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Too dangerous to live amongst the good people of Talingarde, they dragged you in chains before a magistrate and condemned you. They sent you to the worst prison in the land and there they forever marked you. They held you down and branded you with a runic F. You are forsaken. You won’t be at Branderscar Prison for long. Branderscar is only a holding pen. In three days – justice comes. In three days – everything ends.

What a pity. If only there was a way out of this stinking rat-hole. If only there was a way to escape. If only…

No. No one has ever escaped from Branderscar Prison. This is where your story ends.

Way of the Wicked is an adventure path from Fire Mountain games where you play a group of evil characters, sentenced to death by the self-righteous and "noble", but you're given a chance to escape your fate and take up arms under a force serving the Prince of Hell, to fight back against the city that has wronged you, to burn it to cinders and reforge a new order from amidst the ashes of their glory.

I ran a PBP of this for a couple months over the spring, but some shitty life stuff got in the way and I had to step away from PBP for a while. I'd like to get back on this again, both due to my interest in seeing it play out, and as a counterpoint to the Wrath of the Righteous I'm running. Naturally, if anyone from my dead game is still kicking around they're welcome to reapply.

What is Talingarde?
Talingarde is the most virtuous, peaceful, noble nation in the world today. This land is ruled by King Markadian V called the Brave of House Darius. He has only one heir – the beautiful princess Bellinda. This benevolent monarchy is heavily intertwined with the hurch of Mitra, the Shining Lord.

You are from Talingarde. This is your home. You have lived here your entire life. And if they gave you half a chance, you would have your revenge on all of them.

Who is Mitra?
Mitra, the so-called Shining Lord, is the god of the sun, bravery, honor, justice, charity and other such pusillanimous rubbish. The Church of Mitra is the preeminent religion of Talingarde these days. The Knights of the Alerion, the elite warriors of Talingarde, are a Mitran order. The monks of St. Macarius, who travel the land healing the sick and the helping the needy, are also a Mitran order. The House of Darius, the royal family of Talingarde, are devout followers of Mitra. It wasn’t always this way. Before the Darians took over, Talingarde worshipped an entire pantheon of deities.

Preeminent among those deities was Asmodeus, Prince of Hell, Lord of Ambition and Order. Now it is forbidden to worship Asmodeus. To do so is to be condemned. The Mitrans destroyed all the Asmodean temples and burned his books and priests. There are no followers of Asmodeus anymore in Talingarde – at least none you know of. Devout Mitrans will not say the name Asmodeus. He is simply “The Fallen” or “The Enemy”.

How did they catch me?
You tell me. You must pick a crime (there is a list provided below) that you were condemned for. They are only two requirements – you got caught and you really did it. It’s not surprising that the Talireans (the people of Talingarde) caught you, though. Talingarde is a fiercely lawful and good society. Crime (especially heinous crime like yours) is not tolerated.

Character Creation Guidelines:
-Begin at level 1
-25 point buy
-All core races, as well as Catfolk, Dhampir, Fetchling, Orc, Tiefling, Kitsune, and Changeling.
-All classes except for Paladin allowed. All archetypes allowed.
--Antipaladins are changed to be Lawful Evil, and any chaos-related class abilities are changed to accomodate.
--Divine classes must be worshippers of Asmodeus. Your characters will be forced to swear fealty to Asmodeus fairly early on, which would in effect be turning on your deity if you worshipped anyone else.
-0 starting gold, and you begin with nothing.
--Classes with a familiar or animal companion will begin play without their animals. They may be presumed dead, or something can be worked out with me. We'll talk about it.
-Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil only. All alignment restrictions on classes other than Paladin will be waived due to these restrictions.
-The adventure as written does not include guns or Eastern weapons. Should someone really want to play a class that uses them, we'll talk about it. For now, gun tech level is set at nonexistant.
-2 traits, as well as a Crime Trait, listed below.
-Provide a written backstory explaining your character. This includes their life before capture, their personality, motivations, the details of their crime, and why they want to overthrow the forces of Good.
-A general plan for your character. Your eventual aim will be to overthrow the current order and instate your own authority, and everyone should have some idea of what part of that authority they would wish to be. Not everyone can be a ruler, but not everyone wants to be a ruler. A cleric may want to see every shrine in the city devoted to Mitra profaned and a grand monument to Asmodeus erected. A mage may wish to see forbidden knowledge and dark magic flourish. "Power" can mean a lot of things, and there much more creative and interesting goals in mind than being king.
-A run-down of your character, crunch-wise. Let me know what they bring to the party, where their focuses are, and if they'll be going into other classes over time.
--The book has a few suggestions for where to go, crunch-wise. While not necessary by any means, the book mentions the Assassin prestige class, Anti-Paladin, Sorcerers of the Infernal bloodline, a focus on devils for summoner characters, Alchemists, and Ncromancy specialists. Feel free to make characters that don't have these if you wish, it's not a requirement or something I'll be taking into account when making my choices. But if you were curious about what works or may have some goodies in store, it'd be these.
--The books also have steps that allow characters to eventually become vampires or liches. For vampirism in particular, it's a feat chain that can be started at first level to end at ninth. If you're interested in that, the information will be given and worked out. Lichdom is a much later-game, resource-oriented process, so no need for that right now.
-Material from any Paizo book where applicable (obviously nothing from Mythic) is acceptable.
-3rd party material will be on a case-by-case basis. Generally, my approval would be of feats, spells, archetypes, and classes; things that are specific to your character in use. Anything that is a full-fledged system and would have some sort of impact on others players (such as Path of War) is right out. No Psionics or Godlings.

The alignment restriction comes with good reason. Evil games can, in the wrong hands, very quickly devolve into sociopathic power fantasy. I've no interest in running a game of murderhobos, serial rapists, and brooding loners. Your characters are not to be sociopaths who stab first and ask questions never because they're too busy going off to find someone else to stab. I'm looking for principled villains with a goal, the foresight to see it through without doing idiotic things to ruin that goal, and motivation. The best villains are those who have a reason for it, and while not everyone needs some kind of tragic backstory, something as simple as "worships Asmodeus but has always had to do it in the shadows" is still infinitely more interesting than "because he likes killing people". You don't need to have a deep code of honour, but you do need to behave and work in a group. And most importantly, you have to be smart enough to follow orders. The last caveat comes from experience.

Each character chooses one heinous crime that has earned them a place in Branderscar Prison. Each crime grants a different benefit, similar to a trait. You may have committed many crimes during your lifetime, but this is the crime that finally got you branded and condemned.
Besides simply choosing a crime, you should also consider how the crime was done. Was this a well planned criminal enterprise or a crime of passion? Did you do it alone or did you have accomplices? Was this the first time you did this crime or are you a repeat offender? Answering these questions will help flesh out your character’s background.

Your character actually perpetrated this crime. You may have done it for what seemed like noble reasons. You may have gotten entangled in this criminal enterprise unwillingly. But there is no doubt that you are guilty. You have not been sentenced to the worse prison in Talingarde unjustly. You are here because you deserve to be.

