Help me build Kefka!


Hey guys! so I was applying to a game but due to certain requirements my ol and true WotW guy was not viable, so I wanted to make a "kefka"

half of it is the way he speaks and things he does, but I would like a lil bit of his "power" as well.

Bard, bard would fit well IMO, kefka seemed highly knowledgeable and charismatic, if extremely insane.
Mystic Thuergre- just, well, because.
Wizard/eldritch knight- Kefka was seen using melee weapon, a flail, to be precise IIRC, several times before he ascended. So maybe this?


Bard- Archeologist and or dirge bard and or magician seem like good archetypes

Silver Crusade

I think the flail was more for show, he seemed much more inclined to deep-fry his enemies with magic.
Id say straight blasting wizard, with a charm spell or 2 memorized to play up his manipulator aspect.
Maybe consider the fey or maestro bloodlines if a sorcerer. A soundstriker bard is also an option, using his maniacle laugh to kill enemies seems like a lot of fun.

ohh sound striker... hmm.

what about Infernal? or draconic- to represent the magitice

Sound striker is broken right now, and it appears the FAQS will never be released.

For Kefka I'd probably say an arcanist blaster now. After he rises you need some mythic tiers.

what are some of the better feats for a blaster arcanist?
( the exploits are awesome... hello fire, blizzard, thunder, and quake!)

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