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This is only my second game of pathfinder. The first game only lasted 2-3 sessions and I played a rogue. This is my first time playing a spellcaster in any rpg and the game looks like it will be solid with no one ditching.We are playing Rein of Winter Campain.

My stats as a lvl.1 Gnome Sorceror with the Protean Bloodline are as follows:

Was wondering what spells/feats/skills i should be looking at.

1. Are those stats rolled? Are the racial modifiers included? If they still can be altered: NEVER have a Con below 10. It WILL kill you.
2. Protean bloodline is all over the place. No real focus, so you can go in any direction.
3. Good first level spells are Grease, Mage Armor, Vanish, Color Spray, Enlarge Person, Protection from Evil and Silent Image. I'd go with one offensive and one defensive spell. Probably Grease and Protection from Evil.
4. Unless you want to focus on any kind of magic, I'd stick with universal feats. Improved Initiative is always great (disarming a dangerous foe before he can even attack). Toughness and Great fortitude would help with your low Con, but you can get both later as bloodline spell - IF you live long enough.
5. There's not much you can with skills. You just don't have enough Skill points. Perception is always good to have, so I'd pick that and one more skill, probably Spellcraft or UMD.


Were those stats rolled or point buy? You will find as you play d20 RPGs that you really want as high of Con as you can manage as the HP really adds up. Currently you are looking at starting with 5hp on a race that gives +2 to con. If you put the 14 into con instead of dex it would be a 16 and you would start with 9hp and by level 5 it’s a difference of 20hp which on a low HP class can be huge.

The key to picking spells with a sorcerer is versatility. You want spells that can be used in many different ways as possible. Gnomes are naturally strong with illusion magic and a clever player can do alot with illusions as they are limited only by your imagination and your save DC, shadow evocation and shadow Conjuration at later levels and their greater counterparts can be extremely useful to an illusion focused sorcerer.

An example would be Silent Image, a level 1 spell. You cast the spell to create a "gate" across the hallway you are in. The three orcs pursuing you see the gate and howl in frustration. As a level one spell with 18 charisma as a gnome the dc for silent image is 15 will. The first orc walks up to push on the gate, rolls an 8 and adds 1 for a save of 9. Orc 1 is convinced that the gate is real and stops in front of the gate blocking his friends. You walks up to the other side of the gate and cast burning hands and hit all three and do not provoke an attack of opportunity because you are on the other side of the "gate".

wow, a gnome with 9 con. Bad rolls!

You could easily go "ray specialist"; fire magic is especially good in reign of winter

(many ray, + standard sorcerer spells)
Acid Splash
Disrupt Undead
Ray of Frost
Burning hands
Feather Fall
Magic Missile
Mage Armor (this could be from a wand)
Ray of enfeeblement
Ray of sickening
Acid arrow
Mirror Image
Glitterdust + See invisible (scrolls are good)
Scorching Ray ( your "bread and butter")
Ray of exhaustion
Resist Energy, communal
Dimension Door
Greater invisibility (for the rogue...)
A "wall" spell
Disintegrate (your bloodline gives you this)

Point blank shot
Precise shot
Spell penetration
Empower Spell
Spell focus (evocation or necromancy)

Knowledge (arcana, nature, planes)
Use magic device
Language: Skald from linguistics

For this character in particular, check out the advanced race guide. I recommend lava or dread gnomes

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Well welcome to Pathfinder, we hope you enjoy your stay!

Were those stats rolled or a point buy?
Does your GM allow traits?
Will there be item crafting allowed (I'm assuming no.)
What's the party makeup (classes/builds?)

My opinions:
11 point buy is a bit low. Pathfinder adventures are designed for 4 15 point buy characters. Your GM will need to drop the difficulty.

+1 to bumping up Con if possible. Especially for a +2 con race.
If you can change your stats I'd recommend more of this for an array:
after racial
st05dx13cn14in13ch17 (11 point buy)
Key skills: Perception, Knowledge(Arcana), Use Magic Device.

Choose spells that can serve multiple functions. Grease is such an example.

Download and read the Player's Guide to Reign of Winter. It's free and gives advice for players on what may be needed or helpful. Hint: cold is a big theme. Link; r-Players-Guide

Protean is an interesting bloodline. Why did you choose it? I'm guessing you want a controller and summoning focus. With that in mind

Protean build:

Recommended Traits: Something that makes Perception a class skill, Wayang Spellhunter/Magical Lineage (a go-to spell like Glitterdust or Burst of Radiance)
Archetype: Tattooed Sorcerer (Conjuration school +1 Caster Level). For familiar choose greensting scorpion or compsagnathus for the +4 initiative modifier. And don't forget the familiar also grants you free Alertness feat
01-Spell Focus Conjuration
03-Feat: Augment Summoning (if you plan to summon) or Improved Initiative
05-Feat: Persistent Spell (make them save twice)
07-Improved Familiar Bonus Feat: Great Fortitude or Toughness.
09-One of the above you didn't take.

recommended fire build:

A fire-based caster will work fairly well. Plus I like explosions so:

Traits: Wayang Spellhunter (Fireball) Magical Lineage (Fireball)
Bloodline: Orc (+1 damage per die of any damage spell, plus darkvision)
Gnome alternate racial trait: pyromancer. +1 CL with fire based spells plus some alternate racial SLA's you'll actually use.
Sorcerer archetype: Tattooed Sorcerer. +1 CL with a school (pick evocation) plus a familiar.
01-Archetype Tattooed Sorcerer(familiar with +4 init, alertness). Feat: Spell Focus
Go to spell: Burning Hands 3d4+3
03 Intensified Spell (or Empower Spell if you want free Empowered Fireballs at 6th)
05 Spell Specialization (Fireball)
06 Go to spell: Fireball 8d6+8 or 8d6+8 x 1.5 with Empower
07 Improved Familiar (if Empowered Spell chosen at 3rd, take Intensified Spell.) Bonus Feat: Toughness.
09 Feat: Empower Spell or Persistent Spell.
11 Feat: Quicken Spell

Gear recommendations:
Rod of Selective Spell, Lesser.
Rod of Elemental Spell (acid)
If evoker, goblin drums, lesser. (beware of friendly fire)
Cold weather clothing, snowshoes.
Tanglefoot bags, smokesticks, alchemists fire, rope.
Cold iron spiked gauntlet on one hand.

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Posted in other thread. To recap, change stats, tattooed sorcerer and a fire evoker. Else Spell Focus Conjuration, Augment Summoning, Persistent Spell. Squeeze in Toughness.

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Mage Armor and Shield are must have spells if you want to live.

Why are your stats so low? Did you roll them? If so thats bad luck dude. Is it before or after racials?

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