You have willfully started a fire that destroyed property. To be sent to Branderscar, you didn’t start just a minor little trash fire. Your act of arson threatened a major town, city, church or castle and likely cost someone their life. You’ll be punished for your crime by facing the fire yourself.
Punishment: Death by burning
Benefit: Whenever you score a critical hit with a fire attack, you receive a +2 fire damage bonus to your damage roll. This bonus is a trait bonus.

Attempted Murder
You tried to kill someone and botched the job. To be sent to Branderscar Prison, you did not try to kill just anyone. You likely assaulted someone of great importance and prominence.
Punishment: Death by beheading
Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus to Intimidate checks, and Intimidate is always a class skill for you.

Either you have defamed the great god Mitra or you have been found guilty of worshipping one of the forbidden deities (who preeminent among them is Asmodeus).
Punishment: Death by burning
Benefit: +2 trait bonus to Knowledge (religion) and Knowledge (religion) is always a class skill for you.

Consorting with the Dark Powers (Witchcraft)
You have been found guilty of summoning an evil outsider. Likely you were captured by the famed witch hunter Sir Balin of Karfeld. The last thing he said to you was, “May Mitra have mercy upon your wretched, damned soul.” If only you could get a chance at revenge!
Punishment: Death by burning
Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (planes) and Knowledge (arcana) checks, and one of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.

You have violated one of the churchs, cathedrals or holy shrines of the great god Mitra. To be sent to Branderscar this was no minor act of vandalism. Instead you have done something flagrant and spectacular to dishonor the Shining Lord.
Punishment: Death by burning
Benefit: You receive +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against divine spells.

You have deserted from the Talirean military and been recaptured. To get sent to Branderscar this was not some minor or routine dereliction of duty. Instead, you abandoned your post during a time of crisis — perhaps battle or while defending the Watch Wall. Regardless of the exact circumstances, your laziness and cowardness must have caused loss of life.
Punishment: Death by hanging
Benefit: You receive one bonus skill point per level that must be spent on the Profession (Soldier) skill. Profession (Soldier) is always a class skill for you.

Dueling unto Death
You have engaged in a duel to the death and mortally wounded an opponent. The opponent was honorable enough to say nothing before he expired. Alas that his family or companions was nowhere near so honorable. Dueling was once common in Talingarde before the House of Darius came to power. The House of Barca all but encouraged duels of honor. Now, dueling of any sort is punished severely. Dueling to the death is a sure way to be sent to Branderscar Prison.
Punishment: Death by beheading
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus to Fortitude saves

You have defrauded money from someone by holding information of their wrongdoing over their heads. To end up in Branderscar, this was no minor act of merely threatening to expose someone. Instead you ave attempted extortion against someone of great prominence and for exorbitant stakes.
Punishment: Life at hard labor in the salt mines
Benefit: You receive a +2 trait bonus to Intimidate checks, and Intimidate is always a class skill for you.

You have forged documents issued either by the crown or by the Church of Mitra. Alas, that your forgery while competent was not entirely undetectable. To be sent to Branderscar, this was no minor finagling of paperwork. This forged document could have cost lives, undermined the reputation of the Church or endangered the security of the realm.
Punishment: Life at hard labor in the salt mines
Benefit: You gain a +3 trait bonus to Linguistics skill checks to commit forgery and Linguistics is always a class skill for you.

You tried to bilk someone out of their cash. To end up in Brandescar Prison, this was no petty con job or penny ante racket. Instead, you brazenly tried to defraud someone important of a huge sum of money. And it almost worked too!
Punishment: Life at hard labor in the salt mines
Benefit: You receive a +2 trait bonus to Bluff checks and Bluff is always a class kill for you.

Grave Robbery
It is forbidden by sacred law to dishonor a corpse after it is been sealed in its tomb by a clergy of the Mitran faith. Some may not honor this ban: necromancers, golem crafters, self-styled scientists, and alchemists delving into the forbidden secrets of life and death. These ghouls can expect no mercy from the Talirean Magistrates. And by sending you to Branderscar Prison, you have received none.
Punishment: Death by beheading
Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to confirm critical hits.

You have denied the supremacy of Mitra and been condemned for it. For this to be a crime, you were not content to keep your heresy to yourself. You tried to sway others. Likely you were captured by the famed witch hunter Sir Balin of Karfeld. The last thing he said to you was: “Mitra may forgive you yet for your lies. Talingarde will not.” If only you could get a chance at revenge!
Punishment: Death by burning.
Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against divine spells.

High Theft
You had a foolproof plan to steal some great treasure. Alas, the scheme had a fatal flaw and went horribly awry. To be sent to Branderscar prison, this was no ordinary robbery attempt. You tried to steal something of great value or religious significance.
Punishment: Life at hard labor in the salt mines
Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to Reflex saves.

High Treason
You have willfully worked to bring down the current Monarch of Talingarde — the beloved King Markadian V called the Brave of House Darius. To be successfully tried for High Treason you have done more than merely dislike the king, you did something tangible to undermine his rule. Alas, that you failed at your plot and are now headed to Branderscar Prison. Treason is the only crime that is still punished by the gruesome ritual of being drawn and quartered. Your stay at Branderscar will be brief.
Punishment: Death by drawing and quartering
Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to Will saves.

You have abducted someone perhaps to ransom them or do unspeakable things to them. Unfortunately, you were caught and your victim was rescued (if they weren’t rescued — you would be guilty of murder instead). To be sent to Branderscar Prison, you must have abducted someone of great importance or in a particularly gruesome manner.
Punishment: Death by beheading
Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to both Disarm and Grapple attempts.

You have killed without just cause and been condemned for it. To be sent to Branderscar Prison, this was no typical killing but a particularly savage and unforgiveable act. You may also have killed someone with powerful friends. Note: You are not allowed to have killed someone in the royal family of Talingarde. You may have tried (his would instead be High Treason — see above) but ultimately they are too well protected.
Punishment: Death by beheading Benefit: You deal 1 additional point of damage when flanking a foe. This additional damage is a trait bonus.

You have been caught in the act of piracy on the high seas. This is a rare crime these days since Markadian I called the Victorious burned the last major pirate fleet to threaten these isles. Still the crime is punished harshly. Likely you are the sole survivor of your ship.
Punishment: Death by hanging
Benefit: You may select either Bluff or Intimidate. The selected skill receives a +2 trait bonus and is always a class skill for you.

You have attempted to covertly stir up rebellion against your rightful sovereign. This differs from high treason in that you attempted to convince others to make war against Talingarde instead of taking direct action yourself. A subtle difference to be sure. But it is the difference between receiving the swift justice of the axe instead of the slow suffering upon the rack.
Punishment: Death by beheading
Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to Bluff checks and Bluff is always a class skill for you. Further if you ever take the Leadership feat, you gain a +1 trait bonus to your Leadership score.

Slavery is illegal in Talingarde and a very rare crime. Still, once in a great while, slavers from the mainland will foolishly make an incursion into Talirean protected territories. When they are captured alive they are always made an example of.
Punishment: Death by beheading
Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to both Disarm and Grapple attempts.

