Why is your class a Pathfinder agent?

Pathfinder Society

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Grand Lodge 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Oregon—Portland aka xebeche

One question at the forefront of my mind when creating any new Pathfinder character is: "Why is this creature of Golarion a member of the Society?" Certain classes and archetypes are easier to explain than others. Take a rogue or wizard, for example. Both have class features and interests that are well suited for travel and discovery in civilized and uncivilized areas. Other classes, such as barbarian, druid, samurai, and warpriest present a challenge for my imagination. Why would the uncivilized or religious zealots want to join an eclectic band of adventurers pursuing a wide variety of objectives on a global scale?

I'd like to stir the pot and challenge my perceptions. Why is your class a Pathfinder agent?

Silver Crusade

I'm just a good-natured sword-wielder who likes to meet people. I was told that joining the Society would put my fighting skills to good use. So, why not? It's better than other careers I could have as a swordsman...

Bloodrager here. :D

Silver Crusade

My Stonelord Paladin is working with the Society in hopes that they might one day provide access to an artifact that will be able to overcome a certain curse and be able to return home to the mountains.

My wife's elven Ranger feels beholden to the Society after they aided the remnants of her village after an attack by other, non-PFS humans. She doesn't like humans - they are her favored enemy after all - but still works with the Society as a matter of honor.

Grand Lodge 4/5

At the urging of the village elders, I left so that the people of my village wouldn't become overly dependent on me. A healthy community has to work together. Depending on the strength of a single individual inhibits learning self-reliance.

I liked that the Pathfinder Society explores new areas and documents what they find, allowing others to prepare before settling there. They are also known for dealing with problems that may endanger small communities. I have faith that serving the Pathfinder Society will allow me to further Ol' Deadeye's teachings and perhaps convince some city folk that there is wisdom in the old ways.

I joined Grand Lodge since they are the center of the community that is the Pathfinder Society. All the other factions are more like splinters from the central community.

Liberty's Edge

I owe a debt to the Andoran Pathfinders that saved me from a life of slavery. I asked how I could repay them, and they told me to pay it forward. As a fellow Pathfinder, I get the chance to do that.

Was a Paladin/Sorcerer but saving prestige to retrain into Bloodrager

Grand Lodge

I joined the Pathfinders to help Amara Li spread the power and influence of my native lands into the west. After her mission was accomplished, I decided to stay as part of the Grand Lodge to spread our more advanced culture and medicine into these less civilized lands.

Chirurgeon Alchemist

Sczarni 5/5 ⦵⦵

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Tengu Rogue - Sczarni member who used the Society as a front for personal gain.

Tiefling Fighter - Former militia member who wanted to travel the world.

Aasimar Gunslinger - My most 1-dimensional character. Became a GM credit dump. No real IC motivations.

Wayang Witch - His Patron is Time. I can't recall the exact connection now, but searching for artifacts fulfilled it.

Dwarf Magus - Shadow Lodge member through and through. Use the Society for access to powerful artifacts.

Half-Orc Inquisitor - From the Mwangi Expanse, where the Aspis Consortium has sway. Sought out the Society because of their rivalry.

Nagaji Druid - Joined the Osirion Faction (and the Pathfinder Society) to gain knowledge of ancient civilizations, with an interest in Naga and Serpentfolk history.

Half-Elf Oracle - Hmm... No real reason for the Society specifically, I guess.

Shoanti Warpriest - Rescued by the Society (Andorans, specifically) from enslavement, and feels he owes them a life debt.

Vudrani Ranger - Master of Trade who recognized the potential business connections the Society might grant him.

Undine Bolt Ace - Underwater recovery specialist from the River Kingdoms. The Society sought him out for his skills, and pays well.

Taldan Wizard - Generic Wizard-joining-the-Society reasons.

Ifrit Swashbuckler - Chelaxian patriot who loves attending fancy parties and cementing social capital.

Oread Cavalier - Still flushing out his goals and aspirations.

Elf Eldritch Knight - Madly in love with Kreighton Shaine.

Sylph Kineticist - Former Pesh addict that was told the Society would be good for building teamwork, social, and practical job skills.

Dhampir Summoner - Teaches at the Ebon Mausoleum and was recruited to the Society for his expertise on extraplanar undead.

Kitsune Barbarian - He's a smuggler for the Exchange.

Gnome Alchemist - New PC. Probably just generic "looking for excitement/escaping the Bleaching".

Zenj Paladin - Playing him for the first time as I type this. Not sure yet.

5/5 ⦵⦵⦵

Wait, characters have background? Ow ow ow ow.. kidding.

Azhi Dahaka: Paladin collecting dust. Was made without knowing what the society is really.

Doyle Taghaur: Roguey druid. Pathfinder chronicles were his window to the world outside of hermea.

Shamus Woodgear: cleric of the lantern king. Saw a bunch of adventurers standing around and got in line. Oddly enough no one questioned this. Latter thought the lantern lodge was his cult and spent years refering to Amara Li as "high preiestss"

Corvus Cailean: Joined the andoran cause for freedom, that happens to come with the pathfinder society membership. He's mostly in it for the Alibis. Funny thing about being a tengu: you always wear a big floppy hat. You put a big floppy hat on any other tengu and put him at your spot behind the bar and everyone thinks its you. Mammals.

Fabrizio de Chevalier: Well, he's already rich, talented in the Arcane and incredibly good looking, may as well go for famous too. Seeks Publicity for his escapades. Like a charm spell, can sometimes work too well..

Reynard de' Bonaire: The oldest (by a few minutes) of seven kitsune brothers. Was exiled from oppara for "wolfing out" in the middle of a drunken joust to win a bet. After getting too friendly with some folks on the qadirian border they decided he needed to be sent away somewhere further, like absolom.

Pyrite Felsic. Fight for you. Kill aspis? Good. The tanky druid has had it with the aspis consortium deprivations in mawangi.

Flutter: Wild empathy focused druid. Not so much a member of the society as a guide that that will minimize the pathfinders impact on the diverse and wonderful creatures that they come across: including animals, magical beasts, giant vermin, and oozes.

Joey Jirra: Kangaroo Pouch rider from not australia: where everyone that leaves the land loses their memories. The society found him, and they're probably his best chance of going home.

Argentum of Hermea: Recruiter for hermea. Figures anyone that can survive in the society has some pretty good genes that would do more benefit to future generations than feeding the local monsters.

Goliath of Osirion: Frozen in stone for a thousand years guarding the pharaoh's s tomb, the monstrous lore warden fighter/alchemist was found and restored by scarab sages.

