Equipment trick - hurl scabbard and splintering weapon

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Can I use the equipment trick hurl scabbard with a fragile scabbard (bone?) and the splintering weapon feat to get a swift action attack that deals bleed damage?
As the equipment trick states counting as a ranged attack, could I craft or buy a pheromone combat sheath for that? It seems you can put arrow specials on thrown weapons, too.

eyup.Page 20:

Other Types of Ammunition:
While Kyonin archers
prefer alchemical arrows to other missile weapons,
characters can infuse other ammunition and thrown
weapons that deal piercing damage (such as crossbow
bolts, darts, and shuriken) with alchemical effects.
Aside from differing base statistics, these alternative
types of alchemical ammunition have effects identical
to the alchemical arrows listed here. However, firearm
ammunition can’t be imbued with alchemical ingredients,
nor can ammunition types that don’t deal piercing damage

Edit: I missed that combat scabbards do not deal piercing damage and thus can't be made pheromone. But the rest should work. Or am I missing something?

And which compartment in an efficient quiver would combat scabbards occupy? The second (like javelins) or the third (like bows)?

And a tricky question: Could I combine this with the sword saint samurai's Iaijutsu Strike?

Iaijutsu Strike states that the weapon has to be sheathed before using it. Check. And you mustn't attack the target before using Iaijutsu Strike. Check. You draw the weapon as part of the strike. So can you use hurl scabbard during or after the Iaijutsu Strike?

Iaijutsu Strike:

A sword saint can perform a lightning quick iaijutsu strike against the target of his challenge to inflict devastating wounds while drawing his sword. After the sword saint has challenged a foe but before he has attacked the target of his challenge, he may choose to use his iaijutsu strike as a full-round action, making an attack roll with his weapon as normal. In order to use this ability, the sword saint’s weapon must be sheathed at the start of his turn. If he successfully hits his opponent with an iaijutsu strike, his attack deals an additional +1d6 points of damage. This bonus damage increases by an additional +1d6 at 3rd level and every two levels thereafter to a maximum of +10d6 damage at 19th level. Any extra damage as a result of a successful iaijutsu strike is not multiplied by a critical hit.

After making an iaijutsu strike, a sword saint takes a –4 penalty to his AC until his next turn, but his weapon is now drawn and he may continually to fight normally. Regardless of whether he hits his opponent with the iaijutsu strike, a sword saint cannot use this ability on the same foe more than once per day.

At 10th level, a sword saint learns to focus faster and is able to make an iaijutsu strike as a standard action, and the penalty to his AC is reduced to –2. This ability replaces a samurai’s mount.

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