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I am GMing a game currently and at about lvl 8 - 11 i have come across a problem in the world.
My players want to get together and purchase land so they can start building "homes" (Castle, Tombs, and other things, as well as i have one player wanting to purchase an inn in a major city.
I cannot find any information on purchasing land or property in any of the books that i have.
We are running Pathfinder focusing around the Hollows Hope game adventure arc.
Any information would be welcomed.

Paizo's Ultimate Campaign book covers downtime, kingdom building, buying and managing buildings, teams, and a variety of other things. I recommend it.

You can also see at least some of what it includes on the PRD here:
Downtime on the PRD

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I would consider myself a very lucky GM to have a group of players like that. I tend to mostly encounter players who have no interest in doing much beyond solving mysteries, combat, and finding treasure. I would love to encounter some who were thinking about building homes and running businesses.

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