Slave Trading
Slavery is legal in other parts of the world and it can be tempting to the most decadent of Talingarde’s nobility to acquire a “souvenir” when traveling abroad or to purchase the object of their desire from a less reputable merchant. However you ended up trading slaves in Talingarde, you were caught red handed and now you will lose more than simply your freedom.
Punishment: Death by beheading
Benefit: You receive one bonus skill point per level that must be spent on the Appraise skill. The Appraise skill is always a class skill for you.

Recruitment will remain open for roughly a week. Maybe a little more because of how oddly positioned this is during the week, maybe a little less if the majority of applications come in on time. I'll be taking somewhere between 4-6 players, based on both party balance (so if you see four people already have Rangers, then maybe consider something else) and how much I like the applications.

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Hi! Showing my interest here. I was dying to play this path and I have even a concept already drafted out :) I'd love to play as the healer of the party, a Tiefling Cleric of Asmodeus/Fiendish Vessel. :) I'll put more info here soon. Let me know if you see any issues ;)

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

I would like to join in the game. Right now I am divided as what to play but I have a few ideas. My current thoughts are between a fighter (tower-shield specialist if allowed) who was accused of Desertion when he left his unit of devout Mitran followers behind to die while he saw a chance for something greater, resulting in half the unit being wiped out. This character would be interested in creating a name for himself and finding a worthy challenge for his skills. His motivation ultimately would be to prove himself as a worthy champion and secure himself a place guarding the leaders of the next order. Obviously this would be a 'tank' styled character for the group to frontline and provide a distraction for the other characters to do their thing.

My second idea kind of stems around the concept of a bounty-hunter who killed one of his marks instead of bringing them in alive as the bounty wanted. Of course this would probably mean he went to an extreme where it became premeditated and killed a helpless individual rather than a fleeing suspect, probably dropping them off a building or shooting him in the back. This character would probably be in it more for the wealth that overthrowing the kingdom could provide along with the notoriety. This I would built to be an archer and possibly make it a ranger (more likely) or hunter (much less likely) class with a level or two in rogue later on.

If possible I would like to apply with this character. He was made for another Way of the Wicked game that did not last beyond the first few posts. Anyway, check him out and if you need something altered, just tell me and I can do so.


Hiya, offering Alexandria the antipaladin with Lord of Darkness archetype, manipulator of the weakhearted.

Her background is built around Sedition and the assumption of getting leadership if that is all right. Otherwise I will tweak it for another crime :).

Might be interested in the vampire feat chain, would suit her nicely.
Could you post details of that? Can't find it online anywhere. I don't have a lot of feats to spare :P.


The character in mind is a girl called Alexandria who was pushed up to be a glorious paladin due to her divine birth. However during her childhood she was resented by a lot of commoners, especially the other girls who made fun of her. Older people would touch or even take a few strands of her hair for good luck. All that ridiculous behavior led to Alexandria's annoyance and eventually hatred towards those jealous weak-minded individuals.

She was still let in the paladin order of Mitra, just like her parents wished. During her training it did not take long for her to manipulate other trainees to do little tasks for her and some even fell in love with her. She enjoyed toying around with those blathering fools.

It was during one of her training missions that she came upon an artifact of Asmodeus she was supposedly destroy, but which she kept for herself. When this artifact started whispering to her, she became curious of the powers Asmodeus could offer her. Maybe under Asmodeus she would feel at home. With pleasure she started to do his bidding. Anything to get rid of the idiots around her.

She started to corrupt other trainees more and more. First with little things like stealing sweets from the kitchen, until eventually she got one of the recruits to kill an innocent, she had convinced him that he was possessed by a demon. She reveled as the idiot kept adoring her even as he was cast out from the church.

Eventually she was tasked by Asmodeus to strike at Bellinda. Alexandria convinced several idiot recruits, including the one who was forced out of the church that the child of the ruler was possessed, and the personal retinue as well. They would kill the child for her. It was during their inauguration that the recruits tried to strike, while Alexandria just observed, acting the innocent. But alas they failed and most were killed, though many bodyguards fell as well. Of her fellow trainees, one survived and under interrogation he spilled the beans. Alexandria was found waiting in her room as the guards came in and arrested her. It didn't take long for the authorities to sentence her to death.


Antipaladin (Lord of Darkness) 1
NE Medium Aasimar / Outsider (Native)
Init +1; Senses Perception +4, Darkvision 60 ft
AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10 (+1 dex)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
ER Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5 Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +1
Defensive Abilities Aasimar Resistance (PFBty 7)
Spd 30 ft/x4
Melee Unarmed Strike +4 (1d3+6) 20/x2 [PA]
Special Abilities Alter Self (PFBty 7)
Str 18, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 18
BAB +1, CMB +5, CMD +16
Feats Armor Proficiency (LIGHT / MEDIUM / HEAVY) (PFCR 118), Power Attack (PFCR 131), Shield Proficiency (PFCR 133)
Skills Bluff +9, Intimidate +8, Perception +4
SU Smite Good (PFAPG 120)
Traits Seeker (Social) (PFUCgn 61)
Languages Celestial, Common

Think I will take her straight through antipaladin since the archetype gives her some nice goodies.
Not sure what she wants to do later. Probably either run the militant order within the city, or the city itself :P.
If she can get out she will act vengeance on the one who betrayed her (if he isn't sentenced to death as well) and those bloody do gooders from the paladin order.

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Here are the numbers for my Tower-Shield fighter I'll post a more detailed backstory when I get a chance along with the ranger.

Character #1: Decimus


Name: Decimus
Age: 24
Race: Human
Alignment: LE
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye color: Green

[bold] Ability Scores [/bold]
STR: 18 +4 (10 Points +2 Racial Modifer)
DEX: 14 +2 ( 5 Points)
CON: 15 +2 ( 7 Points)
INT 11 +0 ( 1 Point )
WIS 12 +1 ( 2 Points)
CHA 10 +0 ( 0 Points)

HP: 13 (1d10 + 2 (CON) + 1 (FCB)
AC: 12= 10+2(Dex)

FORT: 5: 2+2+1
REFLEX 2: 0+2
WILL 1: 0+1

Speed 30ft

Class: Fighter
Archetype: Tower-Shield Specialist (Ultimate Combat)

Combat Reflexes-1st Level (CRB)
Bodyguard-Human (Advanced Player's Guide)
Shield Focus- Fighter 1st Level (CRB)

BAB: +1 CMB: 5 CMD: 17= 10 + 4(STR) + 2(DEX) + 1(BAB)

2+INT+Human= 3

Climb 4 (STR) + 1 (Rank) + 3 (CS) = +8
Profession (Soldier) 1 (WIS) + 1 (Rank) + 3 (CS) + 1 (Trait) = +6
Survival: 1 (WIS) + 1 (Rank) + 3 (CS) = +5

Armor Expert (Advanced Player's Guide)

Consider me super interested. This is a game I've only ever been in once and it died quickly. I'm all for being in one and I'm definitely dotting for interest.

