Prepaired Inquisitors, Sopntainious Paladins?

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Ever since I've read about inquisitors and paladins both of their respective casting bothered me, namely that it's spontaneous casting that uses wisdom or prepared casting that uses charisma. Prepared casting always uses intelligence or wisdom while spontaneous always uses charisma except for these two classes and the Arcanist who is a strange mix of the two.

So here's my question for discussion, mechanically would there be a significant issue with inquisitors preparing their spells like a cleric? What about a paladin casting like a bloodrager? Has anyone done either on home tables before? If so how did it fare?

Prepared divine casters have a huge advantage over spontaneous divine casters. Knowing the entire spell list as soon as you are able to cast the level of spell is a major advantage. Inquisitors are already one of the most versatile classes in the game; by having their spell casting be spontaneous it weakens them a little. They have a very good spell list and if they had access to the whole thing they would be able to run roughshod over almost anything. Paladins on the other hand don’t have much in the way of spells so by being prepared it gives them a little more versatility which they need.

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