Pathfinder 2: A call to arms!

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A condensed and simplify skill list and how to use them in one or two pages (5th do something great with the BAB and Skill Bonus system)

No more feats, please!!! almost 20000 feats in total out there and all do the same as the core rulebook variation.

Naw. There are plenty of simplified games out there already. That's not Pathfinder. This is a game for geeks that enjoy biting the heads off two-headed chickens and bathing in the blood.

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I like my D&D turbo complicated, bloated with options and allowing rididunkulous combinations of races, classes, archetypes/PrCs. Timid folks are better off playing 5E or retro games, this one here is a wild hog.

Of course the fact that I get to memorize and apply insane amounts of (often conflicting, obtuse, obsurce and obfuscated) rules in my day job synergizes quite well with that!

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I hope 5 moons is as cool as it sounds. Interested to see if he achieved balance.

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Guys, the big thing we HAVE to remember is a catchy name
Pathfinder: A Call 2 Arms

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I dunno. I'm starting to take a different view of Pathfinder. It's become a huge, sprawling potpourri of races, classes, archetypes, special abilities, and rules. If I want to change anything, I'd probably go with my own table rules that tweak things to my preference. It's sort of a puzzle, where I can say, "I want us to use these bits, but not those bits."

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Mine's more like a big bowl. I pour in all the stuff I want, stir it all up, add some 3rd party for spice, then get a fork and pick out all the bits I don't want and throw them down the disposal.

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