Yngvar, beauty school dropout: He needed some more schooling. He's good with a hammer. the society does one and needs the other.

Fuligin: Access to knowledge, items of great historical signifigance, and some very loose morality clauses? Sign the impish little tiefling occultist up.

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I don't think I've actually read the fluff description for any of the classes. All a class is to me is a bundle of features that define what my character can do. Therefore, I don't feel like there are any classes that don't fit in PFS: I'm as likely to come up with a Samurai concept that works perfectly with the campaign fluff as I am to come up with a Rogue, Bard or Wizard concept that wouldn't do at all.

So I have a samurai from Minkai who was sent off to join the PFS as a political move to gain the favor of Amara Li. Mechanically he's a fighter.

I have a semi con-man fortune teller who may or may not be ethnically Varisian. He joined the PFS because you'll never get rich just reading cards, he needs the connections he can get through the PFS to make it big. And knowing everything about everything is sort of his schtick, so digging through ancient ruins is interesting and profitable. Mechanically he's a Wizard/Harrower. (Sometimes he "reads" the cards, sometimes he really tells the future. Usually depending on which is more profitable in the long run.)

I have a Gnome who joined the PFS because the Silver Crusade seemed like a group that A.) Has a decent number of members, B.) Often become a captive audience, C.) Won't run him out on a rail, and D.) Really needs to hear the teachings of the Lantern King. And besides, Pathfinders get to travel! Mechanically he's a Cleric, Evangelist archetype.

Some of my character concepts start as a mechanical idea, some start as a personality idea. None of them really care about what class the book says they are, they just do what they do.

Ekujae Half-Elf Druid: Young and naive, Aldrid joined the Pathfinders more to aid Andoran and its agenda of freedom than for interest in particular lore.

Half-Orc Alchemist: Frederick Savage loves to murder evil people, and after having been told that Pathfinders regularly cross paths with various dark entities that they end up needing to fight, Frederick was more than eager to put up with some of the chores the society regularly gives him.

Lastly, this is a series of characters that are all part of an extended family:

Pleiades Family: After having sworn an oath to never return to their home of Hermea until they slew the lich Shaksan, the Pleiades family has spread across the Inner Sea region. Several of its members have taken up residence in Absalom, these members regularly work as Pathfinders to travel abroad and potentially gain information on their elusive target.

Thus far the planned Pathfinder members of the Pleiades family include a half-elf investigator, a human Destined Bloodline Bloodrager, a human Feral Hunter, a human Conjuration Wizard, a human Lore Oracle and a human Undead-Bloodline sorcerer. Hermea bans organized religion, so the family as of yet has not produced any paladins or clerics, but a few members have taken to informal worship during the last few decades in self-imposed exile.

Silver Crusade

Why, to spread the light of compassion through a... somewhat... enlightened organization that could be a great force for good, if only its agents were able to desist with all the needless violence.

Oddly, the enemies of the Society were not always so receptive to gentle reasoning throughout my career. Thankfully, with a bit of faith (and a lot of study) I learned to summon the forces of Good en masse to our aid. Nothing like volleys of arrows raining down day after day to concentrate the mind!

A positive energy-channeling Acadamae Graduate wizard with magnificent clerical robes and a +40 to diplomacy.

Sovereign Court

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"For a member of my class, avoiding the trappings of high society is a pleasure from time to time."

Best wishes,
-Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher

"We're on a mission from God." My Cleric and my wife's Paladin are in the society as per Erastil's orders in a dream. They are somewhat dismayed at the behavior of some of the other pathfinders.

My Bloodrager was convinced by a very charismatic pirate to sail halfway around the world and pledge his life to Liberty's Edge.

My Wizard has lived in Absalom for over 100 years and has wanted to be a pathfinder for most of them.

My Sorcerer got drunk with Kreighton Shane in Katheer and woke up in The Pig's Paunch with a field commission.

Most of mine are just adventurers who figure it makes more sense to have the backing of an organisation like the Pathfinder Society behind them. Two however have specific reasons.

Mellora Vrail (Hunter), is an agent for elements of the Taldan government. They have pulled strings to get her in and while she works for the Society she is gathering information about them and passing it back to her "superiors". No in game effect but I liked the idea of playing a double-agent.

Bluebell (Fighter). A thug working for the Scazarni. The leaders of that faction in the society decided that it was worth having Society operatives whose job was not to catalogue ancient relics and write chronicles but were instead there to protect the rest of the team and use brute force where needed to accomplish goals. A task that Bluebell excels at, although he has had to take jobs away from Absalom to let certain VC's calm down a bit after such tasks.

Silver Crusade 5/5

Don't tell the decemvirate, but Roshgar would like to help reform the society into the best place it could be.

(lvl 10 Redeemer Paladin)

Shadow Lodge 4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Florida—Jacksonville aka Kyrie Ebonblade,

Let's see..

Kyrie Ebonblade (Musket Master 5/Grenadier 6): Family legacy of service with the society, brought in by Torch. Now looks to kill him and keep her fellows alive. Very much a 'specialist' of the sort you send in after things have gone south, or you want someone dead.

Cindrana Longroad (Admixture Wizard 12) Since her tragic change into a tiefling she was looking for something beyond hiding in her family caravan after her father's family disowned her. She's done her time in Abaslon as a scholar and 'trouble squasher' for the Society. (Up and including finding and killing a runelord)

Akim the Crafty (Lore Warden 3/Rogue 4) He's a 'specialist' for the society. Traps, locks and such.

Boomstick McCraken. Went to the society to bring in a bounty, went with Valsin to 'discuss' things. Woke up in the wake of a massive bar brawl with a field commission and owing Valsim a small fortune in bail. (Pays it off in 'favors')

Baroness Roasa Helena Annerey del Noire. (Cleric/Envoy of Balance). Venture Captain del Noire joined to assist a friend of the family in hopes that she (Lady Glorianna) would help her recover her family lands. Since then she sees it as a way to learn more on what is going on in the Inner Seas area. (She fears that civil war will be coming with the passing of Emperor Stavian and looks for ways to leverage reforms to appoint the princess to the throne before the country pulls itself apart)

Knight-Captain (Trade Princess) Liarra Truespell,(Transmuter 5/Maagambian Arcanist 5) a graduate of the Maagambian school of magic, she is a field commission awardee for her work in lanaguages and arcane knowledge)

Rhea Silvermane (Tower Sheild Specialist 10) A field commission awardee after she helped a society member escape from Korvosa in exchange for him helping her 'vanish' (Drafted Gray Maiden)

Lord Simon (Clarkson) Blakros (Warpriest 6)is the sole survivor of his unit during the Siege of the Diamond city and earned a field commission for his assistance of a society team working through the city. He's since 'come up' in the world, earning a title and marrying into the Blackros family.

