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Ok so I was curious. If I dipped into Warpriest and picked up Sacred Weapon and then multiclassed out of it does my Sacred Weapon Dice still increase? I doubt I would get the increases like the +1 and so forth but I was curious about the damage dice increase.

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You will still have the damage dice of a 1st level warpriest.

I would say no, because it's in the warpriest table. Besides, it would be too easy. :)

True enough I suppose.
Off Topic but Kata Master Monk dip that goes into Swashbuckler, Do they add their Cha twice to their Panache pool? Because they are different classes and all Panache points go into the same pool.

Working on the idea of a Kata Master Monk/Sacred Fist/Swashbuckler build.

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I don't think so by strict RAW but I think it works by RAI.

ACG wrote:
Grit, luck, and panache represent three different means by which heroes can gain access to the same heroic pool, using it to accomplish fantastic feats. For characters with a mix of grit, luck, and panache, they pool the resources together into a combined pool. (Those who use panache and luck gain twice their Charisma bonus in their pool.) For feats, magic items, and other effects, a panache user can spend and gain luck points in place of grit or panache points, and vice versa.

I don't see why a character who has panache and luck would get twice Cha to their pool while a character who has panache from two different classes wouldn't.

Hmm interesting. Thanks for that.

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