Defensive paladin, best feats?


Hi, im new to the game, and I want to know how good its to play a full defensive paladin

I'm a little lost with the feats I should choose. I'm using a light wooden shield and a Scimitarr, but I'm switching to a heavy steel shield.

And what feats should I take? I was using Two weapon fighting (because I was hitting with my previous shield) and Improved Shield Bash, But what do I chose now?

Thanks for guiding a noob :D

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Well, I would have said Fey Foundling, but it sounds like this build is already above level 1.

So, my new answer is Dodge.

two weapon fighting will be harder if you go to heavy shield. You'll take a bigger penalty.

Fey Foundling is really the only feat worth taking IMO. The problem with a defensive build is the higher your ac goes the less enemies will attack you, and then your not really tanking, the party is just getting beat up. I've seen this happen so many times, the guy whose supposed to tank makes his build in such a way he's either a) not a big threat, so doesn't draw agro or b) is WAY too hard to hit and the enemies mob other people. Fey foundling lets you tank and gain extra healing, but takes very little away from others ability to hit you or your own offense.

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Antagonize! Antagonize is THE FEAT which makes "tanking" work in Pathfinder.

You can get a huge tactical advantage by forcing your opponent to attack you, instead of run, buff, or attack an ally.

Plus it's just SO MUCH DAMN FUN to roleplay!

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Power Attack.

Because you need to be an enemy worth hitting, if you expect intelligent enemies to not simply walk around you to smear the 15 AC Wizard.

Alternatively, maybe Combat Reflexes and Stand Still?

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