Grand Lodge 3/5

Arthus Pithammer: Joining the society would help the dwarf how to control his rage when in social situations, and hopefully allow him to learn a how to succeed in life when fighting isn't the only choice. (Dwarf Battlerager)

Auriea: The travelling dancer was to see the world, and all of it's glory. This way, when he finally returns home, he'll have stories to tell his mother about the other races and see if trade with the world is a small a good or bad idea. (Sylph Dervish Dancer Bard)

Morrin: An innkeeper in Abasalom, he wants to expand his knowledge of different cultures and countries as to run his business better, and maybe expand and open more inns at a later date. (Human Kineticist)

Raligh Vincent: The half elf just wants adventure concerning treasure that may be a tad dangerous. Thus being the case, he decided to join the Dark archive as it would prove the best way to gain information as to gather said items from the field for research. (Half Elf Slayer / Swashbuckler)

Grand Lodge

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A note for the OP: in the vein of another thread ("You are your race and class"), sometimes players have pre-conceived notions of what a character is and what their motivations are based simply on class -- hence not being able to see why such a character might join the Society.

But a class is really just a set of features. A character is only a barbarian because they use anger to do incredible things. But that doesn't stop my barbarian from having a terrific curiosity about the world and history and artifacts and knowledge, and joining the Society to pursue those interests.

Shadow Lodge 1/5

Out of my 29 characters (I have way too much free time), I've only played two.

Valrar (human swashbuckler): Has incredibly convoluted story so I could fit in good traits and stuff. Kidnapped as a baby from Taldor, his kidnapper froze to death en route to Irrisen, at the gates of a secluded Dwarven citadel in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. His family found him fifteen years later and killed his new family of dwarves for suspected kidnap. He left in the night, and might rack up 50 PP to build a Pathfinder Lodge where the citadel was burnt to the ground.

Ashitaka (dwarf monk): No backstory so far. He had to come from Mindspin though, I have him Glory of Old.

Silver Crusade

Here's the motivations for being in the PFS for my characters (so far):

Crispin Kitty-Boy (CG Flame Oracle 6, Rakshasa-spawn Tiefling, Silver Crusade): has found redemption in spite of his fiendish blood through faith in Sarenrae, is dedicated to spreading Sarenrae's light in the world but sees nothing wrong with having fun while doing it. Happened to encounter Ollysta Zadrian somewhere along the line of his pre-PFS life (she's a Paladin of Sarenrae after all), and he joined the PFS because Ollysta Z. asked him to. He remains in the PFS because he has great respect for Ollysta Zadrian and is genuinely dedicated to the Silver Crusade's goals... otherwise-- he really doesn't like the PFS all that much (he thinks the Decemvirate's goals are selfish and unworthy, and that the PFS keeps its hand in way too many questionable activities) and openly makes in-character jokes about it being the "murder-hobo" society whenever Venture Captains try to give him unsavory orders. Has come within millimeters of telling a Venture Captain where they can stick their mission more than once.

Kseniya (NG Spirit Guide Oracle - Life Mystery 4, Kyton-spawn Tiefling, Silver Crusade): Like Crispin, she's a dedicated Sarenite and came to the PFS through Ollysta Zadrian's influence. She's rather more serious than Crispin and has something of a dark side that she tries to keep under control. She has remained in the PFS because she sees its potential as a tool for the greater good and diligently works towards the Silver Crusade's goal of pushing the society in that direction.

Arik (N Slayer 5, Grand Lodge): Mercenary soldier. He's in the PFS because he gets paid. Period. The money's good, and because he's a fairly honorable mercenary, he's pretty dedicated to accomplishing the missions he's asked to undertake (he's loyal to the contract; plus, if he doesn't fully succeed, he doesn't get paid as much). Unlike many Grand Lodgers, he is only nominally loyal to the Decemvirate (they are the heads of the organization that pays him), but does NOT trust them-- at all.

Elaine de Maris (CG Slayer 2, Undine, Silver Crusade): Originally joined the PFS because she'd recently started interacting with the world beyond her coastal home waters, and it seemed like a good way to start seeing the world. Played her first game as Grand Lodge-- through influence of other characters on her first mission team, she shifted loyalties (1st level freebie) to the Silver Crusade. She stays in the PFS because she has bought into the Silver Crusade's stated goals and reason for existence-- to push the PFS into serving the greater good, and she is willing to do her part in furthering that mission. As a secondary goal, she's very strongly anti-slavery... she nonetheless chooses to serve her part in the Silver Crusade, because Colson Maldris is a corrupt and untrustworthy snake of a faction head, but she enjoys working with and assisting members of Liberty's Edge, so long as it isn't some bogus ploy for Major Maldris's personal gain.

Kuro-san (LN Monk of the Four Winds 1, Archon-blooded Aasimar, Dark Archive): Kuro-san refuses to "martyr himself for the greater good" and has refused to walk the path his family set out for him. He started following the monastic path in a quest for personal immortality, and has both joined the PFS and particularly joined the Dark Archive, because he believes this will help him achieve his eventual goal. He is patient, disciplined, and understands that the road he must walk is long with many steps along the way; he also understands the value of friends and loyal allies, and knows that he must reciprocate with loyalty and dependability to keep such friends and allies. The PFS is useful to him, he doesn't mind being useful to the PFS as well.

Brick (N Slayer 1, Grand Lodge): essentially has the same background as Arik-- he's a mercenary, and he's getting paid. So long as the PFS's money is good, Brick will be a good PFS agent (since I've pretty much committed Arik as my Emerald Spire character, I did want the chance to play the same concept in more regular PFS games).

Chance la Fleur (CN Bard-Archaeologist 1, Rakshasa-spawn Tiefling, Dark Archive): Curiosity hasn't killed the cat-boy (yet), but it's been close a few times... he's intensely curious, interested in exploring and learning new things, overly drawn to dark secrets and hidden knowledge, and not overly troubled by moral constraints-- what could be more natural than joining the PFS and getting aid, advice, and direction in his endeavors? He's already drawn to the Dark Archive by his natural interests and inclinations, but there's a special bonus there: Chance (IC) thinks Zarta Dralneen is particularly fascinating and wonderfully entertaining...

