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I received a message the payment did not go through, so I double-checked my payment info and have corrected the entry.

However, when I went to enter the CCIV to confirm the card -- I got a message that, okay, payment is authorized, good to go--but then the window that asked for the CCIV showed up again, and I couldn't make it go away. I also want to note that the first time I put in the order, I wasn't asked to verify CCIV but kept getting asked to confirm my billing address -- (and I wonder if the declination was because I wasn't asked for my CCIV).

Could you please confirm payment is good -- and NOT, say, entered in twice or anything. If you need to reconfirm again, can I call you with my info instead? The store is definitely acting weird for me. What are your business hours? Thanks.

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Interesting. Thanks for letting us know about that. I will pass that information along to the tech team.

It looks like the payment information has been approved now.

And yes, if the site is ever giving you trouble with anything, feel free to call us. Our phone lines are open Monday through Friday, from 10am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

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Awesome, thanks.

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Hey! One more issue with this order ---

While it arrived safely, it, bizarrely, arrived to my billing address rather than my shipping address. I checked my account and I do have the shipping address stored correctly and I'm certain I checked to be sure it was sent to my shipping address.

I have also just made another order, and my correct shipping address came up automatically. Hopefully it will come to the right place! (I'll keep you posted).

I want to be sure it gets shipped to the right place. My book did arrive unmolested but I live in a place where things disappear from the foyer sometimes so I prefer to have my items shipped elsewhere.

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I'm glad you items arrived safely. The address on the order is the same as the billing and I'm not sure what happened there. I think it happened when the billing information was updated. If you notice anything like this again, definitely let us know.

sara marie

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Will do, thanks!

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