Dotting for interest here as well, though I'll have to wait till a bit later to throw together some crunchy numbers.

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Roet Heineous


Roet is a Tiefling with strange roots from creatures of Abaddon, mixed of Divs and Fae, plus Human. He is born and raised in Talingarde. He is a Lawful Evil cleric and worshipper of Asmodeus, and has the Archetype Fiendish Vessel.


Little knowing about his family roots and raised as an orphan in the streets of Talingarde, Roet never had an easy life. The strength of his ascendency was strong, and the signs clear on his dark red skin: from tail to horns, as a child he was constantly bullied and kept aside.

It wasn't too much of a push when he diverted to the wrong side of the morale: being called a devil maybe pushes a person towards this fate, and Roet never really fought such notion. If maybe for the split of a second he felt hurt by it, on the next he would embrace it and let it grow on him.

When stealing bread from a small temple on the limits of the city, one of the clerics caught him and imprisoned him for a night. Deprived of food, he was told he lacked discipline. Used to all the priests of Mitra, Roet at first didn't really understand much of where he was, and released on the next day, he ran. But eventually he came back.

It turns out the small temple was actually hiding a cult to something more... Something evil. Asmodeus, Prince of Darkness himself. Roet never found himself more at home. Once accepted, for the next decades he studied and changed himself into much more than before. He was now disciplined, focused, and his fiendish roots became more evident each day.

The secret wouldn't be kept hidden forever, however, and eventually the priests of Mitra found out to whom people were really praying at the small temple. Stone by stone it was put down and the other clerics were pursued or burned. Roet, with his strong inhuman appearance, ended up taken to Brandescar for the crime of Blasphemy, to be used as a symbol against other worshippers of Asmodeus.


Roet Heineous
Div-spawn tiefling cleric (fiendish vessel) of Asmodeus 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide 168, 170)
LE Medium outsider (native)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +3
AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12 (+2 dexterity, +2 natural)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +5; +2 vs. death
Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5
Speed 30 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +5)
Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +5)
6/day—copycat (1 round)
Cleric (Fiendish Vessel) Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +4)
1st—command{super}D{/super} (DC 14), cure light wounds, unbreakable heart{super}ISWG{/super}
0 (at will)—detect magic, purify food and drink (DC 13), read magic
D Domain spell; Domains Trickery, Devil (Law) Evil (Devil (evil) subdomain)
Str 11, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 16, Cha 18
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 12
Feats Armor Of The Pit[ARG], Fey Foundling[ISWG]
Traits blessing of darkness, sacred conduit
Skills Diplomacy +10, Knowledge (religion) +5
Languages Common, Infernal
SQ channel evil, fiendish summonining, hell's corruption, prehensile tail
Other Gear 0 gp
Special Abilities
Blessing of Darkness Your innate connection with the powers of darkness serves you well when evil zealots pray on your behalf. Whenever a spellcaster capable of channeling negative energy casts a beneficial spell on you, she acts as if she were one level higher for the p
Channel Evil 1d4 (DC 15) (Su) Heals evil creatures and sickens and harms good creatures in a 30-ft radius.
Cleric (Fiendish Vessel) Domain (Trickery) Granted Powers: You are a master of illusions and deceptions. Bluff, Disguise, and Stealth are class skills.
Copycat (6/day) (Sp) Create a single mirror image duplicate
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Energy Resistance, Cold (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Cold attacks.
Energy Resistance, Electricity (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Electricity attacks.
Energy Resistance, Fire (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Fire attacks.
Fey Foundling Magical healing works better on you
Fiendish Summonining You can only summon fiendish creatures and evil outsiders of your patron's alignment.
Hell's Corruption (1 rounds, 6/day) (Su) Touch attack inflicts -2 save vs. your spells and take the worse of 2 rolls for skill checks.
Prehensile Tail Your tail can retrieve small objects on your person as a swift action.

Crime Trait: Blasphemy

Note: I imagined we were not using hero points, so I put the "antihero" option (that gives a feat). If I did wrong, then let me know and I'll switch back to hero points. Thanks for the consideration :)

Interested: thinking NE oread druid convicted of attempted murder. backstory and build later tonight.

Edit: start of backstory is that he secretly thinks that the strict regimentation of the devils is the only thing that would prevent the mortals from destroying all he holds dear: he plays off of peoples perception of him as a simple thug, when really he is so much more.

couple of concept/idea

1. Martial artist monk or flowing monk.
2. anti paladin, but seems as someone beat me too is so I wont get to play him still :(.
3. wizard ;3

Pyromaniac gnome alchemist
crime arson

bomb thrower and selfish extract drinker.

This particular gnome is very twisted but not very excitable. She wants the experiences to keep the bleaching at bay, and doesn't care about the morality behind the experience she just does it. And she loves fire more than a pathfinder goblin. Can play her as comic relief if party/gm so desired or as a twisted little creepy thing.

Full application later today or tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Skimmed the book a bit, to identify if I wanted to GM it. I do, but not at this time. Only thing I really know is that we start in prison and get out somehow and then have to take over the country with evil for some reason.

@Jolly Roger: For the purpose of character creation and the need to work it to your backstory, I'll post the first one, but save the others for when the party's chosen so that I can see if the others are needed. There are five feats in all, each requiring you to be level 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 respectively. Each gives you something to get you a little more vampiric, while the ninth full-on gives you the vampire template.

The Bitten:
You have been bitten by a vampire and infected with the curse of undeath. As you sicken, your senses heighten and you become profoundly more aware of that every day; you are changing into something both more and less than mortal. You have only begun your transformation into the living dead.

Prerequisite: You must be bitten by a vampire.

Benefits:You gain darkvision 30 ft. and the Alterness feat, however your Constitution score is lowered by two permanently.

@Bobo D: Oread isn't on the list of allowed races.

@Lord Inventor Reldic Emerson: This isn't first come, first served. If you want to throw an Antipaladin in for contention that's fine.

Nemenia is my submission.

Oooh... just saw the Bitten. May modify slightly to take that as well!

Updated: Modified to include Bitten.

I'm working on a LE Moroi-Born Dhampir that has trained as an Eldritch Scion Magus(Infernal Bloodline). He's a wanna-be hellknight who acts as though he is one(he's slightly nuts) and he'd definitely jump at the chance to become either a vampire or a lich, anything ot advance his power, and thus his goals.

As someone who believes himself to be a hellknight, his intention is to overthrow Talingarde and enforce his own version of the law. As such, he was arrested for high treason, and was implicated in a complicated plan to kill a high-level official.

I'll finish up the full application later.

Dotting for interest. Thinking about a witch or maybe sorcerer -though obviously that is subject to change.

Hey I would like to submit Gabriel, Tiefling Ranger. Full discloser I have broken out of this prision 3 times and played into book 2 but no further. I would love to get in a good paced game that can go the long haul with it. Gabriel will be front line. I had worked out this path of the devil in another game but the GM went MIA at level 3. Let me know what you think.

