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I thought I had put my Strategy Guide into my sidecart, but it is currently listed as 'pending'.

If this is not in my sidecart, please put it in my sidecart.
If it IS in my sidecart, can you please tell me how to figure that out on my own in the future.

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

I have moved the Strategy Guide to your sidecart.

When you were checking out, did you take the following steps to change the shipping option?

From the shopping cart, hit the "Proceed to Checkout" button
This should bring you to a section with different numbered buttons that you can click on.
Click on "Step 2 - Shipping"
Click the button that says "Change Shipping Details"
This should should bring you to a page the will display all available shipping options and methods for the order at the time is it being placed.

Please let me know, either way, so we can look into this further. Thanks!

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

It was a bit ago, so I don't really remember. Thanks!

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