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Scarab Sages

Could someone take a quick look at my sub order for this month? I know it's not time to panic about shipment yet, but it's saying something about waiting for backordered product(s), and it seems like my last few sub orders have gotten delayed by something or another.

If there is actually anything not in stock, please move that back to my sidecart, so this order can go out asap.

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Sorry about that! Thanks for checking! It looks like we may be having a hard time with the Munchkin Halloween Pack and the system got confused again.

I have moved that one back to the sidecart. The rest of the order should be good and you should get an email confirming the new order information.

Scarab Sages

Yeah, it seems to be having trouble with a number of Munchkin items. It seems like the last few months, my order has gotten held up by something Munchkin I've added to the order. You might want to have somebody take a look at the system and see why these have been having so much trouble.

Thanks for the help!

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Can do :) May not have a good answer for a while, but we'll certainly look into it.

You are quite welcome!

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