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Has anyone tried this demo/marketing/advert mini-game?

I found it has some very nice, genuine scares, but the insane, repetitive looping (while a nice metaphor) eventually (one full hour later) became grating and...yes, boring.

Apparently, there are clues throughout your walk down the two halls, but they don't seem logical and they're definitely not intuitive.

If Silent Hills follows this model, I don't see myself playing--I don't have the patience and certainly not the time.

Anyone else? Anyone actually finish the demo?

Apparently, the demo can't be completed without a set of headphones and mic plugged in (the headphones trigger script in the game; the mic uses your breathing, which is expected to increase at certain intense moments, to trigger script, as well--I don't have these for my PS4 and I'm not going to buy a set just to see the end of the demo.

Note that the PS4 does come with a headphone and mic (the earbud thingy that plugs into your DS4, which also has a mic attached to it).

Liberty's Edge

Arnwyn wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

You're right! I looked in the closet this morning and they were in the box.

I loved it. As a demo, it works well. I admit, the last puzzle did annoy me (my PS4 was second hand, and if I got the mic I can't find it) so I never did beat it, but apparently there are other ways to trigger the final scene.

For the main game...obviously, it needs a bit more to it, which from the trailer it looks like we'll get. I'm not sure it feels like a Silent Hill - Kojima and Del Toro both have fairly distinct styles, so I honestly suspect it'll feel like a separate game with references, but I'm hoping it'll scare the hell out of me.

I'm skeptical about a Silent Hill by someone other than Akira Yamaoka. I was especially fond of the music he had made for 1, 2, and 3. Very evocative music that immediately puts me into the mindset of the games.

If they just want to use the name and make a scare simulator, I don't think that'll interest me much.

Oh yea, for those wanting to finish, there is another hunt the item puzzle that has a piece in an utterly unintuitive location

The options menus where you adjust your lighting. The piece is IN THERE and you have to adjust your lighting to see/trigger

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