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One of the prerequisites for this feat is that you have to worship a god of enchantment or lust. Does that mean that any god with the Charm domain qualifies? Or does it specifically refer to an area of concern of lust and/or enchantment? This feat is from Inner Sea Gods.

For those unfamiliar with what feat shaxberd is talking about linky. I'm not positive on that since I don't deal with Golarion deities frequently, but I imagine it would be noted in each deific portfolio, not in the domain section since there isn't a lust domain (although there is a lust subdomain)

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For example, followers of Calistria should be eligible for this feat whether or not they picked charm as a domain but followers of Cayden Cailen would not since lust isn't in his portfolio even though he has the charm domain. Of course I could be totally wrong on this.

ONLY followers of callistria.

Use archive of nethys for religion things, since pfsrd is banned from using them and you get somewhat blurry results

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Yup, what shroudb said. The official text is Calistria only (though a GM allowing a follower of, say, Nocticula to take it seems reasonable).

PFSRD is just flatly forbidden from naming the Golarion gods for legal reasons and must thus include a 'generic placeholder' description of them.

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Okay, thanks. Just seemed weird since I couldn't find an enchantment area of concern for any deity.

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