Can a warpriest make any of his sacred weapons disruptive?

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PRD, ACG, Warpriest wrote:

Sacred Weapon (Su):

.... The warpriest can enhance a weapon with any of the following weapon special abilities: brilliant energy, defending, disruption, flaming, frost, keen, and shock.

PRD, CRB, Magic Weapon Special Ability Descriptions wrote:
Disruption: A disruption weapon is the bane of all undead. Any undead creature struck in combat must succeed on a DC 14 Will save or be destroyed. A disruption weapon must be a bludgeoning melee weapon.

So which of these overrides the other? If my sacred weapon is a longsword (i.e. not a bludgeoning weapon) can my warpriest enhance his weapon with the disruption ability?

Neither overrides either.

Keen has a similar issue, because it can only be applied to slashing and piercing weapons.

There is no contradiction. The warpriest has a list of options for abilities they can apply, which includes special abilities that are limited in what they can be applied to.

Disruption can be applied to a sacred weapon, but only one that is of the correct type. Bludgeoning. Just like keen can't be applied to bludgeoning weapons.

Though you can take the weapon focus feat on a bludgeoning weapon, so you can designate it as another sacred weapon, and carry it along for when you run into the undead.

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