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Can I multiclass a fighter and a brawler?

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redviiper wrote:
Can I multiclass a fighter and a brawler?

Yes, they removed the multiclassing restrictions in the final product, though they do point out that it's usually not a good idea. In this case, a brawler already counts as a fighter for selecting feats, so there is fairly limited benefit to multiclassing with fighter.


As this isn't a PFS-specific question, I went ahead and flagged the OP to be moved to the Rules Forum.

But, yes, you can multiclass Brawler and Fighter.

If you multiclass barbarian bloodrager... do your rage talents count both barbarian and bloodrager level or just barbarian?


You should probably try reading the Advanced Class Guide. These are simple questions that have already been answered within the text of each of the classes.

I saw they made a primalist blood rager but it was banned. Havent seen any other reference

Silver Crusade

Unless a class mentions that is counts as levels in her parent classes, id doesn't. A Hunter has this kind of language, but a bloodrager does not.


With a barbarian/bloodrager, you gain both rage and bloodrage and have to choose which one to use in any given situation. Depending on which you choose to use, you can either use rage powers or bloodline powers, but not both.
If you take the "Extra Rage" feat, you gain a pool of rounds that you can use for either rage or bloodrage in any combination each day (but you don't gain 6 extra rounds to both rage and bloodrage).

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I don't currently have access to the Advanced Class guide, but will have to GM a table tomorrow where a player has stated that he is brining a level 1 invulnerable rager / level 1 bloodrager? Invulnerable rager is an archetype of barbarian. Can barbarian archetypes be applied to bloodragers?

Not in the slightest. All of the hybrid classes have their own archetypes and should, quite frankly, be treated as a completely different class with no relation to the parent classes. Also, bloodragers don't get Trap Sense, so it wouldn't even be a legal combination. It's been a suggested houserule I've seen but that's because the rules don't allow it.

That being said, are you sure he's not talking about barb 1/bloodrager 1 for a level 2 character?

Sovereign Court

Yes, he does have a multi class character (I found out after posting my question). As a PFS GM, I am finding the ACG classes to be very popular in my area, as I haven't seen a table this year not have at least one bloodrager.

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