The motivational packages for Thorn, Arielle, Kira, and Devi still need more work-- haven't finished the details for those characters yet.

The Exchange 4/5

Mort (12 wizard) - To further her magical education under pathfinder master of spells. Unfortunately, no one told her tuition fees didnt come cheap...

Khazaran (deceased 3 magus) - Found selling spices boring and after pissing off one too many merchant (yay 7 cha!), decided that anything was better then selling spices and signed up as a pathfinder.

Kalara (12 hexcrafter) - Joined the pathfinder society to find her missing brother. Keeping to the family tradition, also pisses people off no end.

Akita ( 6 rogue?) - For the love of shinnniiieeesss!

Jakarin (rage prophet wanna be) - For the love of books! The next person who irritates me while I'm reading will take a 7 branched sword to the face.

Twinkles (3 sorc/1 oracle) - Need to find new and exciting things to do, so she doesn't bleach.

Thats some of them. I actually find it easier to type things out then speak.

Grand Lodge 5/5

Well, I joined the Society as a minor deal that a society member made for help fighting demons. I have found that the society is one of the greatest places to encounter demons with enough force to sucessfully engage them. My first Mission as a member saw me help repulse demonic forces from Nerosyan, and help save many souls. From there I have moved on to repulse corruption and spread order in many lands, making fabulous deals for my Lord. Wherever demon hordes appear, wherever chaos looms, there I and the blessed lord Asmodeus shall stand in there path.

Quintin Verassi, Demon Hunter, Contract Lawyer, and Warpriest of Asmodeus

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Nefreet wrote:

Zenj Paladin - Playing him for the first time as I type this. Not sure yet…

What is a/where is Zenj?


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Aren't they a tribe of the Mwangi human ethinicity?

Grand Lodge 4/5

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They are indeed one of the major tribes that inhabit the Mwangi Expanse.

Silver Crusade 3/5

Let's see.

My first character was a half-elf raised in elf town in Kyonin and mocked for what he was. He found the society to be a place where they accept pretty much everyone, and thus became utterly loyal.

My human paladin was sent by the church of Iomedae. She probably doesn't realise that the church is kinda using her to get inside information about the Pathfinder Society (mostly to be sure they're not slipping into evilness).

My Merciful Healer cleric just wants to put his skills to use and spread the word of Sarenrae. Also the acceptance thing is a nice bonus, him being a human-raised half-orc.

My Drunken Brute Barbarian/Alchemist had a mid-life crisis and because her family had left her, she decided she not pretty much nothing to lose and everything to gain from the adventuring life.

My Ninja/Sorcerer is hiding from people in Daggermark's assasins' and poisoners' guilds that she managed to anger. She first joined Shadow Lodge because she heard they look out for their own. When they disbanded she tried Sczarni for similar reasons. Now she's kinda annoyed about running out of obvious options.

My Druid wants to see as much of the world as possible and realized she will not get to do that on her own resources.

My Aasimar monk is originally from Lastwall, where too much was expected of him because of his race. He likes the society because everyone is tasked according to their skills.

My Pahmet Dwarf Inquisitor of Pharasma wanted to see what kind of things are done in the name of Osirion, she is also kind of conflicted now that ties to the nation and its pharaoh have ben cut.

My Tiefling Bard is the biggest fangirl the Society has ever had, she grew up on the streets of Absalom and heard and read about the things pathfinders did. She simply thinks the Society is awesome, and joined as soon as she was old enough. (She might become a bit more disillusioned later on, for now, she is young and naive.)

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Thinking about it, most of my characters joined up because of their factions - hence why the recent push to make factions less important for a while was disappointing to me. I'm glad to see they're making a comeback.

Tiefling Magus: Freed from slavery by an Andoran Pathfinder and joined up to unleash bloody, bloody vengeance on her former 'owners' and anyone else who would condone enslaving another being.

Tiefling Paladin: Inspired by the example of Olystra Zadrian and her noble band of Silver Crusaders, he rose through the ranks of the society and the faction until, on one fateful day, he saved his hero's life by throwing himself between her and a colossal demon. In thanks, she gave him her own wayfinder holy symbol, which he cherishes to this day.

Nagagi Bloodrager: A self-styled nobleman, he has joined the 'illustrious' Sovereign Court to demonstrate how immaculately civilized he can be. His fastidious manners coupled with his complete inability to remember how scale-less humanoids tell genders apart and his tendency to occasionally morph into an eleven-foot-tall colossus of blood and death have made this a highly amusing task.

Half-Orc Slayer: This half-breed grew up in the shadow of Ulunat in Sothis, visions of the gargantuan scarab beetle's dark patron wracking his nightmares. Believing himself a divine agent of Rovagug, he believes that cultists of the god of destruction foolishly seek to awaken the god before the proper time, and his sacred task is to stand guard before the Pit of Gormuz as a living monolith until Rovagug's awakening at the end of time. He follows the Scarab Sages to seek out powerful ancient knowledge to further his understanding of his god and his task.

Drunken Monk: He isn't really sure why or how he made it into the society, actually. The pay is good and the drinks are better, though, so he's in it for the long haul!

Swashbuckler/Gunslinger/Mesmerist: A jack of all trades and master of hypnotism, this infiltrator has a fascination with dark artifacts, and serves as a collector for the society's Dark Archive. Able to charm, enchant, and fast-talk past any security, he specializes in recruiting powerful beings to serve the Archive's interests. Having ensured the loyalty of both a powerful Sphinx and a mighty Efreeti empress, he is beginning to attain great notoriety within the society for his unnerving manner and ruthless effectiveness.

Grand Lodge 5/5 Venture-Agent, Florida—Melbourne aka trollbill

Samso "Sewer Sam" Carbunkle: Halfling Urban Ranger 3. As someone who patrols the lower frontier of Absalom, Sewer Sam frequently worked with Pathfinders as guide and escort. After frequent request to join the society, he finally gave in.

Barstag "Boomer" Smithsage: Gnome Grenadier Alchemist 14. Both joining the Society and the Andoran Freedom Fighters has given Boomer ample opportunity to do what he loves, i.e. blow things up.

Sarenraehotep: Human Theologian Cleric of Sarenrae 13. She joined the society in hopes of being able to recover and preserve stolen Osiriani artifacts.

Stranger: Aasimar Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger 7/Paladin 3. While highly faithful to Iomedae, Stranger has butted heads with the church of Iomedae on many occasions. Joining the Silver Crusade faction of the Society has given him an excuse to get away from the church and still do good.

