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About 7 months ago I made my first pathfinder character after a long time playing 3.5 and was naturally drawn to playing an alchemist. I picked up a revolver and flicked through some books, deciding to make a surgeon (chirurgeon) drow with an old west feel.

When I chose my discoveries I remember there being a quote beneath explosive missile saying that fast bombs allowed you to make the shot as an attack action, meaning full attacking was possible. Perhaps it was listed below fast bombs? It was one or the other I think. The imagery of explosive rounds cacophonously echoing around the battlefield seemed too iconic to pass up, and I planned towards it.

Now comes the strange part; my DM recently audited our builds and mentioned that I can't use fast bombs with explosive missile. Surprised, I checked the discoveries myself to find the descriptions no longer mention the synergy.

Did this ability end up as part of another class or archetype instead? Was it just flat-out removed? Where did it go?
If it was removed I won't mind. I mostly want to show my DM that I wasn't trying to be misleading.

As someone who took Explosive missile the day it was released on my alchemist, I can state with 95% surety it was always "as a standard action" and fast bombs was never mentioned with it. Fast bombs came out before explosive missile and as a result could never mention it.

I am quite certain it allways was a standard action. I personly build a heavy crowsbow using gnome. So i could reload and fire every round.
If you could have used explosiv missle with fast bomb it would be realy powerfull to the edge of been broken and in this case more than 100 threads about the topic would exist on this board...


Hmmmm, I must have crossed wires somewhere though. All I've found so far is the engineer archetype somebody uploaded that uses a grit system.

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