Alchemical allocation + enhance potion legal?

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The Alchemical allocation extract allows you to gain the benefit of one potion without actually using it up.
Is it legal to combine this with either Enhance potion and/or []extend potion[/url] discoveries to have a potion work at enhanced effect without using it up?

Example: A level 9 alchemist or investigator with a potion of barkskin +2 (300gp +2 nat armor 30minutes) uses alchemical allocation, then uses the potion and activates both discoveries/talents. He would then get a +5 natural armor bonus that lasts 180 minutes.

Same with resist energy 10 which now gives +20 and lasts 180 minutes instead of 30.

Is there anything I'm missing why this doesn't work?

You're missing nothing, because there is nothing.

The Alchemist, fittingly enough, is the master of potions.

Yes, at higher levels you can brew a CL 20 potion and have it last all day long without using it up.

Eternal Potion is pretty good with something like Displacement, frex.

That adds enhance potion to my talents and alchemical allocation to my formula book for my investigator.

Yar. They can be pretty rad if you use them right. Especially since with Enhance Potion and Extend Potion you're potentially getting an Extended, Empowered 3rd level spell for the price of a 2nd level slot.

At higher levels it might be neat with combine extracts, too.
Until then using a 2nd level slot for heroism will have to be enough.

"Potion Seller. I am going into battle, and I need your strongest potions..."

That's pretty damn awesome

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Game Master wrote:
"Potion Seller. I am going into battle, and I need your strongest potions..."

You mean I need your strongest potions brewed at the lowest possible level

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