Path of the Devil:

The Path of the Fallen
Asmodeus has a special path for those of Angelic blood that turn to him. These few formerly divine become known as the Fallen. Erinyes were the first of the Fallen.

The Believer: The Believer has heard the call of Asmodeus and has embraced his teachings.
Darkvision 30’, Can cast Darkness 3/day. Evil Aura you have an aura as a cleric of an Evil Deity would.

The Deformed: To receive the gifts of the Dark Prince one must also be punished.
Your fingers elongate and your teeth sharpen as your skin hardens. You gain two claw attacks and a bite. You gain +1 Natural Armor. People have a negative reaction to you. Unless disguised people start off as unfriendly toward you.

The Blessed: Your devotion and acts have gained favor of the Dark Price as you continue along the path.
Darkvision Increases to 60”, You Gain DR 5/Magic and receive a +4/+2 to two stats of choice. (these may not be selected again)

The Damned: You have given you Soul over to the Dark Prince. Every move you make is to earn favor, and gain power.
Resistance 10 to Acid, Cold, Electricity and Fire. +4/+2 to two more ability scores.
Smite Good 1/day as a Anti Paladin equal to your HD

The Fallen: Great Reward comes to those that withstand the teachings and lessons of the Dark Prince.
You Gain the rest of the Half Fiend Template: Including, SR equal to CR+11, +4/+2 to final 2 stats, Black Feathery Wings that allow you to Fly at Double your Land Speed with Good Maneuverability. Immunity to Poison, Spell like abilities on chart.

Gabriel was born into a simple home in the heartland of Talingarde. His father a soldier and loyal follower of Saranrae. His mother was a hunter, and supplied the family with supplies from nature. Gabriel grew strong and started to help his mother from a early age. She taught him to hunt prey and to gather food and water from what was around them. She spoke nothing of church or religion. He was taught that daily from his father. He grew to know the sun god, and thanked her, but never gave full devotion as his father had.

The time had come. Gabriel had turned fourteen and was fit and strong enough to serve Talingarde. His father enlisted him. It was a proud moment for the man. Gabriel too was happy. He had not done much to make his father proud. He preferred to be off in the woods playing and learning more of nature instead of drilling with his sword. Two years passed. Gabriel had grown to ba a handsome young man. He proved to be quite strong as well now in his mature body. Though he had no idea what was to happen next.

The morning after his sixteenth birthday he awoke to a quite a surprise. As he put his feet from his bed to the floor a clack was heard instead of the normal thud. As he looked down he saw hooves were his feet were supposed to be. As his eyes came up his leg they two had changed. His legs now looked as if they were of a a goat. Even his skin changed it was now the color of a deep crimson, the color of blood. He did not scream. He was in too much shock. Surely this had to be a dream. He stood, and as he did debris fell from the ceiling. As he looked up more debris fell as his massive horns scratched and tore the thatch roof. Oh my god, what has happened to me. What? What am I? He slumped back down to the bed and wept for a moment not knowing what to do. He softly called for his mother after he gathered himself. She came to the door. Everything alright in there honey?. Gabriel paused a moment. Umm… I don’t know. I think I have a problem. Just listen to my voice mom, you know its me. Is dad here? Maybe you should come in. I don’t what to do. His mother opened the door and as her eyed fell to her son she let out a scream. MONSTER!!!, HELP A MOSTER HAS MY SON!!! Gabriel moved quickly and grabbed his mother. Mom, I don’t know what happened, but its me. I’m Gabriel. A few moments passed. She stared into his eyes and focused on his voice. Gabriel? Can this be? How did this happen? What happened? Oh know it can’t be. Gabriel looked to here inquisitively. What can’t it be? What do you know you’re not telling me? His mother replied. Well son, it seems you have the blood one put into my family’s line. My mother told be of such things when I was a girl. I think she mentioned that my father’s father had made a deal and bedded a devil. He had children with this devil and my father was one of them. I never thought it was true. I thought it was something she made up because he left us before I could remember him. Now given what we are looking at here, well I’m not so sure.

Honey, I’m home. Gabriel and his mother heard the door open and the voice of his father fill the house. Gabriel looked to his mother. What do we do about dad? His mother looked on, but quickly turned he attention to the door. Honey, where are you. You in there? A knock at Gabriel’s door. Honey? His mother paused. Yes dear. Come in, but please be calm. Be calm, what in the devil are you talking about woman? As the door opened his father’s eyes darted to the two sitting on the bed. What in Sarenraes name is going on here? A fiend? Unhand my wife devil. No honey it’s Gabriel, he awoke this way he needs are help. His father paused a moment. What do you mean that’s Gabriel. That is no son of mine. Now step away I will kill this thing. Gabriel’s father drew his blade, he stood staring down the beast that was his son. So devil, what have you done with my son. Tell me and your death will be quick. Instinctively Gabriel gave a small roar showing his toothy maw to the man. I am your son you fool. Dad it’s me. Please don’t do this. A look came over the mans face as if he thought for a moment what he hears was the truth. Even if this is so, you are my son no longer. My name is one of honor and no devil blood will taint it. Now die. The man charged at Gabriel with lethal intent. Gabriel was trained and reacted as such. He managed to deflect the blade using his horns, but not enough. The blow struck true enough, it buried deep into and punctured through Gabriel’s shoulder pinning him to the wall. Mother, help me. Please. He looked to his mother. You will do no such thing woman. Whatever was our son is no more. His mother looked on shocked. She fell to her knees tears streamed from her eyes. Witnessing all he knew turn upside down Gabriel had but one choice, to flee. As his father looked on to his mother still he swiped his head down and then up. His horns opened up a gash along his father’s chest. The man fell backwards in pain. Gabriel then pulled the blade from the wall and ran off into the woods.

Gabriel was fortunate. He had grown up in these woods and spent much of his time here. He had no trouble hiding and eluding any thay may have tried seeking him out. Time passed. Gabriel’s heart started to grow bitter. He had turned to a life of banditry. He would steal from those off to market to trade. He gathered most of what he needed and stole anything else. In this time he fostered his ability to hunt men. Since he was once one he knew them well and knew how the ones that didn’t like the woods acted in them. This made them easy prey for the boy. He soon met others like himself. Living on the run taking what they want or what they need. He was given another home. One made up of misfits and like minded people. Here he thrived. One day the leader was looking for the next big score. Well Gabriel wanted to impress and move up the ranks and he had a plan. His thought was to hit the garrison he was once station at. They had weapons and supplies. In fact his time as a soldier let him know the location of many such garrisons, and how they were manned. He expressed further that their needs as a group were small. They only needed enough armor and weapons for the men they had, but if they could trade with the tribes beyond the watch wall they could become rich. Possessed by greed the leader agreed and the men started hitting garrisons.

