Does mind blank protect your gear as well?

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Does mind blank protect your gear as well?

Meaning, "if my mindblanked character is carrying The One Ring Of True Evil™ does the ring ping on a detect evil spell?" I presume?

I'd say...yes.

I think there would still be a "residue" of evil in the general area, but it would be a lot like walking around with an invisibility spell against normal eyes.

The rules kind of leave off, making various flavor-text implications without expanding on them, I mean we have Follow aura and the cleric's aura ability, but not a lot of in-between.

Yes. That means your opponent cant bypass mind blank by using divination spells on your magic item when they are really trying to get information about you.

As the others have said, attempts to scry on your gear would count as scrying on you, meaning the spell would fail.

Even in the case where they could get a scry going that might see you, they wouldn't see you. For instance, if they were scrying your living room and you came home with mind blank on, they wouldn't see or hear you (or your gear.) At best they might get a one-sided conversation from someone that was scry-able in the room talking to you.

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