Crow: Tengu Monk of the Sacred Mountain/Monk of the Four Winds 6. Joined the society as a liaison to the west at the request of Amara Li.

Lashorak Craetos: Human Sorcerer 2. Bored with entertaining Talden courtiers with magic and giving dancing lessons to their wives and mistresses, Lashorak decided to join the society to have some adventure and spread the culture of Taldor while doing it.

Junn "Mr. Lo" Lo: Wayang Ninja 8. Joined the society to spy on them at the behest of his Chelaxian masters.

Soumral the Dawnhammer: Elf Dawnflower Dervish 1/Black Blade-Kensai Magus 8. For all of her life, Soumral has followed a voice that she believes is that of Sarenrae. The voice led her to almost die in the desert but rewarded her loyalty by leading her to the sacred sword, "Night Breaker." And the voice told her to join the society. She has yet to learn why.

Fishbone Jack: Human Thundercaller Bard 8. Born in Varisia with an affinity for the sea, Fishbone was raised by a Shoanti shaman and became a smuggler at an early age. His Scarni associates saw the Society as a means of increasing smuggling opportunities.

Angus the Ox: Dwarf Invulnerable Rager Barbarian 6. Angus's true parentage is unknown. He was found wandering the wilds of Kyonin as a "wee bairn," and while it was clear he was "touched by the Fey" he has no memory of what happened. He believes this is because the Fey did such unspeakable things to him that he was so traumatized he has blocked it out, though in reality he was just too young to remember anything. His distrust of all things Fey and magic lead him to an isolated life, but he eventually decided to join the society as a means of seeing the world and making money.

Ameretat: Aasimar Dual-Curse Oracle 6. Joined the society as a liaison at the request of the Mendavian Crusade.

Efit the Purifier: Ifrit Immolator Inquisitor 1. This one I am still trying to figure out but at least he is still first level. Being a fire elemental, he is held in high regard by worshipers of his deity, Angradd, but the lack of info on Angradd makes it difficult to figure out what enemies of the faith would actually be (other than cowards and deserters) and why he would be using the Society to find them. If anyone has any good ideas, let me know.

Sarvalla Battlefiend: Pit-born Tiefling Fighter 1/Holy Tactician Paladin 2. Sarvalla seeks to atone for the sins of her race. She attempted to join the Mendavian Crusade but was rebuffed because of her race. She joined the Pathfinder Society as this allowed her to join the crusade.

Aldui: Elf Empiricist Investigator 1. Aldui has always had a fascination with the mysteries of technology. The Society's recent interest in Numeria has given him a means of exploring his fascination.

Mist Dancing Over Water: Human Warpriest of Jalaijatali 3. Mist's mother was a Pathfinder who always brought back wonderful tales from her expeditions to the Mwangi Expanse. Mist seeks to follow in her mother's footsteps.

Sovereign Court 5/5 RPG Superstar 2014 Top 32 aka Netopalis

A few selections:

Alain, Gnomish Sorcerer: Travel and meeting interesting people. Mainly looking to avoid the bleaching.

Baron Edwin LeBlanc, Venture Captain, Half-human Cleric of Shelyn: Edwin was raised in a monastery as an orphan, but had noble aspirations. In Taldor, that means you need money. He adventured with the Society to grow his art collections and collect wealth to buy status. These days, he doesn't really work with the Society that much, as he is taking a 3-year vacation from Golarion in various demiplanes.

Isaac Quinn, Gunslinger, hardboiled private eye: When the dame walked into his office, he knew she was trouble. She was dressed in red and had a necklace with the Chelish symbol on it. Fantastic. Devil-worshippers. Just what he needed. Still, he'd had a rough month, and it'd probably be better than the two-bit criminals and cheating husbands he usually got paid to track down. (Basically, Zarta hired him as a set of extra eyes)

Tekmeh Joxiri, Cleric of Cayden Cailean: New drink recipes and exotic bars to carouse in!

Xingzhe, Cleric of Sun Wukong: "Wait, Pathfinder Society? Is that what we've been doing? Huh.", says the gnome before promptly passing out and spilling his drink everywhere.

Gregory Goldfield, the Most Interesting Swashbuckler in the World: The Pathfinder Society organized itself because a wizard divined that he would one day be a member.

Lantern Lodge 5/5

Börel Bloodbraid. Elf Barbarian 12--Got in a lot of fights with a dwarf with a similarly fiery disposition, and the Society has done all it can to put its enemies between them.

Heidmarch: "How do you kill a dead goddess's herald?"
Valsin: "Why not try and get it stuck between the angry elf and the angry dwarf?"

Master Sawatashi Hasegawa. Halfling Rogue 12--Amara Li was the nicest lady she ever met, so Sawa has no compunctions about getting into trouble for her sake.

Chomm Skee, M.D. Gnome Cavalier 13--Well, it beats the bleaching.

Frailleaf Scalesplitter. Gnome Ranger6/Fighter3/Brawler1--Idolized a famous dragonslayer from her hometown, and heard that the Society tries to track down and kill them from time to time. She's still waiting to encounter one.

Vad. Vudrani Fighter 5/Low Templar 1--Wanted to get into the Mendevian Crusades for fame and profit, and the Society seemed a safer outlet than the Crusade iteself. Can still get famous, can still sidle up to potential conquests in a bar and say "Let me tell you a story about the Worldwound..."

"Fata Morgana"
AKA "Armitage"
AKA "Fuuka Misaki"
AKA "Tom the Paladin"
AKA "Carrie McDougall"
AKA "Cary MacDougal"
AKA "Mary A.C. Dougal"
AKA "Washington Irving"
AKA "Irving Washington"
. Cleric of Sivanah 5/Veiled Illusionist 2. The Pathfinder Society allows plenty of opportunity to glorify the Seventh Veil- -as anyone (or anything) shouldn't be bound by the notions of reality when it could be so much more.

Sovereign Court

Magus 5 / Rogue 3 / Arcane trickster 5 -The Baron Jaquo Dalsine had a little incriminating evidence on my seedier side of life. I became his agent as to avoid legal encumbrances.

Grand Lodge

Kensai (magus) Shadowdancer - A disagreement regarding immortality (and a resultant death) led me to explore this question beyond Kyonin. The Szarni offered the opportunity to "test the mortality" of many skilled duelists. Later in life I ventured to return the wayward souls to Pharasma. Now I idle my time as the Sczarni are no more.

Silver Crusade 4/5

Bruno, a handsome and beautiful Tetori, was told by Marco Farabellus that Bruno could travel the Inner Sea, meet interesting people and grind their faces into dirt.

