Ready to play 5e char generator

4th Edition

I've been experimenting making a few random character generators. Here's another one: m%20Character%20Generator%205.6.xlsx

Linked, for convenience.

Thanks Steve!


Skills now add with half elf and background. m%20Character%20Generator%205.7.xlsx


What is that file format?

.xlsx is an Excel file, but I think only newer versions of Excel can open it and Microsoft's free Excel viewer program will not open them at all. Or at least my version will not.

File format is Excel 2007+


Correction: excel 2010. My software was updated after my last computer crash.

Here is also an "Open Office" freeware version: m%20Character%20Generator%205.7.ods

New live link to this: m%20Character%20Generator%206.1.3%20-%20PROGRESS.xlsx

Liberty's Edge

emirikol wrote:

New live link to this:


Linkified the link.

Started to play around with your sheet. Really liking it. I had to convert it to run on 2003, and broke the math tab. =P But even after fixing it, I still liked it.

Here is version 7.3.

Feedback is welcome. m%20Character%20Generator%207.3.xlsx


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