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OK, I have two questions about the new FAQ and I would like to make sure I understand them. They had both been asked in the "Ask James Jacobs Thread" and given differnt answers. Since this has now been officially answered I want to make sure I am correct on the offical stance.

Question 1) Fury's Fall. Let's assume a fighter with a 14 str and a 18 Dex.
With no feats they have a +2 based on stats to trip (str).
With Agile Maneuvers they have a +4 on stats to trip (dex).
With Fury's Fall (and NOT Agile Maneuvers) they have +6 to trip (str and dex).
If they add Agile Maneuvers to the mix do they drop to +4? or do they stay +6? or something else?

Question 2) Paladin/Oracle with Side Step Secrets. Lets assume Dex 12 and Charisma 18.
Without Side Step Secrets they have a +5 on reflex save (4 from Charisma and 1 from Dex).
Without Divine Grace they have a +4 on reflex save (4 from charisma instead of dex).
Combining the two Do they now have only a +4? Since otherwise they are counting Charisma twice (even though one is an addition and the other is a replacement)?

Considering how LONG the threads discussing this have been, I would prefer for people to please not answer and clog this up (or ask even more convoluted examples) but instead let the dev team answer if they choose to. Signal to noise ratio and all that :)

Thank you.

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1) Drops to 4.

2) +4 total.


1) Hmmm. Drops to 4 it reads like. It doesn't say you can use Dex or any Caveat like that, so your using Dex. Is there a rule somewhere that you don't have to use a feat? I remember a dodge question one a couple months back and the ruling seemed to be you couldn't turn off dodge to become easier to be touched by an ally.

2) This one is certainly a yes, you only have a +4.

Yup, neither ability is optional. Once you take Agile Maneuvers, you are no longer permitted to use Str for CMB, only Dex. Once you take Sidestep Secret, you have to use Cha to AC and Reflex saves, you are no longer permitted to use Dex for those.

I was going to make a post on these topics too. FAQing.

The FAQ already issued answers both of these questions adequately. And the solutions are simple: either don't take Sidestep Secret, or don't take both Agile Maneuvers and Fury's Fall.

heheh! FAQing an FAQ.

Unnecessary though. Simple fact is that some options do not work together.
Don't take fury's fall and agile manoeuvers - pick one. And if you multiclass Paladin and Oracle don't choose Sidestep Secret.

I agree it does not need a FAQ, I had also asked for people to refrain from commenting to allow a dev to comment if they choose to. I did this because it was a hot topic and did not want to see cheerleading for a point of view.

To my knowledge this is the only case where a feat would actually hurt a character which is why I asked for clarification. In both of these cases it is a case where without a feat 2 stats would be added together as compared to Armor bonus from monk and sacred fist.

Again it does not need to be Faq'd but would respectfully request that people refrain from commenting until a dev speaks, if for no other reason then to allow the original question not to be buried.

And if the devs choose not to speak this thread will be buried soon enough and commenting would only prolong that.

Again Thank you.



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If everyone asked for "no comments, devs only please" these forums would be a quiet place. Plus, telling others to be silent, right after you just commented, is against the nature of a public forum.

You don't need a personal "official response" from a Designer. They have better things to do than sit in forums and reply to every "FAQ request".

But, in this case you're in luck. In one of the other threads Mark Seifter already confirmed the answers to these exact situations (as well as some dozen others). So if you have further questions, just seek out what he already said.

Thank you Nefreet, I will search on Mark Seifter to find it.

In all the various posts on it in the other long thread I had never seen it broken down to that simple form. Though I admit I got tired of people talking past each other there.


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I believe the Q&A began around HERE, though I haven't read the last 300 or so comments to confirm if any of those answers were elaborated on.

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Um, using feats you have is always optional. Just because you have a feat doesn't mean you MUST use it. You can Choose to not use Agile Maneuvers when you use Fury's Fall so as not loose your Strength Bonus.

Also, just to be fair, if you don't allow anyone but developers to respond the thread will just get buried. Everyone has been right thus far so I guess it's not that big a deal.

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