Dark Archive 3/5

Mastering the arts of Summoning requires a certain.... unbiased approach. While my darling homeland of Cheliax has some of the finest institutions of arcane study known to man, I can only stand their judgmental eyes and overbearing propaganda for so long. The Society offers something closer to a blank canvas and an open minded perspective on fields of research.

"That, and the money."

Yes, Navia, there's also that. Research materials aren't free, you know.

"Neither was that little party gift for the Paracountess."

Please stop talking, Navia.

Muqtir "Muck" Al'jabar, a Gnome Merchant (who also dabbles in Sorcery). He comes from a family of merchants in Qadir. He left to prove he could make it on his own, and joined The Exchange.

Unfortunately, he has proven to be a better adventurer than a merchant. His primary occupation is selling used adventuring gear. (One careless owner! The blood washes right off...)

He is very good at making deals, but very unwise when it comes to choosing which business ventures to invest in. He has had a string of failed money making schemes and poor investments in between his missions for the Exhange.

As a result, he has to use his income from adventuring so he can send money and expensive gifts back to his family, telling them it is from his latest business deal so he can hide the fact that he is a failure as a merchant.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Luka "Thumper" Thundertusk: Warpriest.

Born in Tolguth, in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, Luka was raised amongst the hardy barbarians of the Great Tusk tribe, as a savage survivor in an environment that constantly threatens death from exposure, disease or predators. Dependence, and trust, was key to this survival, in the tight-knit community that dared these lands. So, when Luka reached maturity, and her fiendish heritage was revealed, the isolation, fear, and eventual exile, left her distraught, and she saw little chance for survival. With no real destination in mind, she followed the Frozen Road, to what end, she knew not. It was months into her journey, that she found she was near Chillblight, the regional capital of Feyfrost, in Irrisen. There, as she made camp, and when she awoke, she found herself bound in ice. Several cruel Cold Fey, danced around her, and laughed as they mocked her attempt to break free. They told her that she was in a secret place, not meant for those not of Fey blood. This was a shrine to Ng, and to repay the Eldest for her insult, she would be sacrificed. The Cold Fey then told her, to better please the Eldest of secrets, they would reveal the secrets of the First World, and the power to be drawn from it, only to have the secrets die with her. The Cold Fey burst into an abrubt cascade of laughter, at the delightful "irony" this presented. Luka listened, intently, as they spilled their secrets, but shifted subtly in the ice that bound her. Soon, the secrets revealed began to tear at Luka's mind, and chaos enveloped her thoughts. As her mind neared the edge of breaking, her body surged with strength, and in an explosion of ice, and screams, she broke free of the ice, and attacked the Fey. An enraged abyssal beast, she slaughtered, and devoured the Fey, and desecrated the shrine, with blood and filth. As the world grew clearer, she tried to recall the secrets the Fey bestowed upon her, but only bits came through the mists of her fractured mind. It was then, she decided that she would have all of their secrets, once again, and more. She swore an oath, to the Hooded Ng, to capture all of the dark secrets stolen from her mind, and please him even more. Months past, her temperment cooled, and she soon heard of the Pathfinder Society, a globe-spanning organization of adventurers, who explore, delve, and otherwise experience the lesser-seen parts of the world. Surely no other such organization was more well equipped to discover the secrets of the world. Without hesitation, she worked to join the Society, and seek the adventures it provided.

Dark Archive

Halfling Cleric 8 Holy Vindicator 4 of Asmodeus
Meridoc's grew up in a privaleged life paid through the good fortune of his hard working family. Just as the merry lad started school the family's fortunes were destroyed through a series of robberies by unsavory characters. The family was shattered turned into the street and several members killed for what little coin remaining by street thugs.

Then she came glorious Zarta Dralneen scooped the wayward lad from the gutter and set him on the path of enlightenment. Truly the law would deliver this soul from his present torment. Gifted with a divine steed (just a disguised wardog) Meridoc sought out his family's oppressors and brought them to justice.

His love for Zarta ever grows (although she doesn't notice him at all.) and he feels enraptured whenever he receives (obvious form letters) personally penned messages of love.

Love shall conquer all.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Boston

Well Aster Halfling Paladin of Iomedae adventures with the Pathfinder for the chance at Glory, Honor, Righteous combat and the extraordinary opportunity to go to new and exotic locations, find new and interesting Evil Outsiders, and Smite them.

He works for the Dark Archive to keep an eye on them, and for the fact that though the Paracountess is most likely a monster, she is the societies monster. So it is the societies responsibility to keep her on a leash.

I cast raise thread! Unfortunately it may be beyond my HD limit... well, I'm sure nothing will go wrong.

I recently leveled and un-retired my abandoned -3 agent and am newly excited about playing him, so I figured I'd come and add my other characters to this thread that I enjoyed reading.


Deacon, the Storm Lord: Originally a stock-standard paladin of Iomedae, Deacon was nearly killed in a powerful storm and became infused with its power. Often referred to as "the most charismatic Druid who's ever lived," he's done the Silver Crusade proud with his 10 CHA and relentless commitment to putting ranks in Diplomacy. Deacon has risen to the rank of Venture Captain through copious applications of Chain Lightning granted by his power as a Storm Druid.

Dakkus the Risen: "Agh, I changed my mind, I can't stand that sanctimonious Ruby Prince! Get me out of here...!" Horrifically unpleasant White-Haired Witch / Magus built around beating things to death with his hair, teeth, and claws. Dakkus is very unhappy that he failed to read the fine print on the Risen Guard and reluctantly bides his time in the Scarab Sages. He spends much of his time in missions making snide remarks and snacking on centipedes, wishing the Arcana that would allow him to properly Spell Combat with natural weapons was legal.

Ihsael: Rescued from the streets in Qadira by a pompous traveling merchant and roped into the Exchange, Ihsael is mostly bark and no bite, capable of terrifying his foes with his abilities as a former Thug. He has found the Light of Iomedae and attempts to draw inspiration from his religious pamphlet with 39 Acts of Iomedae, that he was assured was far superior to the abridged copy with only 11 miracles. He is a Sword of Valor Thug Inspired Blade and looking to add more classes to his arsenal in the near future.

Adhistin the Serene: Described up-thread. This wizard has retired (for now) and enjoys long walks on the beach and not getting shot and mauled on a daily basis in the name of the Silver Crusade.

