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Liberty's Edge

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Reminder game starts tonight 7:30pm

hmmm... two levels of Ranger.

EDIT: I remember now, I was waiting for any responses to my questions about teamwork. Seems like there is no interest.

Im a ranger as well Phil. I have overwhelm and outflank if you want either of those.

Ekeln is the nickname his slightly older sister gave him the first time she changed his diaper. It means "disgusting". It stuck until he grew out of it. He earned it again when he became a Falconer and chose to train Cinder, a carrion eating Giant Vulture. Ekeln tries to make Cinder less despicable -- if not totally acceptable -- by providing her with fresh kills instead of rotten carrion, and by using prestidigitation to clean her after she eats, and before he rides her. The very fact that he would ride a vulture makes him "Ekeln" to many, no matter how hard he works to keep Cinder clean. If Ekeln rode a Giant Eagle he would be quite charismatic, given his boyish good looks, good manners, and elven charm. Cinder negates all that.

Many elves study wizardry, and Ekeln is no exception. He specializes in the Foresight school of Divination, and normally has Detect Magic, Read Magic, Comprehend Languages, See Invisibility, and Clairaudience / Clairvoyance ready. In addition to Divination, he has an eclectic mix of spells in his book, that he is constantly looking to add to. In combat he relies on his bow or spears, but he is more of a support caster than a direct damage dealer.

While Ekeln has all the proficiencies of a Ranger, he forgoes armor so that his spellcasting doesn't suffer. He casts mage armor when he thinks he might need it, but stays out of melee whenever possible.

Ekeln dresses in functional, easy to clean, gray leather that matches Cinder's gray plumage (if you can call a Vulture's feathers 'plumage').

Liberty's Edge

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Crew Listing:

First Mate Grigor Pickston
Carpenter/Surgeon Friedrick Namoa
Quartermaster Fitella Dorve

Sailors: Jeb, Gerta, Lukas, Orbian, Kelt, Jewel, Saem, Turval

Hands: Quell, Gob Ratbiter, Holst, Debine, Zerna

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Between work and illness, I've not really been able to keep working on this campaign. Plus, it's been difficult keeping a middle-of-the-week slot open with things at work. I enjoy running for you guys, but I have to realize my limits and this campaign is more than I can handle while dealing with real life issues and the other games I'm involved with.

I think what I'd like to do is take some time away from running and develop a maptootls adventure path-based game. I tend to be more invested in those for the long haul. For example, I've been running the Shattered Star game for almost two years now and we've reached the end of the 4th book. I've seen some things with Pathfinder Unleashed that I like and might work some of those house rules into may plans (mostly the ones that don't require massive monster statblock re-writes, because that's part of the issue I have with the Isle campaign.

I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and the fun we've had, and hope you will consider playing with me again some time when I'm more ready to run. If any of you have notions of running anything, I would love an invite as well, since, as I said, I really enjoy playing with you.

Thank You

Stratton aka Rekless

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