The plan was working. They had sacked three garrisons and had plenty of supplies, but both the greed and the want for more took a hold of Gabriel and the leader. It was at the next garrison they were surprised. It seemed news had circulated of their deeds. Her waiting for them was none other than Sir Balin Knight of Alerion. The knight had prepared and ambush and it was executed flawlessly. At the end of the scuffle most of the bandits were dead or ran off. Gabril laid bloody and beaten at Sir Balin’s feet. This devil must have been in charge. Hunt down the rest or what you can find. This one will be taken to Brandiscar to face his punishment. With this Gabriel was shackled and put onto a wagon. He now finds himself on his way to Brandiscar, the famed prison that none have ever escaped. He is to be drawn and quartered for High Treason.

Gabriel, I know what you mean.

I've gotten through the prison part once but not really much further. I've tried three WotW campaigns since and they just can't seem to push past the prison.

Nemenia was previously accepted into a campaign that died soon after starting and I really liked her concept so am trying again with her.

I can't promise I won't actually revise the prison break a little bit just to speed things up. I don't know if it was just overly cautious moving on behalf of my previous party, but it took us about a month of play to get through it and there was a lot of stretches with not a lot going on. Redundant rooms and shit everywhere. It might benefit from a little punching up, and help us get to the meaty stuff quicker.

New alias for Jolly's anti-paladin.

Needs a better last name, but I can't think of any right now. Not too happy with the picture, will have to look around.

Btw Spooky will the Leadership feat be legal?

This is Eamch Stone for your consideration. He is a human evoker. His crunch is in his profile. I too have been in several false start campaigns, only once making a little past the prison.

About Eamch:

Eamch will be arcane support and encyclopedia. While his focus is on evocation spells, he’ll still help the group with buffs and battlefield control. He’ll build up his bonus in all knowledge skills to help out the group where those skills apply. He will be a straight wizard from 1 to 20.

Eamch’s goal is to be an eternal thorn in the side of the forces of good. He’ll either opt for lichdom or take the Immortal feat at 20th level. He has no desire to be a king or high priest or other obvious focal of power. He will be the true power behind the throne or altar, an eternal dark presence behind a succession of cruel kings. Let others cope with the day to day administration, while he has the freedom to pursue the true dark paths to power. Unimpeded arcane power, knowledge and wealth; those are what Eamch Stone seeks.

His Story
Eamch grew up in a family whose wealth was derived from masonry. Generations before him amassed wealth and influence through skill and hard work. Eamch never had a work ethic when it came to physical labor, so he took advantage of a childhood illness. Long after he recovered, he feigned weakness to get out of carrying on in the family’s proud heritage. His family used some of their wealth to hire tutors for the brilliant boy, in hopes that he would grow to be an architect. When the tutors pointed out the boy’s talent innate talent in the arcane, the patriarch, Eamch’s grandfather, reluctantly agreed to put him into an academy.

Eamch thrived at the academy. He quickly dominated many classes, and skipped ahead in studies when he demonstrated mastery of subjects in advance of the lessons. But it was the elemental magic that fascinated him most. He absorbed every scrap of knowledge he could and grew powerful quickly.

Everything changed for Eamch in a theology class. He was never particularly devout in widely accepted faiths and saw that as a sign of weakness in others. But when the professor mentioned that Asmodeus was a patron of arcane arts, Eamch questioned why they didn’t worship him. The professor launched into an extended monologue about how evil Asmodeus and his followers were. He lectured at length about the dark deeds his kind had committed. At the end of it, Eamch just nodded at the red faced professor, but none of that answered his question. If Asmodeus was a quicker path to greater power, why not become a follower? He researched it on his own.

He haunted all of the libraries and collections he could get access to, but found limited information on the dark god. It was frustratingly limited, but he eventually found a trove of lore. He just needed to get access. It was behind the cathedral of Mitra. Eamch’s plan was simple: he would set fire to the north end of the cathedral, and use the distraction to sneak into the south rectory where the books were locked up. He would steal several and advance his knowledge. Things went well for much of it. The blaze was impressive and spread quickly. He didn’t even have to use the fire spells he had prepared in case the torch wasn’t enough. The rectory was unlocked, and he quickly found the keys to the locked room that held the tomes. As he turned to flee with several precious books in hand, he was caught. The guards had been running to help with the fire, but saw him leaving. He tried to lie and say he was rescuing the books from the fire, but they were unconvinced. Before he could get a spell off, he was on the ground in manacles.

Now he sits in prison, waiting for sentence to be carried out. Even as the days tick by, his brilliant mind plots possible means of escape, and formulates elaborate plans for revenge and rise to power.

lol sorry about the oread messup. I just always think oread when there is a prison break involved (alternate trait to turn the hinges into a sword and so on). Well besides that i guess i could throw together a mantis-riding halfling pirate or murderer. will have build later then.

With a female gnome seductress, I might have to change to a male gnome pyromaniac. Would the Firebomber archetype be allowed with a gnome instead of a goblin? Link Archives of Nethys or Link to d20pfsrd

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Hey, here's a character in a WotW game that died (the game not the character)

adsapiens here. Here's Roet Heineous (with the backstory and sheet I posted). He's a Cleric of Asmodeus, designed to be a healer :)

Thinking a cavalier, order of the star with the archetype Daring Champion. Thinking that his father was a dedicated believer and that his family has always been secretly against the rise of Mitra and Mitran interests. Felt they were a corruption of the natural order of things.

Likely dueling unto death. Having not read a huge lot ahead about this game, has the house of Barca completely died off? I could see playing a member of the former house of Barca, if not, maybe from an allied house?

@Alexandria: Leadership will be a sort of tweaked feat, because I think opening up to potentially doubling the party is a terrible idea, but there's a major NPC introduced who really fits easily into the whole cohort role. It'll be available in some way but heavily tweaked. I'm not sure yet. But as something straightforward, no, it will be different.

@GM Viskous: You're going to be doing a lot of sneaking and infiltrating, so a character built solely around explosions and huge areas of desruction might not be the best way to go. So on that grounds I'd say no to Fire Bomber. As for fire, bear in mind that you're opposing followers of the Sun god.

@Wade: Might want to fix the formatting on your backstory collapse, it's not spaced right and comes out to kind of hard to read. Although in general, Aasimar aren't allowed.

@Shadowyfox: House Barca hasn't died off; they're sort of a fallen house due to the war for the throne not going their way eighty years prior, but their nobles are still nobles and have land.

You say we'll be forced to swear fealty to Asmodeus "fairly early on"... How early? Would it be feasible for me to make an antipaladin who starts as just a fallen paladin (a.k.a. a fighter without the bonus feats), but then becomes an antipaladin upon receiving Asmodeus's blessing? Or would I be gimping myself for awhile? (I know nothing about this AP.)

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Question, lets say someone attempted to kidnap Princess Bellinda, That would be high treason, yes? Or could they have succeeded only to get caught making it Kidnapping?

@SpookyGm: Woohoo! Incoming cavalier! I think I'll work on the fluff before I even get to the crunch. Would you suggest the use of the vampire/lich line of feats at all?