Fuere: A fiery nobleman's son of a disgraced Qadiran family, Fuere lends his deific talents as an Oracle of the Heavens to the Exchange in a bid to increase his capital and regain a life of luxury. He firmly denies any salacious rumors of his family interbreeding with exotic denizens of the Plane of Fire, despite his obvious Ifrit heritage. Fuere relies on his astronomical Charisma to skate through social situations despite his condescending demeanor.

Gald: A member of Liberty's Edge, he's probably some kind of secret agent, but if you knew the details he'd likely have to kill you. A quiet Tiefling Alchemist firmly resembling a gargoyle in appearance, Gald is ruthlessly efficient and solves all issues with creative applications of Alchemy and a veritable hail of arrows.

Kyobi, the Jeweled Cutter: An enormous, convivial half-orc Fighter with delusions of grandeur cheerfully working his way up the ranks in the Sovereign Court. Kyobi is convinced that his god Zon-Kuthon is merely misunderstood and really has his worshippers' best interests at heart. He adventures for the Pathfinder Society both to further his standing in the Court and to collect an array of impressive stories, most of which end with him surfing unharmed down a sea of bodies (friend and foe alike).

Jyin-Gua: Jyin-Gua is a Tienese Spiritualist, committed to a life of good in a bid to restore his sister to the path of grace after her unfortunate death and even more unfortunate return as a Phantom of Hatred. He is a very droll member of the Silver Crusade whose best talent is taking his foes alive with a Cry of Mercy.

Ashen Eyrius: Ashen is an unabashed trophy hunter and scion of greed, proudly displaying his unholy symbol of Dahak with its embedded Shard of Greed. He adventures with the Exchange to build contacts in the exotic creatures trade, and was recently pleased to add the golden feather of a slain angel to the collar of his gunslinger's duster. He is a Gun Scavenger Warpriest of Dahak and spends a lot of money on adamantine bullets.

Grand Lodge

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
xebeche wrote:

One question at the forefront of my mind when creating any new Pathfinder character is: "Why is this creature of Golarion a member of the Society?" Certain classes and archetypes are easier to explain than others. Take a rogue or wizard, for example. Both have class features and interests that are well suited for travel and discovery in civilized and uncivilized areas. Other classes, such as barbarian, druid, samurai, and warpriest present a challenge for my imagination. Why would the uncivilized or religious zealots want to join an eclectic band of adventurers pursuing a wide variety of objectives on a global scale?

I'd like to stir the pot and challenge my perceptions. Why is your class a Pathfinder agent?

The proper question is why is my character a Pathfinder? The answer to that question is that my character has dimension beyond his or her class, and in that area, is the answer to be found.

5/5 ⦵⦵⦵


No, no, it just means the more classes you have, the more dimensions you have! This is why I try to multiclass as much as possible on my martial characters. ;)

Dark Archive

I heard there was an entire basement full of magical items of immeasurable power, just waiting for someone to identify and borrow them. Not to mention convenient proximity to the Starstone for my inevitable rise to godhood.

because I look at the names identifying collections of system mechanics as nothing more than names to identify collections of system mechanics

Lantern Lodge

Krispin: Born a slave in Cheliax, he discovered that his owners had joined a Baphomet cult. During one of their blasphemous (and illegal) rituals, he killed them and left to report himself to a local Hellknight chapter. The Hellknight's gave him his freedom for uncovering a local demonic cult, but banished him from Cheliax as punishment for the murder of his owners.

He made his way to the Society, where he continued his loyalty to his homeland. Eventually, when the Paracountess cut her ties to Cheliax, he repledged his loyalties and efforts directly to the Society.

Sovereign Court 5/5

My PFS Characters and why they are members of the pathfinder society:

Venture Captain Jonas Vividsun (Human Evangelist Cleric of Gorum):

Joined the society to leave Kaer Maga and see the world, thought that he wanted to do good, but became disgruntled with trying to save people when others he traveled with made no effort to help that. He has also embraced an outlook more direct to his deity (changed from chaotic good to chaotic neutral). During his time working directly for the Ten, he abandoned the silver crusade for the grand lodge.

Salurial (Tiefling Paladin of Sarenrae):

Taken in by Sarenites, he seeks to redeem his demonic heritage. He joined the Silver Crusade to do good in the world, and has been generally quite successful at it.

Tahlmah (Elf Magus):

Born in Tian Xia, he joined the Lantern Lodge to explore the world and learn its secrets. After the official sanctioning of the Lantern Lodge, he pragmatically joined the Qadirans and later the Exchange for better returns on his money. He still enjoys learning new subjects.

Jasmine Henderthane (Human Cavalier/Rogue/Hellknight):

Descended from a Chelish noble house that has had some fairly recent problems, Jasmine set out to expand her personal power, and to help prove her faithfulness and her families toward House Thrune. She joined the society through the Paracountess, and has achieved a great deal of success in garnering personal power and titles. After Zarta cut ties with Cheliax, Jasmine joined the Sovereign Court to further solidify her political position.

Angethel (Aasimar Life Oracle):

Generally a free spirit and a worshiper of Cayden Cailean and hailing from Taldor, Angethel joined the society to travel. He seeks to keep his companions alive and well, and recently joined the Dark Archive to help keep an eye on things he isn’t so sure about.

Kigvan Rockmiser (Dwarf Warpriest of Torag):

Kigvan joined the society and the grand lodge after hearing of their plans on leading an expedition to the lost Sky Citadel, Jormurdun. After having helped explore Jormurdun, he has joined the Silver Crusade to combat evil where it may be found. He always hopes to uncover more Dwarven history in his travels.

Hank Jones Jr. (Human Spellscar Drifter Cavalier):

Hailing from the Mana Wastes, Hank joined the society as he fancies himself an action oriented archaeologist explorer. He joined the Osirons and has stayed on with the Scarab Sages due to their focus on studies of the past.

Roger Steves (Human Shield Champion Brawler):

Was recruited to the society by Major Colson Maldris and faithfully serves Liberties Edge. He strives to help everyone he encounters, especially if their liberty is at stake.

Honor Whiteveil (Human Paladin of Arshea):

Having a complicated childhood raised as a Qadiran princess, but taken by a dark fey in a bargain made before she was born, she was rescued and freed by a follower of Arshea and taught the worship of the Spirit of Abandon. She was then taken in by Venture Captain Jonas Vividsun and trained to become a pathfinder by him personally. She originally joined the Qadiran faction to learn more about her origins, but left after they allied with the Sczarni, and joined the Silver Crusade. She is more concerned with spreading goodness than learning about her past now.

