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Don't know if I should post it here or in the video games subforum, but here goes. Anyone here playing this game? I started some days ago and must say I'm profoundly impressed. I imagined a pay-to-win magic ripoff, but was met with a really smart, interesting and different CCG that really felt fresh and new in a way that Hearthstone didn't.
Anyone here playing it?

For those that don't, but might be interested, here's a rundown of the game, compared to Magic the Gathering since it's the most well-known CCG. Compared to Magic, and most other CCG's I've seen, it has mainly three huge differences in gameplay:

Mana lasts between rounds, but you only get two mana every turn, unless you have specific other ways to increase it. This means you have to consider whether to play a cheap card or "save up" for more expensive cards, and drastically changes how the game is played since the "mana curve" I was used to consider basically goes out the window. It also means you tend to have a lot more cards in hand, since you can't empty your hand nearly as fast. In addition, any card can be discarded to get one mana.

Creatures fight in three lanes, and leave corpses. Each lane can only have one card at a time, so you can never exceed three creatures under your control, or six creatures in total. When a creature dies, it's body stays as a corpse for a full round, which means that lane will be clear for the opponent to attack through. Managing lanes and corpses is important, important enough that there are cards and abilities solely dedicated to removing corpses.

Characters have powerful, no-mana abilities on cooldowns. Basically, there's six different "colors"/kingdoms, and a total of 21 heroes (three for each kingdom and three neutral, AFAIK). Each hero has three abilities that range from useful to very powerful, and on cooldowns. Basically, these are always-accessible "cards" that you can use every few rounds (between 3 and 7 depending on the ability) for no mana cost. Unlike hearthstone, the abilities aren't just a small bonus and something to do when your hand is empty, but instead are central to the deck building.

Also, it's quite social, because of the always-adjacent chat and it's a pretty nice atmosphere, for me as a newb it's been easy to get help, join a guild and make friends.

The nad parts of the game though:
It is somewhat pay2win, at least in the "standard arena", but it also has a "limited arena" mode where decks are restricted in number based on rarity, so you can play against others building decks on a budget (or for free). As a free player, I don't feel forced to pay to enjoy it, far less than I do for Hearthstone. It is a tad bit grindy sometimes though, but the single player campaign is challenging and interesting for a free player so the grinding is usually quite enjoyable.

Well, if anyone is already playing, or want to test it out, feel free to friend me over there, my nick is Sajberhippien!

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