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I have made the choice to use the Fame and Reputation campaign system from Ultimate Campaign (pages 180-185) as a shorthand for how well people probably already know the heroes when they continue their adventures, and to give the heroes a few extra edges to use in this adventure path (my party has nearly wiped about 3 times so far).

So far, here is the list of things I have placed down for Fame increases. I'm wondering if completing Fires of Creation with 12 fame seems reasonable to everyone else? I looked closely at the kinds of things that increase fame, and found that most of the encounters they completed did not grant as much fame as I originally suspected.

Character Level +4
Rescued Val Khonnir +1
Brought back Parda’s and Gerrol’s bodies +1
Rescued Khonnir Baine +1
Received posted reward from Torch’s Council +1
Survived four expeditions below Black Hill +1
Turned the Torch back on +3

Current Fame Score: 12

I did not add +1 for discovering the purpose of Black Hill's habitat module because I assumed that they wouldn't tell anyone about it. (with one of the PCs knowing what the Technic League will do should they hear of it) I also assumed they would have kept the discovery of the Power Relay under wraps, so I did not include that either. I am still shaky on whether saving Val Khonnir from the robot at the beginning of the adventure would be worth a Fame increase. I also didn't add any bonuses for completing difficult encounters because none of them were the party's APL+3 in CR.

Does all this seem fair? Is there anything I should adding? They did get Garmen Ulreth and his Ropefists behind bars and they did oust Sanvil Trett as a member of the Technic League.

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Ive been using Fame also.

Currently they are just entering the Engineering level and are 4th level(Fast XP table)

Their current Fame is 11

+4.0 Character level
+1.0 Rescued Val (they ALL hit on the same initiative11 and all crit for max damage on the drone and nothing was left of it... That is worthy of a story i thought)
+1.0 Bringing the dead back up to down and giving them a proper burial.
+2.0 Rescued and cured Khonnir Baine. (hes fully restored.. in random patrols outside of Torch they had come across a pair of scrolls of Restoration. expected them to use the scroll on themselves, not him. No PC is Good.
+0.0 for the Reward, i considered the quest complete by healing/returning Khonnir to the surface. The fame from him spreading the word to the rest of the council and city.
So far they are starting their third expedition down into there. They did spend one night in there. It is Dawn on day 3.
+1.0 Killing Garmen and the ropefists, ousting Sanvil the spy.
+2.0 For rallying Torch to stand independent of the Technic League. Khonnir is willing to tell the League to bugger off, if the party can reactivate the Torch, let alone the party repaired every single repair drone they fought, programed them to start fixing things. The plan is to salvage the ship or repair it enough to use .. unknown defenses to help defend Torch. Khonnir bought it, amazing PC rolls and Roleplaying..

(since torch aint important after this first book.. I am letting them go with it. 4/5 of us played 40k and enjoy mass combat. Im going to use the status of Torch as a visual guide to the pc progress in the campaign, even if the PCs never go back to Torch. The actions they take in the rest of the campaign world will have an effect on what units and such are available in Torch at the various attacks the Technic league is going to make against it as a side story to allow the mass combat we love, and keep the players tied a tad more to the story when the leave the city behind them.)

For my guys, at the end of Book I project them to be level 5 and Tier I.
+15 Fame with Torch Faction(enemies of Technic league)
-15 Fame with Technic League

+1 Fame (Level Adjustment)
+2 Relighting the Torch
+1 Overcomes Challenging Encounter. Reactor battle has been increased to be CR 7,Tier 3 battle. Their first Mythic Trial. Meyanda is doing battle against a lower level mythic security AI that is defending the reactor. it had been deactivated and came online when she started the energy transfer.. It took him a couple days to work his way from the rubble he was in.. He gets killed a few rounds after PC enter reactor - his nanites enter them and allow whats left of the ships Navigation AI to aid them a little to bypass her DR and such. If they live they are mythic.

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I didn't think about having the PCs create defenses for Torch against the Technic League, that was very clever of your players!

I think that those Fame rewards make a lot of sense, they all seem to work well for rewarding the PCs for their choices and accomplishments.

Have you ever thought of making a list of Iron Gods-specific uses for Prestige?

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