I never played the module, but was about to when the campaign went south. For all I heard about it, I'd recommend start already worshipping Asmodeus, or ready to fall.

I'm not sure I'll get in this one (hoping! crossing my fingers!) but I should be able to heal living and dead with no issues.

@Spooky: anything I should change on mine, my friend? Should I enrich more my backstory? What about the Hero Points vs. "antihero" thing?

I have a question concerning religion.

I have the idea of using a Martial Artist Monk (which isn't bound to the Lawful line) of Lamashtu, a very powerful warrior who started out as a young lad who was shown that his monstrous appearance and being should be embraced.

Now you stated the party have to swear fealty to Lamashtu. I don't want to spoil this for me or anyone else, but is it possible to continue worshipping and doing things in the name of Lamashtu, whilst swearing to honour whatever has us bound into Asmodeus' service?

Gah, I knew I'd forget something. You get an extra skill point each level, because competent villains are just plain better than the average schlub.

@SodiumTelluride: It happens very, very early on. Top of the second adventure, if you've ever read and adventure path book before and know how they format things. But yes, you could absolutely have a fallen Paladin turn to the dark side.

@Dylos: I imagine that'd skyrocket you into treason, yes.

@ShadowyFox: Lich isn't a feat thing, and requires you to actually be a spellcaster. Vampire is up to you; it's an option the game opens up and so I included it, but that's down to the player.

@Roet: No hero points, no antihero bonus feat thing either.

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I'm in so many games already, but I was in a brief WotW campaign once, and would love a chance to play this character again.

Jasper is an ambitious summoner with a somewhat complicated relationship with his eidolon. Simply put - they don't get along. The eidolon is more powerful than the summoner, and despises the fact that the summoner can only summon a mere frail aspect of its true form; while the summoner knows he needs the eidolon in order to be successful - and he resents that. They quip and jab at each other, and sometimes the eidolon will flat-out refuse the orders its 'master' gives. Oh, and the eidolon has said that it only works with the summoner out of curiosity, because immortality is boring, and that as soon as the summoner ceases to interest it, it'll kill him. So there's that.

The statblock and a backstory/personality/appearance is in the profile. I'll post later with the other information you've requested. In the meantime, any thoughts or questions?

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Never been in a recruitment that had too many female gnomes before!

Looks like the Bitten takes all the feats from a standard character before 11th. Seems like a decent balance as long as there is a genuine power progression. Very intriguing.

I took songhealer with Nemenia because I like the backstory of her appearing to be good, but also so we can get some more bang for the buck out of healing wands. I figured the party would be likely to attract negative energy channelers and it might help.

@GM - what version of Sound Striker bard archetype Wierd Words do you favor? I am thinking of adding the archtype.

Definitive Wierd Words Thread

SKR's Suggested Revision

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Why wouldn't aasimars be allowed?
Fallen angels are the best, peri explicitly have such a reputation (mostly outdated/unfounded)

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Been stalking the boards waiting for this to rear its head again. I'm definitely interested. Should have something up soon.

@Spooky: Thanks, GM! Updated as required. I removed one of the feats, and added another skill point (actually changed my preferred class point to HP instead of skill ;)).

Lock and loaded! :) On the hype for some way of the wicked, crossing my fingers I'm approved.

I'm interested in this and will create a character soon.

Leaning towards a fetchling sorceress. Still working through backstory ideas.

-waves to Morrigan-

I've come up with a character idea, a half-orc oracle of battle. Would you allow me to take the Legalistic oracle's curse from the Blood of Fiends player companion (even though I'm not a tiefling)?

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I'm thinking of a human (or possibly Dhampir) Unlettered Twilight Sage (this archetype is from Advanced Class Origins and is not yet in d20pfsrd) Arcanist (who may or not be Bitten, I have to see how that would affect the build) who attempted to kidnap Princess Bellinda, the goal of the character would be to overthrow the king and claim Bellinda (possibly as a vampire spawn if I go with the bitten route).

Also possibly interested in the Damnation feats, though that would be hard to work with Bitten. Additionally, any chance the character could have a more corrupt version of this feat?

Here is my submission for Alicia, a straight-up human fighter (I know, how boring).

Spooky GM, your feedback is appreciated if I have missed offering any info that you were looking for. Thanks!

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heres the basic rundown, should have a background added soon

Reave FireBrand:
Reave FireBrand
Dwarf shaman 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 35)
LE Medium humanoid (dwarf)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +4
AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10 (+1 dexterity)
hp 11 (1d8+3)
Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +5; +1 trait vs. divine spells, +2 vs. poison, +4 vs. spells and spell-like abilities, +1 trait bonus vs. spells, spell-like abilities, and poison
Defensive Abilities defensive training
Speed 20 ft.
Special Attacks hatred
Shaman Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +4)
. . 1st—bless, , produce flame
(1/day) burning hands (DC 14)
. . 0 (at will)—detect magic, detect poison, purify food and drink (DC 13)
Str 14, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 12
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 13 (17 vs. bull rush, 17 vs. trip)
Feats Steel Soul[APG]
Traits desecration, glory of old, reactionary
Skills Appraise +1 (+3 to assess nonmagical metals or gemstones), Diplomacy +5, Heal +7, Knowledge (nature) +5, Knowledge (religion) +5, Perception +4 (+6 to notice unusual stonework), Spellcraft +5; Racial Modifiers +2 Appraise to assess nonmagical metals or gemstones, +2 Perception to notice unusual stonework
Languages Common, Dwarven, Terran
SQ spirit (flame), touch of flame
Other Gear 150 gp
Special Abilities
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Defensive Training +4 Gain a dodge bonus to AC vs monsters of the Giant subtype.
Desecration +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against divine spells.
Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
Familiar Bonus: +4 bonus on initiative checks You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm's reach.
Glory of Old You receive a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities, and poison.
Greed +2 to Appraise to determine price of nonmagic goods with precious metals or gemstones.
Hatred +1 Gain a racial bonus to attacks vs Goblinoids/Orcs.
Share Spells with Familiar Can cast spells with a target of "You" on the familiar with a range of touch.
Steel Soul Hardy's save vs. spells and spell-like abilities becomes +4
Stonecunning +2 +2 bonus to Perception vs. unusual stonework. Free check within 10 feet.
Touch of Flame (4/day) (Su) As a standard action, melee touch deals fire dam.

Is Dreamscarred Press material allowed? If so I would like to make a LE Warlord who is also a member of the Black Thorn Knights martial tradition.

His personality would be loosely based on the Mayor from season 3 of Buffy, highly charismatic, slightly quirky, extremely likeable, utterly evil.

