trip, from Sword and Fist, 3.0), Pushback (free bull rush with every hit, requires Improved Bull Rush), Shock Trooper (if you bull rush 1 opponent into another, you get a free Trip attempt on both of them), so you have a character that is going to get something like 24 attack/round, at least 4 of which will do double damage.

You might customize a magic item, such as Maul of the Titans, only in the form of your preferred weapon. I recommend either Gythkas or Gauntlets as per above, adamantine--cause why not?--and only +1 to reduce cost. Customized magic items like this are possible either via the feats Ancestral Relic, a 3.5 Feat from the Book of Exalted Deeds, or Master Craftsman, which is a Pathfinder Feat. The rules for creating something like +1 adamantine, Shatterspike, Gauntlets of the Titans are covered in the Pathfinder rules under Magic Item Creation, partial enchantments, and combining enchantments.

Ask your DM. After he stops laughing, he might actually allow some of that.

There are more Pathfinder ways to grow 4 arms. There is a Pathfinder Psionic Class, the Aegis, which specializes in creating pychic, ectoplasmic armor. A level 5 Aegis can give himself 2 extra, fully functional arms.

There is a humanoid race with 4 arms--the Kathasa--I think, also Pathfinder.

If he doesn't want to develop an alchemist, how about just a dip into Alchemist. Even 1 level might allow him to use (if acquired) a Wand of Monstrous Physique, which would allow him to polymorph into a 4-armed sahaugin.

And have you ever heard of the Monktopus? You won't be disappointed.

I feel compelled to point out that the GM is the final arbiter in what is allowed at his table. And since the OP said, "[the DM is] pretty paranoid about something unexpected wrecking the game if he allows very much outside the standard rules." I doubt he would allow 3.x things like what you suggested.

...totally effective, though.

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Race Tiefling- gets you some fun choices and importantly 2nd level SLAs

Prime Class- Cross blooded sorc (Dragon and something else)
2nd Class- Dual Cursed Oracle
Go into Mystic Theurge

One of your curses will advance still
You can also get into Dragon Disciple and advance your bloodlines

-Take some alt race traits to make the tiefling gnarly

It's not optimal but definitely can pull some interesting rabbits and spell combos plus he can use the new guide...

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I have to recommend Mystic Theurges and natural attacking characters. Of the ten characters I have played in the last two years, seven of them have been based on one of those two concepts. I am currently working on a guide to the first, and I'm vaguely considering writing a guide to the second.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
I feel compelled to point out that since Pathfinder exists under the Open Source Gaming License, everything D20 is PF legal, including 3.5, 3.0, Star Wars, Gamma World, D20 Modern, Mutants and Masterminds, and D20 Cthulu. ...

{chuckle} All trucks are vehicles doesn't mean all vehicles are trucks.

Gamma is D20 doesn't mean all D20 are Gamma.

That group, does not use psionics. They are discussing adding DSP psionics. But they have been discussing it for years. I would not expect it to be soon.

However, I don't know what the GM would say about the non-psionic thri-kreen from 3.x Savage Species. He might actually be ok with it.

Unfortunately, the player I'm working with wants to be a caster.


I doubt my friend will go for Mystic Theurge since then you won't be advancing all the weird crap you get from your bloodline(s) or mystery.


I will spend some time looking at a weirdness oracle and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the ideas.

A caster? Hmm.

As a Tiefling, a Mystic Theurge could be Theurging by level 4. Darkness counts as a level 2 Arcane spell. Mirror Image from the Trickery Domain counts as a level 2 Divine Spell. Start out as a level 1 Cleric of Asmodeus, appropriate for a Tiefling. Take 2 levels in Wizard. At level 4, you can be a Level 1 Cleric, Level 2 Wizard, Level 1 Mystic Theurge.

As an Aasimar, you could be an Eldritch Knight by level 3, because Daylight would count as a level 3 arcane spell.

I really like Goblins. You can be a melee character just to try out the Roll with It Feat. I'd enjoy being a Goblin Alchemist shooting exploding arrows. He'd spend his adventuring career in search of the greatest human that ever lived, whom he'd once seen flying over his village.I'm referring of course to Larry Walters the Lawnchair Balloon Guy.

An Aasimar dual cursed dark tapestry oracle with his favored class bonus in the many forms revelation would be an effective and creepy build. Dark tapestry has deep ties to the H.P. Lovecraft type feel which is an undoubtedly odd world. You would gain polymorph and beast shape faster than any one else in the game, giving you a solid reason to constantly be using your monstrous forms. Tack onto that your dual curses of haunted, tongues, wasting or wolf scarred (pick your two) and you have a truly creepy dude on your hand. turning your aasimar into a metal angel wouldn't hurt either xP.

EDIT: As reference for your many forms scaling (assuming your dm allows you to take the favored class bonus for many forms from lvl 1)
beast shape 1 for 7 minutes @ lvl 5 (wizard gets it lvl 5)
beast shape 2 for 12 minutes @ lvl 8 (wizard gets it lvl 9)
greater polymorph for 15 minutes @ lvl 10 (wizard gets it lvl 13)

and all this without using spells. The monster just erupts from inside you.

and in case your dm doesn't want to allow FCB into many forms from lvl 1 heres a thread that cites book examples of prebuilt classes that allow such a scenario.

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