Where are rules for Settlements?

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First post!

Reason for the question: New to PF, longtime 3.5 player, bought Emerald Spire stuff and was curious what the stats (crime, economy, etc) meant for Fort Inevitable.

I downloaded the (awesome) PFRPG app on my iPad, which has a tab called Mastery and a subcategory simply called Settlements. This provides me with seemingly everything I'd need to make my own cities, but I was curious where it came from. I scanned through the many PDFs I have, and can't find it. It doesn't appear to be in the Gamemastery Guide or Ultimate Campaign, and I don't have a Cityscape for PF, if there is such a thing.

Thanks for the help!

According to the PRD, they're in the Gamemastery Guide, under "Settlements". Unfortunately, I no longer have access to a physical copy of that book to confirm this.

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Rules for settlements begin on page 202 of the Gamemastery Guide.

Sorry for the absence; I thought I'd receive an email or alert or something when people responded, but apparently that isn't the case...

Anyway, thank you!

Also here.

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