Khaled Akil (Human Empiricist Investigator):

A man of Garundi descent, Khaled is most interested in uncovering truths and information in general. The pathfinder society provides him many opportunities to find and discover new things. He as also helped solved some crimes and found missing persons.

Murgen Lancebearer (Halfling Honor Guard Cavalier):

A former slip from Cheliax, Murgen was freed by the Bellflower network. He has fully embraced the ideals of Andoran and seeks to eventually join the Golden Legion. He joined the Pathfinder Society to work with Major Maldris outside the confines of the Andoran government in hopes to strength his new home country. During his Confirmation he fell quite in love with Janira Gavix and strives to be a great pathfinder, returning with his reports and various samples from his expeditions for her.

Robin Foxley (Kitsune Hunter):

Somewhat a vagabond, Robin travels with his bear companion Small John. He has no compunctions from taking money from the wealthy and he tries to help the less fortunate, he has joined the Exchange in order to get more money for helping others.

Whiskey Ghostfire (Human Ranger) CORE:

Originally a caravan guide, this Caydenite was recruited to the society by Trade Prince Amir Al’Hakam. Shortly after joining though, Whiskey decided to join the grand lodge due to the persuasion on some of his companions, particularly Nili’Merithas. He loves exploring new things and is very loyal to his companions.

Sir Charles Keel (Human Paladin of Iomedae) CORE:

Hailing from Westcrown, Charles was raised by a branch of a noble Chelish family that has roots going back to the worship of Aroden, and has taken up with the Inheritor instead. Charles joined the society to learn more about the disappearance of his uncle Eddington, after hearing that he might have ties with the Pathfinder Society. He also seeks to find new fortune outside of a land run by Diabolists.

Eddington Henderthane (Human Thassilonian Specialist):

Recruited to the Society by his cousin Jasmine, he is learning much from her tutelage as she has uncovered a great deal of Ancient Thassalonian knowledge during her career. He is also studying to become a cypher mage. Much like his cousin he likes to be in control of things, which is why he was drawn to the school of Lust. He intends to work for the Dark Archive.

Man, it seems like every Tiefling is a Silver Crusader trying to redeem themselves for their tainted heritage. I feel like my Tieflings took a wrong turn somewhere in life.

Sovereign Court

An intelligence operative from the Winter Council operating in the one place no loyal elf could stomach, the elven artifact stealing Pathfinder Society. This position gives him access to secrets and insights into worldwide non-elven society, as well as locations of plundered elven treasures.

There are two, often different, sets of journals prepared and logged from every adventure to two different masters. It is not his place to openly judge the worthy, and the damned, only to report. That it also allows rapid progression to power and a higher social status is a happy coincidence that allows him to blend in unnoticed.

LazarX wrote:
xebeche wrote:

One question at the forefront of my mind when creating any new Pathfinder character is: "Why is this creature of Golarion a member of the Society?" Certain classes and archetypes are easier to explain than others. Take a rogue or wizard, for example. Both have class features and interests that are well suited for travel and discovery in civilized and uncivilized areas. Other classes, such as barbarian, druid, samurai, and warpriest present a challenge for my imagination. Why would the uncivilized or religious zealots want to join an eclectic band of adventurers pursuing a wide variety of objectives on a global scale?

I'd like to stir the pot and challenge my perceptions. Why is your class a Pathfinder agent?

The proper question is why is my character a Pathfinder? The answer to that question is that my character has dimension beyond his or her class, and in that area, is the answer to be found.

Exactly. Your character is (or should be) more than your class.

Of my characters:

Muq'tir "Muck" Al'Jabar - a gnomish merchant, he is a proud member of the Exchange, always looking to find a better deal or moneymaking opportunity. Unfortunately, despite his skills as a haggler and negotiator he has a poor track record of lost investments and failed get-rich-quick schemes, so most of his money comes from the missions the Society sends him on. He uses his adventuring wealth to convince his family that he is a successful merchant, always visiting exotic locations and bringing home wealth.

Drake Melkir - An Exchange enforcer, human. He doesn't make the deals, but he helps enforce their terms. They loan him out to the Society from time to time. He's just there to get the job done with as little fuss as possible. If it means sneaking around, opening locks, bypassing traps or introducing someone to the pointy bit of his rapier, so be it.

Raziel, Favored of Korada. An orphaned half-elf, he was taken in by a monastery dedicated to Korada, located outside the city of Icestair. While he is a devout follower of Korada, he left the monastery to see the world, and joined the Scarab Sages when it was discovered he had a talent for magic - and for tinkering with locks and arcane devices. He seeks to learn more about the world, and to display the serenity of Korada - whether it is in the chaos of battle, the deepest dungeon, or a hive of scum and villainy.

What class are they? Doesn't really matter.

Grand Lodge 2/5

It looks like there have been a bunch of good answers to the question already, but I'll add a few more. If you want to borrow or adapt anything go for it. If you want to say, "Dear Lord, thank you that I am more creative than that idiot, Geoff" just say it quietly so you don't hurt my feelings.

Arcane Trickster:
She considers herself too intelligent and charming to have to do physical labor for a living. Becoming a Pathfinder was a more acceptable option than burglary or insurance fraud.

Saranrae told him to take his healing talents to the Pathfinders, where they would be well-used. Also, as a gnome, he tries to avoid falling into a boring routine, and the Pathfinders are anything but boring.

Being a Pathfinder allows him to test his training against all manner of opponents and challenges. That, and a bit of sylph wanderlust.

He's a bit of a vigilante type, in the spirit of Batman. He really bought into the Shadow Lodge ideals of keeping a watch on those in charge, and making sure they don't abuse their power.

He hopes to follow in his father's footsteps as a diplomat and ambassador for the Elven Kingdoms. He has been tasked with traveling the human lands and learning about them, and the Pathfinders give him an excellent opportunity to do this.

Her adoptive mother was a minor noble in the River Kingdoms. The daughter was a wild spirit, who wanted no part of court intrigue, so her mother sent her to go make friends and allies among the Pathfinders. In keeping with that motivation, she is saving up prestige to marry into the Blackros family.

He's a bit of an Indiana Jones type. The Pathfinders send him out on daring adventures, and then he has stories to impress the ladies, and score free drinks.

He seeks access to the knowledge gathered in the Dark Archive to further his studies of spirits and extra-planar creatures.

She is gaining power and experience to prove herself a worthy student/lackey to the Master of Gales. Of all of my PFS characters, this is probably the character with least loyalty to the Pathfinder Society and/or her faction.

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