Here is Cedric- my antipaladin, I applied with him to a different WoTW game but another Anti paladin won out, I think its cuz she was female >.> he will also be a lord of darkness >.>


born from an elf mother, the angel kin Child Cedric was lost in the wilds. He was found as a babe by a farmer on the edge of the woods, but the child was not crying nor was he malnourished or feeble. In fact, he was quite full of life, and energy, almost emitting a golden glow. The farmer took the child in as a son. Espoir lived a happy life as a farmer’s son, learning the till and the trade, a good life, a humble life. But not all was to remain, for soon after his ninth birthday the small village was attacked by foul demons sent by the lich. The child watched on as his father, mother and brothers were slain trying to defend him and his sisters from the beasts. When the beasts turned there foul heads towards the young boy he did not flee, he did not cry, he stood tall in the face of death for not fear ruled his heart, but anger, a burning fury. His adoptive father would have been proud. Alas naught but a child there was little he could do, and surely he was doomed but, at the last moment a trumpet sounded and several knights in gleaming armor charged into the battle, their glimmering armor shining bright through the smoke, fire, and darkness never seemed to become fouled with the blood of the demons. Before the demon could strike the killing blow a sparkling sword as bright as sunlight burst through it from behind and it dissipated back into the depths of hell from which it had come. With the threat seemingly gone, and all his strength drained the boy fainted, but was upon with seeing eyes. That day the head master of the paladin order of the holy light took on a protégé for he had seen a fire burning in the child’s eyes as he had bravely stood his ground. He had seen a greatness in him yet to come. The child was trained thenceforth under the tutelage of headmaster Rorek Rossburg.
Where there is darkness darker than night, I shall bring a shining light. Where despair, suffering, and oppression run rampant, I shall bring a mighty hope. When demons and undead run amok, I shall bring them to heel. When Evil threatens the world, I shall stand against the tide. When all hope is gone and evil has seemingly won, I shall stand strong. Where tyranny reigns free and tyrants oppress the people, I shall bring freedom. Where sin and evil run rampant, I shall bring redemption. Where disease, death, and strife are present, I shall bring relief. Never Shall I yield, never shall I waver, and never shall I falter. I am the sword of justice, the hammer of the righteous, the shield of the people. I am a warrior of the holy light, and evil shall fear my name. It cannot run, it cannot hide, and it shall not best me. This is my oath, my vow, my life, be I live by it, or die by it. I, am a Paladin.

At least, that is how it was. He would move to a different kingdom, in hopes of aiding the suffering there and, for a great time he was a champion of good, if not on the field of battle, in the courts and politics of government seeking to end corruption and bring about a way for the people to lead themselves, for there good. He took a wife, the love of his life whom he had met within the church and had one son. Alas, the corruption of the Nobles within the kingdom was far greater than he, or anyone, knew. One fateful day an assassination attempt was made on him and his family. He and his son survived, but his wife did not. It was this day he attempted to lead a revolution, seeking the aid of the church and the people. He was cast out of the church who had been shown, He was told his path lead to destruction, pain, misery and death. Shocked, from being abandoned so wrongly he denounced his order, and turned instead towards the people of the kingdom. But instead of turning on the nobles whom were oppressing them, they, in there greed attempted to capture Cedric and turn him over for the bounty that had been placed on him that morning. The nobles had claimed him an outlaw, murderer, and a fraud, and the people ate it up. Disheartened, abandoned, Shunned, outlawed, and broken, he collected what he could from his home before it was seized. It was at this point Cedric came to the realization that the common man cannot be trusted to govern themselves, that humans and other mortals alike are all fallible, and that the gods care not about the workings of men. His entire moral code, his perception of life, all of it was shattered in one day. Before he left the kingdom, he returned to the order and struck down all within, before leaving he denounced Iomeadea and Sarenae. Cedric concluded that in order for the best good to come, he himself would have to rule, that he alone should be trusted with the power to form laws, that he alone was worthy. The man he had been, the man he was meant to be, all but disappeared that day. He was caught soon after by a group of knights of Mitra being lead by one of his childhood friends. They captured them, and when the boy resisted, killed him on the spot for being "Devil's Spawn". At the trial in mitra, Cedric's anguish and despair turned to anger, and hate. At the words of the court, the one he himself Had served in for so long, He was sentenced to the salt mines. For weeks he let his hatred fester, until one day he heard a voice in the dark.
I come with tiding for you, I am sent from Asmodeous, He wishes to make a deal with you. He offers you freedom, and power, power enough to escape this place and bring the world to heel. All you must do is serve him, champion his name, and bring about order and tyranny to those who need, nay, want it. Whether they know it or not. It is after all, for there own good.

Cedric pondered only a moment, He embraced the deal, He signed the blood pact, and as soon as he did he felt dark power surge through him, once again he was a force to be feared. He would soon escape... There were people who he needed payback, after all.

I am working on a code for him as an anti-paldin, but its a tad difficult as he is the tragic villain. I will get something though.

almost completed crunch-


1st: Lord of Darkness antipaladin

Sex: Male Race: Angel blooded Aasimar Class Antipaldin (lord of darkness)1 Age: 25
True speaker, alt racial- trade SLA for +2 stat
LE Medium Type

Init +1 ; Senses ; Perception +5


AC 18-20(11), touch 11, flat-footed 19
HP (1d10+2) 12hp

Fort: +4, Ref: +1, Will: +3


Speed 30 ft.

Damage: 1d8+5, 2d6+8
+5 Damage: 1d8+7, 2d6+11
Space 5 ft., Reach 5 ft.



Str 20 , Dex12 , Con14 , Int 13 , Wis 10 , Cha 16

Base Atk +1; CMB: +6 ; CMD:+17

High Treason, rich parents, seeker,

Vital strike,

Skills 4/level (x Points - 1 class, 1 race, etc):
Perception +7 (1rank + 2race +3 class +1 misc)
Bluff + 7(1rank+ 3 cha +3 class)
Climb +9 (1 rank +5 str + 3class)
Sense motive +4 (1 rank +3 class)
Favored Class:

Racial Modifiers:

Common, celestial, abyssal, infernal,
MWK Longsword, heavy steel shield, MWK breastplate, Greatsword, 5 throwing axes,
Location: On Persons
Carrying Capacity Light: lbs. Medium: lbs. Heavy: lbs.

Money: GP SP CP

Total Weight: lbs.


@Avoron: Yeah, I could allow that. You're following Asmodeus after all. Alternately, there's some Tiefling on the non-Orc side of your heritage. Either works.

@Dylos: The campaign is a little railroadey and location-specific in a lot of parts, so I don't think I'm allowing story feats.

@Alicia: At a glance, everything looks to be there.

@Gambit: In a bit of a hurry so I'll read it later and get back to you.

Let's hope the female one wins out again this time Reldic. Because it seems the sex and background is the only thing that is different between our admissions....

Guess I will have to liven her up some more in the background.

@Spooky, I think I will go for the Heresy crime. I think it would still go with her background except that she just correpted the others and they were found out just before the ceremony because of one tattle tale. Also gives her an enemy, the witch hunter Sir Balin of Karfeld.

Not taking Bitten nor leadership. She already gets a devil companion and dominate person later on. Too many characters to deal with which will delay combat and interactions.

Picking up disguise skill and alternating that with stealth to make her more versatile.

If I were to make a witch, how would that work? Also, would I have a chance to do stuff with my cauldron?

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